I Am A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Catholic Woman

Because one of my recent movies contains an image on a wall and on the floor where we see the avatar Quan Lavender having a hole drilled in her stomach, this movie is over and over removed from the machinima channel AviewTV where I have all my other movies. And now they completely denied my access. When LaPiscean Liberty was in charge of this channel this kind of censorship would not take place but now he made Secret Rage boss there. A woman who has her arm deep in the A of LEA. And who is her boss there? Guess… Quan Lavender succeeds after taking over LEA to get in charge of AviewTV too. So we see those gallery- and simowners and wannabe blog celebrities slowly taking over the ruling everywhere so they can decide what for you, simple audience, is good to see or not. The days of censorship are completely back and it will not take long before Quan Lavender will get a nice gift from Finland, maybe not a horse but a huge Finnish reindeer to experience his drilling skills.

A great hat can change your day 2

SaveMe Oh: Can’t you set up a special SaveMe Oh channel to release me from the other idiots you surround yourself with?

LaPiscean Liberty: Not outside building you your own site but I can do that if you’re in the market

SaveMe Oh: Market??? Don’t swear!

LaPiscean Liberty: I know what you mean and the answer is no Save

SaveMe Oh: So I really have to talk with that thing called Secret Rage?

LaPiscean Liberty: If it has to do with AviewTV yes.

SaveMe Oh: I once had so high hopes on you.

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, I never knew that.

SaveMe Oh: You could have known when you saw me uploading all my movies. Now it seems I have wasted my time and can’t even access my own stuff

LaPiscean Liberty: All over one video.

SaveMe Oh: Yes, and a complete harmless one, that’s even more frightening. Suicides, murder, nudity, no problem. But this one OMG

LaPiscean Liberty: The damn thing starts with Quan Lavender giving her boyfriend a blowjob, not cool.

SaveMe Oh: No, her boyfriend is perforating her stomach with a huge horsedick, completely unreal, so…satire. And only on a picture in a frame on a wall, not even moving

LaPiscean Liberty: You sound jealous

SaveMe Oh: I am not jealous as I never had the pleasure to understand what is exiting about virtual sex

LaPiscean Liberty: It’s an issue you will have to make up with Secret Rage, no matter how minute your hopes are on me now. Maybe that’s your problem lol. Its 90% in the head anyway

SaveMe Oh: Yes I fear so, but I will keep trying, one day she will piss more people of with her rigid censorship and you will have to take over again. A policewoman can’t run an art channel.

AviewTV 1

SaveMe Oh: Will you keep on censor one of the greatest machinima artists of our time?

Secret Rage: It is not censorship but common sense that keeps your film off of AviewTV. It is a site that we as a community are proud of- and like to share with the general public. You have been suspended from your account at AviewTV due to your total disregard for what you have been told regarding the posting of your video that does not meet the criteria for being represented on the channel. You were told on more than one occasion that Aview is not the place for either explicit sexual acts or attacks on other individuals. It is not fair and exceedingly selfish in regard to the other filmmakers who DO post appropriate content – nor is it fair to the other viewers of the channel to expose them to films that show this kind of material. Though you have said you would stop posting it- you have not. Therefore this is the remedy. We will not remove the films that you have there currently- but you will no longer be allowed to post new material.

LaPiscean is now heading up our latest network site and has put me solely in charge of AviewTV. The decisions made there are mine to make and this one will not be rescinded…there will be no arguing.

Guess she means end of discussion! But no.

SaveMe Oh: Is my latest movie in your weekly film wrap? In the place where you also have me banned? (The AviewTV LEA sim)

Secret Rage: The one that was acceptable is, yes.

SaveMe Oh: And when you show it, will you tell the people that because of you, artists don’t have the freedom of create what they want? That you think you can be a judge on what an audience has to see or not? Like a good secret police? You know art is the first thing that is been killed in a totalitarian system?

Secret Rage: I said I will not argue with you-I meant it.

SaveMe Oh: You know not arguing is an ISIS method?

Secret Rage: smiles- I am a blonde haired blue eyed Catholic woman- I am pretty sure ISIS doesn’t figure into it. And now I have better things to do-have a good day

SaveMe Oh: You know Catholicism is a fundamentalist religion?

Secret Rage: I know this conversation is over. Goodbye.

Ziki 4

Another blogger, Ziki Questi, has less problems with art

The Interface Failure For Friends, Family, Lovers, Minions And Acolytes

Now we see the Pirats warming up their old corpses found in their dungeons and we are forced to see every single sheep from Bryn Oh again and again in an endless parade of retrospectives the enemies of SaveMe Oh start to be afraid that she might be up to do the same. To prevent this horrible doom scenario from happening, the enemies of SaveMe Oh started a coalition of the willing to wipe out everything SaveMe ever made from the face of the earth. Hoping that with these actions they will put an end to the existing of this monstrous creature for once and for all.

What these poor capitalists don’t know is that SaveMe is not addicted to the possession of her stuff or the stuff she had stolen from LL or others, that she doesn’t care about owning things and that she has NOTHING planned for eternity. As drama queen she knows better than anybody else that it is all about creating the illusion and after the illusion has been established it is soon gone again forever. That’s why you can have her and decide what you do with it, share it again, destroy it, mutilate it or pretend it was you who made it all.

