Too Blind To See?

When I visit Art Gallery Route 7, which is connected with a visual disability info hall I had a nice chat with ArtWolf Eternal, until I found out she was from FINLAND and she got an advice….

ArtWolf Eternal: Evening

SaveMe Oh: What a collection of rubbish you have. You better make a SaveMe Oh museum

ArtWolf Eternal: Apmel Goosson knows me well. Ask him more.

SaveMe Oh: That should encourage you to listen to my words

ArtWolf Eternal: This art gallery have a lot artist, some are rl disabilitys like me

SaveMe Oh: No, a lot of rubbish, disabled or not

ArtWolf Eternal: I am visual disability person in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then somebody should tell you, you have a lot of rubbish here. Can you see the fish here are swimming backwards?

ArtWolf Eternal: No, where?

SaveMe Oh: Behind you.

ArtWolf Eternal: Thats very avantgarde

SaveMe Oh: Yes. When I had done it it could be conceptual but from that idiot it must be incompetence

ArtWolf Eternal: I self have alot near sight and glaucoma and alot other visual problems but I can make art lol

SaveMe Oh: And you can walk without a dog down the stairs

ArtWolf Eternal: Yes in sl and rl ,but rl I need heavy glasses or contac lenses

SaveMe Oh: People always say that when I perform they get eye cancer so it would be great to perform for the blind

ArtWolf Eternal: So have you any disability youself?

SaveMe Oh: No, I am the most famous artist of the grid but I work daily with mental disabled people

ArtWolf Eternal: Really?

SaveMe Oh: ask Ampel

ArtWolf Eternal: He have never told about you. I lived in the same sim in solace island

SaveMe Oh: Impossible. His blog is full with items about me. Half his pictures are with me, he made movies about me. The man adores me.

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you must be something special to him then if he adores you. Have you married him?

SaveMe Oh: He would wish but he is too old

ArtWolf Eternal: Age is nothing in sl

SaveMe Oh: No, but he is very, very old

ArtWolf Eternal: No he is very young lol in his mind

SaveMe Oh: he does his best

ArtWolf Eternal: So that make way between age and mind

SaveMe Oh: Here his quote about me: “Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”

ArtWolf Eternal: Intresting,same criteria I have here too:)

Then I started to perform for her:

SaveMe Oh: Now tell me what you see

ArtWolf Eternal: White lines what I see also in rl with my glaucoma

SaveMe Oh: And now?

ArtWolf Eternal: I see such white lines in reality also those colour things very familiar with autumn season on street. You could make career to make worlds of visual disabilitys , to real life organisations

SaveMe Oh: Arrange me a performance for the blind on your roof with music for the deaf

ArtWolf Eternal: I have here deafs too and mute ones too:)

SaveMe Oh: You see? What a great idea.

ArtWolf Eternal: So what is purpose about this show?

SaveMe Oh: To make the deaf see and the blind hear?

ArtWolf Eternal: You know such peoples who hear colours and see sounds and taste light?

SaveMe Oh: I am a walking example off all that

ArtWolf Eternal: So you suffer that ?

SaveMe Oh: Suffering is for the weak of heart

ArtWolf Eternal: Then you should fall in love with Apmel if you have weak heart.

SaveMe Oh: He falls in love with me, dear, not the other way around. OMG I think you are in love with Ampel. You cant stop talking about him.

ArtWolf Eternal: hah ,I not intresting about swedish

SaveMe Oh: Are you also almost a hundred years old?

ArtWolf Eternal: Between

SaveMe Oh: His sheets????? Omg. Where are you from?

ArtWolf Eternal: Finland

SaveMe Oh: Omg, all the Fins want to kill me recently

ArtWolf Eternal: Really why?

SaveMe Oh: Stem van Helsinki, Tuulia Jinx, Leena Hirvi . They are all killing eachother and blame me for it

ArtWolf Eternal: lol I been out of that , not knowing. Blind deaf and mouth close

SaveMe Oh: I can give you the link of my blog if you like a soapstory

ArtWolf Eternal: I not have much time looking blogs not even time self write my blog. So what kicks you get off this?

SaveMe Oh: What kicks you get from art?

ArtWolf Eternal: Are you playing Hannibal Lecter? Question from question

SaveMe Oh: I make art, not explaining it. Thats the job of an audience

But then at once:

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.


