Love Warning

Loving SaveMe Oh is the use of the internet or other electronic means to love or admire SaveMe Oh as an individual, as an artwork, or as a religion. Loving her may turn you into a victim of false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also turn you into a subject of monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten or harass you.

Halo box 2

Loving SaveMe Oh often results in real-time or offline stalking by persons who are jealous of her success or have a trauma for a failed attempt of being a superhero. Both are criminal offenses but SaveMe teach you that good drama is the highest level of art. Of course the jealous wannabe’s are motivated by a desire to control your love for SaveMe and try to intimidate or influence your love for SaveMe Oh.  Those stalkers may be online strangers or persons whom the target knows. They may be anonymous and solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target but compared with the love for SaveMe Oh these are just minor inconveniences.


Obstructing the love for SaveMe Oh is a criminal offense under various Linden Lab anti-stalking, slander, and harassment rules. But be warned that SaveMe Oh ordered all self acclaimed judges that in case of a conviction the punishment should be a life sentence in jail WITH SaveMe Oh until you confess you love her too.

Bryn Oh Having A Tea With Herself In Her LEA Office


Bryn Oh:  I like the work of SaveMe Oh but one of my reservations is that she has her own sim, the Yoshikaze II and a show at another sim I happened to wander into as well. Possibly more. She is riding a wave of popularity and sims become available to her. I have always liked the idea of giving someone a full sim who otherwise would have no access to one. Someone who has made a great build on a smaller scale and just needs that space to create a large cohesive work. SaveMe Oh make one off sculptures. So a full sim given to her would produce a wide selection of one offs in all likelyhood. Scottius Polke or MrPim Hax for example create harmonious builds that are connected. Oberon Onmura or Selavy Oh use full sims in a unified manner as well. All rely on terraforming to a degree. Claudia222 and Markus Inkpen would be fun to see with a full sim. I would love to see Four Yip with a full sim again. There are a bunch of artists who are not particularly good at marketing themself and as such miss out on opportunities. I could list off a bunch but I am unclear as to how we are meant to use the sims. If we have proposals to use the sims that’s one thing, but if we start giving sims to people we like then I imagine that will come back to haunt us in the forums. I think, between us, we could all pick people to use the sims and have great shows for years to come, but then there would eventually be a huge backlash of favoritism accusations.

What we could do is each put out a handful of suggestions for exhibitors and make an effort to approach them to put in a proposal. As well as have the public invite.

What you think?

Ok, agreed!

Not The New Einstein But A Disgusting Creature And Fascist Bastard

Yesterday I met Quan Lavender, she disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Marmaduke Arado, he disappeared in 2 seconds.

Today I met Kikas Babenco, she disappeared in 3 seconds. Did I miss something?

Here is the answer.

Marmaduke’s confession:

Believe me, I tried hard, and for a few years, but it was impossible not to conclude that one can’t reason with a psychopath (SaveMe Oh).

Here’s a short summary of the latest episodes:

In early January, a witch-hunt was declared against us by SaveMe Oh (with approving nods from SaveMe Oh ‘s fan boys and girls) because we committed the crime of performing at a LEA location where she was banned (after SaveMe Oh ‘s best efforts for that to happen, of course), and despite we having asked for SaveMe Oh to be unbanned. This witch-hunt included all kinds of threats, including death ones, and as a result of this we were forced to quit SL.

A few weeks after that, we dared to go online again, and a few minutes after we had logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there right next to us. So we had no choice but to log out immediately.

Yesterday , (10 sept 2014) I risked going online again, for the second time in nine months, and guess what? Minutes after we logged in to our SL home, SaveMe Oh was there. So, again, we had no choice but to leave our own home, while SaveMe Oh stayed in our living room.

But there was a good side of what happened yesterday: SaveMe Oh not being exactly the new Einstein, we found out who gave SaveMe Oh the tip that we had just got online. I never thought that person would act as a PIDE-like informer for SaveMe Oh, but I’m naive as everyone knows.