Starters kit

At the new HG safari embassy or in hypergrid you can already get a free SaveMe Oh avatar, in Odyssey you can buy SaveMe Oh dolls to support that sim, now you can have her movies.

Just to soothe the emotional desire of her family and friends. The first 8 machinima SaveMe Oh made in 2008 can now be yours. The ones in which she was not able to hide the interface yet (the noob artist) but who were already top of the bill. So send your email address to savemeoh@gmail.com and she will add you to her dropbox so you can download the movies. Of course this is only for the SaveMe Oh lovers. When she thinks you are not, you better go fuck yourself.

The End Of Conversation Routine

You get in an “art” gallery for the 1000th time. You see the same virtual walls, with on it yet another uploaded picture that has no other function today than be the “art” that has to be celebrated. When it’s a posh gallery the pics will have nails on the side of the fake frames, the poorer gallery will do it all on one prim. The nervous wannabe artist is already looking at the watch, will people come??? Not knowing that the crowds will not come for the art but just for the higher glory of the gallery owner who is the real artist with an incredible capacity to put the virtual walls just in the way so every wannabe artist can do nothing else than hang a prim with a texture on a wall.

The next generation gallery owners steps in, like Stem van Helsinki, licking to be invited to the guild of approved rulers of the grid.


The bloggers like Quan Lavender, who need to post every day a pic of themselves with some foolish text on the net, are also making a big appearance and then they are all start looking at you. Will SaveMe Oh get naughty again? Does SaveMe Oh have planned something horrible? Will SaveMe Oh not just wear a dress but also might attach some art? The Linden Lab who made attaching possible should be sentenced to jail for this, flying was already an outrage but attaching is really criminal behaviour.


Hearts are pounding, the suspense is getting stronger. Will she do it again or not? OMG, there she goes again, attaching beheaded noobs. What does it mean, what is she trying to say? Better not think another second and ban the witch or she might provoke again something with her art and that is what sim owners hate the most, provoking art. Back to a nice performance of a frozen avatar pretending to sing live.

And the sim owner says:

Aneli Abeyante: You provoke by showing people murdered, I do not mess with this subjects. End of conversation.

Next time I try

The Nibbler VS The Stem From Hell-sinki

After Larkworthy Antfarm also Ampel Goosson share his chat with the nice teacher from Helsinki.

Ampel Goosson: Now I might as well share this with the world also!


Stem van Helsinki: Dear friend!

Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.

I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.

Thank you, Stem

Ampel Goosson: I don’t know what happened last night at your opening since I couldn’t be there unfortunately. Anyway I have NO intention to telling SaveMe what to do. I do know the person behind the SaveMe character in SL and can assure you that you are dealing with a mature professional in the RL international cultural scene. SaveMe is a peace of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.

Stem van Helsinki: I wonder when bullying&harashing becomes an art? My suuggestion is all his follower read this book; http://www.nationalbook.org/nba2013_nf_lower.html#.VCkl9l71tRI

Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower, 2013 National Book…


The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s…

Ampel Goosson: Send all this to SaveMe instead, unless you want me to blog about it.

Stem van Helsinki: This book is story about people who follow bad and why they follow it! Actually is very interested in beacuse it is samekind of in RL todays. SL is mirror of RL. I am always interested where bad comes, I have seen that kind of behaviour in many art students

Ampel Goosson: I’m not a follower and I hate bullying and you are starting to irritate me. SaveMe is NOT an art student

Stem van Helsinki: I like to talk cause I know you understand. nope but she is an artist and many start artist have samekind of problem they are not sure what is their art. and they have inner bad

Ampel Goosson: SaveMe is not a starting artist

Stem van Helsinki: and then they need followers hmmmm? She looks like, cause she behave just like that

Ampel Goosson: well that is in your eyes

Stem van Helsinki: and all her art is harashing and bullying. I compare her art like new art students

Ampel Goosson: nobody has to like it

Stem van Helsinki: it is inner badness and harashing and insult of others

Ampel Goosson: art is not for liking

Stem van Helsinki: interesting thing is why follow bad. thats different thing

Ampel Goosson: it is not bad art

Stem van Helsinki: Andy was not bad person at all

Ampel Goosson: it is most likely the best virtual art around

Stem van Helsinki: I have written someday here for angry art. Angry and hate art comes in SL in many ways. Her style is Angry ART

Ampel Goosson: you are the one that sounds angry to me

Stem van Helsinki: nope. In rl I give hint and ideas to people that they see all kind of art. BUT inner badness is not good. Its like influence. People like it somehow. Its interesting thing. Read the book its interesting.