SaveMe Oh: Why?

ArtWolf Eternal: Peoples told me to do so, sorry. I asked from virtual ability help they told at   ban  you out my land for disability stalking

SaveMe Oh: What a pity you dont trust your own judgement

ArtWolf Eternal: Ask Apmel

SaveMe Oh: Ampel would never advise you to do this

When I was behind banlines Leena Hirvi arrived, for sure the one who advised to ban me.

ArtWolf Eternal: SaveMe Oh is there

Leena Hirvi: Oh ,I can see that.

SaveMe Oh: Has the firing squad arrived? I guess we are only waiting for Stem van Helsinki to bring the riffles?


But then the Dutch sim owner arrived, for sure to arrange a region ban on request of the Finnish, but she showed some of the good old Dutch spirit and refused, and even advised ArtWolf to unban me. May Cheesus be blessed.

We Do Not Wear Uniforms; We Wear Costumes.

Rangers are traditional guardians of the shared values of the BURN2 community. We are empowered by the community to address concerns, mediate disputes, and resolve conflicts if they can not be resolved by the residents themselves and respond to non-consensual assaults (griefing). Rangers encourage a community of shared responsibility and assist only as needed. The role of the Ranger has been described as “Riding the edge of chaos.”

Rangers on-duty patrol an area, a range of territory, interacting with its residents on a personal level. Rangers are the most visible part of our organization during the event, and often the first (and possibly only) contact for residents with the BURN2 Operations Team. They are often the first response to a situation. While on patrol you will keep moving around your assigned area. Meet and greet your fellow residents; you are part of the BURN2 community. Stop in for a campfire chat at a nice-looking camp. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time Ranger, your presence and the Resident’s perceptions of you are a valuable team asset. If a problem occurs later in your patrol area, you may have already developed a relationship with the residents involved.


What we are

We are mediators. We act as go-betweens helping people resolve disputes. Our role is to act as an independent third party and help people find compromises all parties can live with. Rangers rise from the dust when we’re needed and recede when we’re done.

What we are not

Rangers are NOT cops. We are not a police force, and we have no authority other than that which the BURN2 community has given us. We do not tell people what to do, and we do not give orders. We do not battle griefers. We do not wear uniforms; we wear costumes.

Slatan Dryke

Ranger Slatan Dryke 2

2014 training is under way! Training takes place in September every year for new and returning Rangers.

This year, first year Rangers complete six hours of training; second year Rangers complete two hours; and Senior Rangers complete one. Training includes Ranger operations, protocols, and procedures, as well as active listening skills, mediation, role playing, and reviewing case studies from past events.

For more information about who we are and what we do, check out Who are the Rangers?

For recruiting information, check out How to Join the Rangers.

Department Lead: DanOfWa Flanagan

Operations Lead: Ladyslipper Constantine

Training Lead: Leondra Larsson

Disappear (Simulator Crossing)

For The University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA VII: Transcending Borders

Machinima by Glasz DeCuir

Live banning atempt of SaveMe Oh at BURN2 in Second Life

DanOfWA Flanagan: Please stop spaming me.. it is a violation of Burn2 10 principles
DanOfWA Flanagan: if you do not remove that item you will be ejected (again) from the Burn2 Estate
SaveMe Oh:
DanOfWA Flanagan: since you are blocking somenes build and disrupting the peaceful use ot this estate I am having to file an AR (again) and ban you from this event
SaveMe Oh: I am upgrading it dear boyscout
DanOfWA Flanagan: sorry but that is not your build to upgrade
SaveMe Oh: And yesterday your college boyscouts told me the event was finished
DanOfWA Flanagan: but this is not your land to build on
SaveMe Oh: Im am not building, dear boyscout
SaveMe Oh: You think your college boyscouts would let me build?
DanOfWA Flanagan: you are no longer welcome on Burn2 land.. end of discussion
SaveMe Oh: I am not discussing with boyscouts, dont worry

SaveMe Oh at BURN2 the day after


Don’t You Have To Brush Your Ponies?

Discord (temba): hello can you please remove that

SaveMe Oh: I am a member of the performance team. please behave.

Discord (temba): Wheres your tag?