SaveMe and Marmaduke in happier times

Dear Marmaduke Arado

After being offline during 7 weeks due to holidays and RL touring I came online this week and as I always do after such a time I go check my LM’s if they still exist as a lot disappear after a while. How happy I was at the end of yesterday evening I found my old friends Kikas & Marma finally at home. I really do miss them and the great events we did together although I am completely surprised by the Jekyll and Hyde transformations Marmaduke is a victim of lately which makes it very hard to understand which of the two characters is the real one. Obviously they were not pleased to see me and on behalf of them I apologise to the poor friend who is now blamed for being a PIDE (Portuguese secret police during the fascist government). That it was telepathy from my side of course no one wants to believe. And that I only came for some warm friendship people will even less believe; wink wink!


Secret Brotherhood Of The True Truth

Slowly becoming bored with the role-playing aspects of their created avatars some of secondlife residents start to use hypergrid safari’s as a way of rebirthing, cherish their noob hair as if they just discovered the wonders of it yesterday, others leave Secondlife but are still so attached to their created fake identity that they keep on using their avatar names on Social Media platforms as Facebook. For the ones who stay behind in Secondlife this creates sometimes strange conflicts when for example former superheroes like Marmaduke Arado, who once stand up with screaming fists against secondlife dictatorships like the one in LEA run by dictator Solo Mornington, now at once becomes the biggest supporter of Vladimir Putin and is naming more or less everybody he knew before a Nazi. Week after week this former rescuer of the Dada art in Secondlife is now together with his brother in arms, former artist Lollito Larkham busy to proof that the Malaysian airplane was not shot down by the Russians but by the Ukrainians as if the dead people care much if they were shot down by a Russian missile fired by the Russians or a Russian missile fired by the Ukrainians.


When this superhero became a LEA collaborator this year because it was at once very convenient to have building rights to make a raft, so why not lick Solo Mornington’s ass a little after all, he became furious when we complain on his facebook about his backstabbing behaviour, because his RL daughter might read it but apparently it is no problem to use a fake account to create conspiracy theories (was Elvis really on that plane?) over the dead bodies of the victims off an airplane attack. Or are those poor avatars accounts that are not in use anymore finally hacked by the Russian KGB??? Or is the NSA playing a trick on us to find out what are our secret believes by using these accounts? Could it really be that the beheaded journalist was just a mesh avatar who was fed up with his prim head and let it cut off by Mr. Bones to have it replaced by a mesh one? And why those English?, Dutch?, Portuguese? Islamic State killers have at once the names of The Beatles? Their haircuts? Their headcuts? John, Paul, Ringo and George creating the Islamic State? With a little help from my friends? When my butcher knife gently weeps? We all live in a sharia submarine, sharia submarine, sharia submarine ( all together now).


All those former avatar artists are now the devotees of the true truth and organise themselves in brotherhoods for the one and only truth. As if their new identity is so much stronger to analyse the world than the RL thing that is sitting on the couch at home every night with a bag of potato chips and a cool Chardonnay. But a true artist wouldn’t care less about the truth as especially artists should have to know that the truth doesn’t exist; only what we want to belief.

And you better belief me because I am SaveMe Oh.

Graveyard Safari

As soon I announced I was going on safari in Africa, herds of minions and acolytes couldn’t wait to do the same in virtual worlds resulting in the sad events called Hypergrid Safari. The organisers assume that it would be a good trick to light up their loneliness by persuade other hopeless lonely souls to show up to sit all night on a zebra, elephant or giraffe and take pics of each other to share the retro feel with each other of the beginning of virtual worlds. `Oh look my noob hair’ they scream exited to each other.

The sadness of open sims is exposed in full glory when you see the caravan of elderly cat ladies on zebra’s visiting the buildings of other almost died relics hiding in a corner of their own piece of hypergrid and then have no other option than babble about days of long gone primglueing.