SaveMe Oh: Dont it read PRESIDENT OF FISH???

Discord (temba): Please except my apoligies. I didn’t realise what you were doing and sorry for being all business like. If all of this is a big misunderstanding then i am very sorry


Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): hi Save-Me-Oh

SaveMe Oh: Do not worry, most people dont realise when they run into real art

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): Too late for this year’s BURN2. I hoped that you were here last week

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Wow that looks cool

SaveMe Oh: Nobody goes to Burn anymore, so we even didnt know it still existed. And we prefer the afterparty anyway.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): great… then the more than 100 Burners we had here last week-end were phantoms

SaveMe Oh: Yes all bots, zombies, consumers. Now its time for real art.

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): You could have bought one plot for your art

SaveMe Oh: The peole here invite me always

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): But you haven’t given the honor of your presence. Now it’s too late, but there will be more BURN2

SaveMe Oh: You could have been smart and had invited me as well

Radioactive Ranger (radioactive.rosca): you knew the dates…

SaveMe Oh: Actually not

Slatan Dryke: Hello SaveMe. Still around ?

SaveMe Oh: Has the complete police force a day off?

Slatan Dryke: Dont see police around, just someone annoying the folks here

SaveMe Oh: Dont you have to brush your ponies?

Slatan Dryke: As you are used to do so please remove it

Discord (temba): These are fantastic graphics

SaveMe Oh: Go dance a little baby and relax

Slatan Dryke: I am gently asking to remove it

SaveMe Oh: You already listening to the stream? Instead of playing FBI?

Nutski Newman: Hi all

SaveMe Oh: Nutski, tell them please

Nutski Newman: Tell m what

SaveMe Oh: About the performance part etc.

Nutski Newman: you ARE the performance, as usual


Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Slatan Dryke ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Radioactive Rosca ejected and banned you from this land.

Cannot region cross into banned parcel. Try another way.

Josef K: Burn2 is over .. why does he worry

Jce Emoto: Just when I wanted to say. let her have a go. A pity I came too late Let her do her show please!

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): there are no more shows, here. The BURN2 has ended

Jce Emoto: At moment she doesnt disturb any other:)

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): If you are the owners of plots, you still can use your parcels

Jce Emoto: Yes she could have asked

Josef K: SaveMe Oh is the most important artist in Second Life

Slatan Dryke: No just an important griefer

Jce Emoto: I’m very familiar with her standup art

Radioactive Ranger (Radioactive Rosca): It’s your opinion, Josef

Slatan Dryke: Not an artist

Jce Emoto: Its both:) Griefer art, art griefer.

Glasz Decuir: Who is this Chuck Norris? Have they eject you?

SaveMe Oh: Yes

Glasz Decuir: What shit

Slatan Dryke: Folks the show is over, nothing to see here, so ignore her and keep doing your stuff please.

Zaikameriu Ichtama: Lol she keeps bouncing around

Slatan Dryke: Ok my time to share with her its over, so have fun and please ignore her

Temba Resident: so if burners complain we are not doing enough to protect them and the sims?

Slatan Dryke: Temba she wants your attention, she needs the audience so lets move away. If none look at her she will go. Bye have fun SaveMe.


But the complete army of Rangers were not able to freeze, eject, ban or remove me and so I thank Linden Lab for the opportunity they gave me to expose my art for more than an hour in these for artist hostile environment.

In The Mean Time I Will Pee On Your Griefer

Leena Hirvi:  Stem van Helsinki is in my staff and a good friend of mine. Tell me. I remember some art event recently and there was horses.. also i remember some another event with signs ” Saveme ” ” Save You “

SaveMe Oh: Well I shared you the link, you are welcome to make your mind up

Leena Hirvi:  I allready have one and do you wanna know what it is?

SaveMe Oh: yes?

Leena Hirvi:  You are BANNED

SaveMe Oh: So who I have to trust? Tuulia or Stem?

Leena Hirvi:  Stem, Tuulia is very big hole and has been banned here over one year

SaveMe Oh: So all the alts are hers and not from Stem?

Leena Hirvi:  I don `t know who is the owner. All I can say is they starts grievering us about two months ago with Viiraa* avatars and they have many alts, who ever owns them

SaveMe Oh: I supsect Stem for this. You think Tuulia?

Leena Hirvi:  I said i not know who owns them. I would say if i know but i really don `t know. Is true i not like Tuuli and she not like me but i can`t blame her from Viira*avis. i am not sure so i just say they are Viiras

SaveMe Oh: The only thing I know is Stem send IM and messeages to all my friends and not some Viiras. I have nothing to do with these Finnish wars. I didn’t even know you people

Leena Hirvi:  Yes and i not know you. I have seen your shows in Valo

SaveMe Oh: That was an answer to the behavior of that idiot and after came those alts after me

Leena Hirvi:  Yes i know but Viira* avis are very bad person. They telling lies around us, me, my partner, Stem..all avis who they not like. He also griefering Stem too and Tuulia. Tuulia thinks that it is Stem but is not. I am friend in rl too with Stem and his partner. They are clever peoples and i haven t ever been problems with them

SaveMe Oh: But…. he sends all these IM to friends?

Leena Hirvi:  I try be friends here with all peoples but it is very difficult when some Viira army running our sims.  I really not wanna ban nobody but they not behaviour good.  If you really know what viiras are done you not blame Stem from it. They are nuts, crazy peoples and very crazy are !! Sorry my bad english but all i try to say is Stem is not griefer. He is good friend and i know they both good in rl

SaveMe Oh: Then tell him to stop his crazy behavior so I can see the difference between him and those Viira because for me they are all complete fools

Leena Hirvi:  Lol it is in your profile : Violation: Misrepresentation. Falsely identifying oneself as being a Linden Lab employee,

SaveMe Oh: Yes, I made pics as SaveMe Linden, big deal. Big fun. But there is a difference between art and griefing, I hope you know the difference?

Leena Hirvi:  Do you thing griefering is art ?

SaveMe Oh: No, but I believe art may be challenging, interactive, provocative and disturbing. Griefing is for losers.

Leena Hirvi:  With horses and signs in other `s events? You are big artist then?

SaveMe Oh: when I am banned on arrival, yes, and I am a big artist, yes. Not my faulth. It happend.

Leena Hirvi:  well why you came visit today ? Are you gonna say let `s bann Stem?

SaveMe Oh: I never have banned anybody and never will ask for a ban. I dont need bans. I am not working for the police

Leena Hirvi:  why i even need to hear this kind crap from my good friend. I have know he long time and we haven`t been ever problems with he. Only Tuulia and her groupies are been problemmakers. I would die if i ever need to trust Tuulia. She may nica girl but i am not see it ever. Ir is mystery to me why she not got banns by LL. We have made so much ARS of she for very goos reasons ! I not know you and i not know what i should to think about you but i know that Stem is good guy

SaveMe Oh: More and more I start to see all those finnish trolls are all day busy killing and AR-ing eachother, very sad. Ok when you know him I will not say you see it wrong, but to me he behaves like an asshole, so if you can ask this nice friend of yours to stop that for me its enough

Leena Hirvi:  He is ok and I not want to be part of anykind wars here. I bann i i need to do it but i love peace. I not be bad if someone is bad to me. Ok i will do that.

SaveMe Oh: You banned me today, so also not so sure about your statement. But trust me, I have not any interest in your Finnish group drama.

Leena Hirvi:  I banned you because i saw your picks  and you maybe dangerous sim chrasher with your huge prims. You keep them in your inventory tonight but how it will be in future?

SaveMe Oh: Ah come on, grow up, I am an artist, not a sim crusher. And dont think I come to your sim for romantic sitting, dont worry and when you want an exiting performance, you may call me. Not to crush a sim but to be amazed

Leena Hirvi:  LOL thank you

SaveMe Oh: My perception of Finnish people has not get much better tonight. You seem all completely fucked up

Leena Hirvi:  dont ÍM to me anymore and if i noticed i am part of your blog are in big problem

SaveMe Oh: am I? are you threatening me after you banned me with no reason?


The Resident you messaged has blocked you from sending them any messages.

Leena Hirvi:  Sister for 758 is in our bann list

SaveMe Oh: Yes thats one of them. I am just beating him up

Leena Hirvi:  You are one of them too? Why ?

SaveMe Oh: No I am not he just TP me here

Leena Hirvi:  Ok and you came and you say you not know him?