Zebra crossing

Just when you thought people finally get the only reason virtual worlds exist; the possibility of interaction, even your dearest friends drop back to visiting primglued building sites, as if you didn’t teach them anything the last few years. They live in the assumption that the rumour of a dying Secondlife could be avoided by doing more of the same again in some dark corner of their own hard disks.

Of course it is obvious everybody sinks in a pool of deep despair when I take a few weeks off to enjoy my well deserved holidays but to see everybody fall back so quick to mediocre levels we all thought we had buried forever is scaring and disturbing.

Bryn’s Blog Block

This week I received a letter from my dear sister Bryn Oh in which she begged me to answer some questions in an attempt to fill her blog. “I am completely running out if ideas” she cried “and my fans already have threaten to kill my sheep when I don’t give them something”. And then SaveMe has to do what her name orders her to do; Save her poor sis.


So here I go…sigh!

1-Where are you from?  And who are the most renowned artists from your country in your opinion?

Dear Sis, as you dug for years in my stuff and spent hours and hours to find out everything there is to know about me you know very well I am from the Netherlands where I was the offspring of one of our daddy Cupido’s escapades which he performed all over the world (although his affair with your mother better had never happen). That you dare to ask who are the most renowned artists here is a sad example of your blinding jealousy. You know very well that I and my dear wife Rose Borchovski are top of the bill in the Netherlands, and not only there but also in that lame country of yours; Canada, were the word ART still has to be invented

2-Often the average person outside SL is perplexed with virtual worlds in general.  When people unfamiliar with the virtual ask you what you do how do you explain it?

They only have to go to my vimeo site to see the absolute top off the bill what virtual worlds can offer when in the hands of an excellent artist like me. Even the average Canadian baby seal hunter will turn his bloody club into a painting brush to draw some first attempts of ART on the ice after seeing my work.

3-Who are a few of your favorite artists and why?

A few of my favourite artists are my brilliant alts who succeed to enlarge my fame every second one of my sister Bryn’s snitches or securitate members of the LEA dictatorship play their dirty tricks to make it impossible for me to be what I am; the OHne and OHnly SaveMe Oh, the most famous artist ever appeared in a virtual world

4-Whose artwork do you personally dislike the most and why?

It’s obvious I dislike your work the most; as I hate the way you try to turn art into a Harry Potterised Farmville, with quasi deep bullshit storylines and rusty cogwheels who have to prevent your sheep from a group suicide out of boredom.

5-Which of your own works are you most proud of? Do you feel any failed and if so do you now know why?

The only work I ever made was SaveMe Oh and it never failed a second and you know better than anybody else why, if only you could admit it once.

6-Do you have a method when creating? If so how does it often progress?  For example do you sketch or write out ideas first for weeks or do you perhaps just jump directly into the project with little planning and adapt as you go?

The only plan I ever made was to be SaveMe Oh and that was so brilliant that the process and the progress streams in a never ending flow of immense creativity. One day I may allow you to bow down to one of these streams to have a little sip.

7-What are you currently reading, listening to or looking at to inspire your work?

I only watch my own movies and get inspired by myself. I pity all those people who do nothing else than dig all day on the internet to share their pathetic finds all day on facebook in the hope to score a few “likes”.

8-Does your work have an overall theme and if so what might that be?  If not please describe how you tend to pick your topics.

You, dear sis, are the only one who can ask such a stupid question to me; not only my overall theme but the entire theme of virtuality is SaveMe Oh, as if you don’t know that very well.

9-Have you ever had to deal with negative publicity or a disappointing rejection of your artwork?  How do you deal with it?

By shove my greatness in everybody’s face the jealousy of all you wannabe artists is so big that you all only can respond in pouring out tons of negative publicity over my head, not realising this only adds to my immense popularity as all you suckers do not have a clue that creating drama is the highest level for an artist she can reach, leaving all those silly prim gluers behind as elderly cat ladies speeding up their funeral.

10-Would you like to take a stab at explaining what defines virtual art?