SaveMe Oh: I have no idea but this one was in my groups too

Leena Hirvi:  why it joinss into your groups too ? They allready are done it that much finnish groups are closed now. They sends notes and spamming groupchats. Let s bann those alts from your groups. Did you know you can do it easyly but you need use LL own viewer? it works like land bann in groups too

SaveMe Oh: I made the join 10000 linden so when he joins again I get rich

Leena Hirvi:  wow, it works too :D

SaveMe Oh: Till now I only see and hear the finnish griefing all the time, maybe you people should ask yourself some questions instead of blaming me. It doesnt make me happy what I see here going on. Seems every Fin is searching for war

Leena Hirvi:  yes :( old good days all finnish avis are friends and there is not been any wars.. but then something happen..

SaveMe Oh: But what? Can you explain that to me? Because this is really weird. In the mean time I will pee on your griefer


Leena Hirvi:  There is one woman who starts telling lies to others. She was jealous  of new relationship. It is so childless being jealous of SL partner so much that she need tellig her own stories. Some of her friends believe her and just dislikes them who don `t. They also starts griefering with many alts- Damn i have so pooor english :(  Well, all i try to tell that she have only few friends in SL. Not much avis believe her lies.

SaveMe Oh: and that woman is Tuulia?

Leena Hirvi:  if you are talking with her , so you are her new ” gun ” against Stem. Of course she try use you  to her wars with Stem. You know who i talking about. I not need say any names.

SaveMe Oh: So to go short we have one idiot on one side, Stem and the other idiot on the other side, Tuulia, and they both accuse eachother from being the army of griefer alts. It’s getting nicer every minute. And when they play it very well in the end everybody can blame SaveMe Oh as the big griefer of Finland. You are really a bunch of sad people. Nobody is ashamed?

Leena Hirvi:  Yes, you are made very right cunclusion of that what you said before that . you are not very big griefer but if you are one of Tuulia `s groupies so i must bann you. I not know you and you may are nice person but your blog says other way.. let me say i not want horses or nothing extra show into our areas.

Griefer, Stalker, Troll, Lol!


SaveMe Oh: There are some Finnish people searching for a fight with me, not really sure why.

Tuulia Jinx: With you??? For me was told you are friends with them

SaveMe Oh: I dont know one of them. They are only after me because Stem van Helsinki must have set them all up.

Tuulia Jinx: My ex, lol.

SaveMe Oh: Really? Now there we have a link

Tuulia Jinx: Sadly yes

SaveMe Oh: He is a big asshole. Griefing me all the time. (where is my Kleenex?)

Tuulia Jinx: I’m not sure should I trust you. Yes ppl warn me that you are friends with him and may come after me

SaveMe Oh: I cannot ask you to trust me because I dont know you, you dont know me. I am certainly not his friend, read my blog

Tuulia Jinx: Well yes i know because he has grief me over 2 years now after we brake up

SaveMe Oh: was that rl or sl?

Tuulia Jinx: Both

SaveMe Oh: He now wants to be an artist and gallery owner, and dont like me around as I steal all the attention that he wants for himself

Tuulia Jinx: You 2 were friends?

SaveMe Oh: No, he banned me everywhere and writes notes to my friends to leave me.

Tuulia Jinx: What, lol, why?

SaveMe Oh: Its jealousy and he can’t deal with that fact that I am the most famous avatar of SL.

Tuulia Jinx: Being there done that, attack all my friends, still does over the years. I have mute him and 120 of his alts. So i dunno. Finnish ppl warn me and i just mute and ban before i even see him. I dont know who is his alt or friend and dont really care anymore

SaveMe Oh: He is now trying to make us believe he is an artist with his new muse Instincta

Tuulia Jinx: Well all can see its only shit what he does, sorry.

SaveMe Oh: I see it too

Tuulia Jinx: Not my busines anymore sure

SaveMe Oh: He tries to teach me how to be an artist

Tuulia Jinx: hehe, well good luck with that =)

SaveMe Oh: As if I need a granddaddy. You still love him?

Tuulia Jinx: Lol omg no. Wish he would die really

SaveMe Oh: At least your english is a lot better

Tuulia Jinx: Hehe yes.. (I dont have adhd) =) like him

SaveMe Oh: Thats how you can recognise all his shitty alts.