Art is when you are stabbed in the back every day and still are able to slap everybody in the face and make them in fact like it.

11-What would you say makes virtual creations unique over other art forms?

Dear sis, you really want to know why I am unique?

12-Centuries ago there was no such thing as an “artist” just craftsmen, as time progressed superior technical ability and creativity created the elite “Master” artist whose work stood recognized above all others.  In 1917 Marcel Duchamp submitted a work entitled “Fountain” to the Society of Independent artists.    He stated “… He (the artist) CHOSE it. He took an article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view  created a new thought for that object”  He wanted to shift the focus away from technical craft to more of an aesthetic intellectual interpretation.  Some say that because of him almost everything is considered art today.  From an elephant painting with its trunk, a Banksy, a child’s drawing to someone vomiting paint onto a canvas.  What is your perspective on this?

She who has the idea is the artist, how it’s done is for the slaves.

Snapshot_214Who you think was the inspiration for the movie AVATAR????


Kill A Smile

Barney Horsedick shouts: Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the ART in HATS show in support of Kill a Smile Charity Auction.

Today’s presentation is a combination of despotism woven into the world of fake charity by giving head! Haha, I mean hats of course.

We will show off some of the greatest bullshit, just to make you pay and give you the feeling you do something great while you are on your fat ass behind your PC doing completely nothing for the benefit of the world. You are only here to say hail to the dictatorship of SL who needs to see your written applause as much as possible so they can be sure you are still a faithfull follower. The great design of today will be forced upon you, is widely available, and will be sold and reproduced again and again and again until we have killed every smile.

Barney Horsedick shouts: This hat is part of The Dick Collection, an offering from SaveMe Oh who is joining us to model the collection. Named Life of the Party it is made with erected sculpted and blown prim pieces, this hat is for those who want to light up their surroundings, be it at a party or event just taking photos – the hat turns on and off with just a touch. It is not equipped with a resizer, but should fit most!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The same hat goes where I’m sure no hat has gone before! This hat is a massage hat for the head! Now, who amongst us couldn’t use a relaxing massage? We all love that feeling, don’t we? Well now you can have it for your avatar too thanks to SaveMe and her Primitive Massage Hat!

Ride Me

Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: “Ah, no no no; I’m a rocket man; Rocket man; Burnin’ out his fuse; Up here alone…” Want to have your own rocket man? Have your own rocket? SaveMe Oh has just the solution with her Hot Rocket Hat…The Hot Rock Hat will lift you and keep you swaying and floating wherever you go! Be sure to grab your own Hot Rocket Hat!


Quan Lavender: Applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Bringing another spectacular addition to Art in Hats is SaveMe Oh who has added a show stopping piece that features almost elephant size detailed parts to add that something different to your stomach to keep them all talking!

Thirza Ember

Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Oh, Again stunned by SaveMe Oh and her imagination, this time she brings home your nightmare experiments from your childhood days…and then sets them loose over your head! The piece that won’t stop changing and moving, you may find you can’t stop watching it as you add it to your next clever outfit. Don’t forget to pick this one up before you tp away


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: This piece, which resizes on touch, is offered for Kill A Smile and worn today by the lovely Cherry Manga. Be sure to make your bid on The Secret Bank account of the LEA dictatorship in the Kill A Smile charity auction before you leave today!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: The next hat up is an unusual, but stunning creation called again the Quantity Bowler Hat. You can purchase this one and take it home today as it is for sale! It has a big horsedick overhead and the head is with a purple top hat. It makes me think of the movie Warhorse – things would have been much different for them if they’d had this kind of hat to wear!


Quan Lavender: applause

Barney Horsedick shouts: Though seen possibly as a sloppy artist, SaveMe Oh’s hat displays the creative thinking of the reflection of a true artist. The hat displays the messy result as a reflection of her rl artist mind that is also actively working in SL. Bring this splash of horse to your wardrobe from the Art in Hats event!

A great hat can change your day 2

Quan Lavender: A great hat can change your day! APPLAUSE!