Tuulia Jinx: So its easier and yes true, he talks and typos bad… then i just mute an ban =) no question asked and yes i notest you wont typo so bad so you cant be him

SaveMe Oh: When I would be him I would kill myself now

Tuulia Jinx: just reading your blogposts about him: “Stem van Helsinki:: People do not wanna see your face cause you make anger. Its you inner anger. And its sad. Sad is inside you and it eats you all the time”. I think i just pee in my pants

SaveMe Oh: What you wanted with this creep?

Tuulia Jinx:  No idea. I was a noob when we met. Was with him 2 years, busy at work, in sl: build alone a lot. Ppl told me he is creep and has many alts, didnt believe it.

SaveMe Oh: But when you saw him in RL, you didnt get cured?

Tuulia Jinx:  Then I leave after realise he is really sick. Sick in rl also. Met him rl few times. Good actor =)

SaveMe Oh: Until he opens his mouth

Tuulia Jinx: You know… if you want mess with him just tell you had good convo with Tuulia, and you see how he flips. He is still after me, begging my friends to talk to so I would unmute him

SaveMe Oh: He try all the time to make me member of your group, so must be

Tuulia Jinx: All has delete him as his alts. I will give you picture,  its my mutelist

SaveMe Oh: and its all him?

Tuulia Jinx: About 20 has come after it. All him

SaveMe Oh: Well, I see I am really lucky with running into that fool

Tuulia Jinx: Lucky indeed =) And thats why he trys to get you after me. In SL is mute and ban.. in RL is police. No other choices

SaveMe Oh: You needed that?

Tuulia Jinx: Yes. As I told he is sick. Drive 500 KM to stalk me at my work. Just sit in car and stalk. I muted him on my phone. He contact my rl friends.

SaveMe Oh: great guy. His alts are stalking me now. In my home sim, in my groups, contacting my friends.

Troelala: I just read your blog. Then just by curious I come to see who is his new target

SaveMe Oh: You were his victim?

Troelala:): Yes :DD

SaveMe Oh: What he did to you?

Troelala: Better ask what he didnt do. Much easier to answer. He harrasment every day. By many many alts. He is sick as you may noticed. And it wont stop. As you may know he has harrasment manys and years. Not just a days or twos, Years….

SaveMe Oh: Well, the idiot may try

Troelala: I did write to Linden, call them. Try all. Nothing.

SaveMe Oh: What he did?

Troelala: IM to all. If i did meet new friend, he did im to him

SaveMe Oh: Where you had problems with him?

Troelala: All my places what i did own

SaveMe Oh: And what was his goal?

Troelala: His goal was get his ex girlfriend back

Troelala: Well…i can explain many reason why but we always get same answer. He is sick.This isnt place for him

SaveMe Oh: Says who?

Troelala: A RL doctor is the place what he should be visit.

I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

Because one of my recent movies contains an image on a wall and on the floor where we see the avatar Quan Lavender having a hole drilled in her stomach, this movie is over and over removed from the machinima channel AviewTV where I have all my other movies. And now they completely denied my access. When LaPiscean Liberty was in charge of this channel this kind of censorship would not take place but now he made Secret Rage boss there. A woman who has her arm deep in the A of LEA. And who is her boss there? Guess… Quan Lavender succeeds after taking over LEA to get in charge of AviewTV too. So we see those gallery- and simowners and wannabe blog celebrities slowly taking over the ruling everywhere so they can decide what for you, simple audience, is good to see or not. The days of censorship are completely back and it will not take long before Quan Lavender will get a nice gift from Finland, maybe not a horse but a huge Finnish reindeer to experience his drilling skills.

A great hat can change your day 2

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you set up a special SaveMe Oh channel to release me from the other idiots you surround yourself with?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not outside building you your own site but I can do that if you’re in the market

SaveMe Oh: Market??? Don’t swear!

LaPiscean Liberty: I know what you mean and the answer is no Save

SaveMe Oh: So I really have to talk with that thing called Secret Rage?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it has to do with AviewTV yes.

SaveMe Oh: I once had so high hopes on you.

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, I never knew that.

SaveMe Oh: You could have known when you saw me uploading all my movies. Now it seems I have wasted my time and can’t even access my own stuff

LaPiscean Liberty: All over one video.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and a complete harmless one, that’s even more frightening. Suicides, murder, nudity, no problem. But this one OMG

LaPiscean Liberty: The damn thing starts with Quan Lavender giving her boyfriend a blowjob, not cool.

SaveMe Oh: No, her boyfriend is perforating her stomach with a huge horsedick, completely unreal, so…satire. And only on a picture in a frame on a wall, not even moving

LaPiscean Liberty: You sound jealous

SaveMe Oh: I am not jealous as I never had the pleasure to understand what is exiting about virtual sex

LaPiscean Liberty: It’s an issue you will have to make up with Secret Rage, no matter how minute your hopes are on me now. Maybe that’s your problem lol. Its 90% in the head anyway

SaveMe Oh: Yes I fear so, but I will keep trying, one day she will piss more people of with her rigid censorship and you will have to take over again. A policewoman can’t run an art channel.

AviewTV 1

SaveMe Oh: Will you keep on censor one of the greatest machinima artists of our time?

Secret Rage: It is not censorship but common sense that keeps your film off of AviewTV. It is a site that we as a community are proud of- and like to share with the general public. You have been suspended from your account at AviewTV due to your total disregard for what you have been told regarding the posting of your video that does not meet the criteria for being represented on the channel. You were told on more than one occasion that Aview is not the place for either explicit sexual acts or attacks on other individuals. It is not fair and exceedingly selfish in regard to the other filmmakers who DO post appropriate content – nor is it fair to the other viewers of the channel to expose them to films that show this kind of material. Though you have said you would stop posting it- you have not. Therefore this is the remedy. We will not remove the films that you have there currently- but you will no longer be allowed to post new material.

LaPiscean is now heading up our latest network site and has put me solely in charge of AviewTV. The decisions made there are mine to make and this one will not be rescinded…there will be no arguing.

Guess she means end of discussion! But no.

SaveMe Oh: Is my latest movie in your weekly film wrap? In the place where you also have me banned? (The AviewTV LEA sim)

Secret Rage: The one that was acceptable is, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And when you show it, will you tell the people that because of you, artists don’t have the freedom of create what they want? That you think you can be a judge on what an audience has to see or not? Like a good secret police? You know art is the first thing that is been killed in a totalitarian system?

Secret Rage: I said I will not argue with you-I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: You know not arguing is an ISIS method?

Secret Rage: smiles- I am a blonde haired blue eyed Catholic woman- I am pretty sure ISIS doesn’t figure into it. And now I have better things to do-have a good day

SaveMe Oh: You know Catholicism is a fundamentalist religion?

Secret Rage: I know this conversation is over. Goodbye.

Ziki 4

Another blogger, Ziki Questi, has less problems with art

The Interface Failure For Friends, Family, Lovers, Minions And Acolytes

Now we see the Pirats warming up their old corpses found in their dungeons and we are forced to see every single sheep from Bryn Oh again and again in an endless parade of retrospectives the enemies of SaveMe Oh start to be afraid that she might be up to do the same. To prevent this horrible doom scenario from happening, the enemies of SaveMe Oh started a coalition of the willing to wipe out everything SaveMe ever made from the face of the earth. Hoping that with these actions they will put an end to the existing of this monstrous creature for once and for all.

What these poor capitalists don’t know is that SaveMe is not addicted to the possession of her stuff or the stuff she had stolen from LL or others, that she doesn’t care about owning things and that she has NOTHING planned for eternity. As drama queen she knows better than anybody else that it is all about creating the illusion and after the illusion has been established it is soon gone again forever. That’s why you can have her and decide what you do with it, share it again, destroy it, mutilate it or pretend it was you who made it all.

Starters kit

At the new HG safari embassy or in hypergrid you can already get a free SaveMe Oh avatar, in Odyssey you can buy SaveMe Oh dolls to support that sim, now you can have her movies.

Just to soothe the emotional desire of her family and friends. The first 8 machinima SaveMe Oh made in 2008 can now be yours. The ones in which she was not able to hide the interface yet (the noob artist) but who were already top of the bill. So send your email address to and she will add you to her dropbox so you can download the movies. Of course this is only for the SaveMe Oh lovers. When she thinks you are not, you better go fuck yourself.