Ampel Goosson: why on earth would you think the RL artist behind SaveMe is inner bad..you obviously know nothing about that

Stem van Helsinki: why people start understand and follow bad they dont know its bad cause its common way

Ampel Goosson: you are just stupid now

Stem van Helsinki: her rl artists is bad. I have talk a lot with her. Inner bad make bad things…litlle by little

Ampel Goosson: go with you amateur psychology somewhere else

Stem van Helsinki: She is typical case like I have seen in RL. sight. No you are angry

Ampel Goosson: yes..you irritate me

Stem van Helsinki: Its not purpose. First thing what she have to do is get rid off her inner badness. Its a long way. I have helped 30-40 studenst and artist about it

Ampel Goosson: I understand why SaveMe refers to you as her therapist. Believe me SaveMe doesn’t need your help

Stem van Helsinki: cause I see her inner soul

Ampel Goosson: oh really?

Stem van Helsinki: yes she do?

Ampel Goosson: you have superpowers?

Stem van Helsinki: noooo

Ampel Goosson: You need help

Stem van Helsinki: I teach artist and art students

Ampel Goosson: so?

Stem van Helsinki: she is basic case

Ampel Goosson: is that supposed to impress me?

Stem van Helsinki: Inner bad artist who collect peole around her to see her genius. Please read the book. Its interesting thing.

Ampel Goosson: you are downright insulting

Stem van Helsinki: why follow bad

Ampel Goosson: stupid and insulting and full of idiotic ideas

Stem van Helsinki:hmmm

Ampel Goosson: I wouldn’t want to be a student in whatever art school you teach in

Stem van Helsinki: Now you make insult! no need to be bad

Ampel Goosson: haha..first you compare me with followers av nazi and then you say I insult you!

Stem van Helsinki: nop i dont compare

Ampel Goosson: what the hell are you doing then!

Stem van Helsinki :)

Ampel Goosson: besides I’m not in the business of defending SaveMe.. I said what I have to say about that.. SaveMe is very good at own defense

Stem van Helsinki: i try to get you understand art style Anger Art and why people love it. And why people follow person who are innerbadness. It is interesting!  As blog writer you understand that all people have their own purposes

Ampel Goosson: don’t try to make me underdstand anything..as if you knew better than me

Stem van Helsinki: I think its journalistic wau to understand world ? in SL too. I am not a journalist. I write a real blog about a virtual life because that is interesting to me as a project. My purpose is not get you angry! Apologies a lot of my behaviour and writings to you! Sorry a lot! Hope this Case is Close!

Ampel Goosson: You mean you hope it won’t end up in my blog

Stem van Helsinki: Yes, and my purpose is not insult you! Only to give a new ideas and see new things! As I said I am a lot of sorry!

Ampel Goosson: That is what is insulting.,.that you think you have the abiblity to give me that

Stem van Helsinki: mmmm…sorry not understand that point?

Ampel Goosson: What on earth would make you think anything you say would give me any new valuable ideas?

Stem van Helsinki: ah ok!

Ampel Goosson: Everything youv’e said so far sounds amateurish gibberish beyond belief

Stem van Helsinki:ah ok I am sorry that is not purpose!  You are right like you said! I try to look my amateurish ideas! I like you blog and writings! They are goog and have interesting point! I am sorry! That is not my purpose!

Ampel Goosson: Don’t crawl..that is also disgusting.

Stem van Helsinki: ok, anyway I am sorry to dipsturbing you! See you soon. Thank you!

BTW, did Ampel already made a movie about SaveMe Oh 5 years ago????? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

The Witch Of The Antfarm VS The Stem From Hell-sinki?

Who would you prefer as your teacher????

After Stem van Helsinki banned me on arrival at an exhibition, he decided to send everybody he could find with some kind of connection to me an urgent message.

Here is the responce of Larkworthy Antfarm. (A friend? I fear yes!)

Dear friend!

Could you please write to Saveme Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings. It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly. I hope you my friend does not support this kind of harashing art. It is the same if you support tortuing other people.

Thank you, XXX (I have hidden this cartoon’s name to spare him further embarrassment).

Lark: What do I have to do with any of this? I did not attend your opening. In fact, I barely know who you are! Perhaps you are on my friend list by mistake? I find all the faux outrage at SaveMe Oh’s work ridiculous. She’s banned wherever she goes except by those who have even the tiniest sense of irony and humor.

XXX: I sent a message to all my friend who are friends/like saveme oh artistis page!

Lark: Anyone who does so risks being seen as petty and ridiculous by others. I am sorry to be so blunt but you have not been harassed by her. Instead you have joined in the mob attacking her. Most of her detractors are not real artists. They are cartoons who pretend to be artists. And very much control freaks who wish to dictate their interactions with others in SL.

XXX: Saveme oh start her SL career for teasing noobs in SL welcome area, then she find art and artist.

Lark: I don’t really care one way or another what a cartoon does in SL. Has she harmed you or anyone else in RL?

XXX: dont know! but SL harashing is enough.

Lark: It is easy to ban, ignore, block…derender.

XXX: Teasing anybody does not belong to my culture.

Lark: You accused her of blackmail, said you were reporting her to Lindens, demanded she apologize to people… why not just ban and ignore? She brings publicity is why.

XXX: yes I reported…its not my culture to be quiet.

Lark (Not in my culture to be quiet either): That makes you look a hell of a lot worse than it makes her look.

XXX: If all say no to harashing it stop.

Lark: I am an American. We don’t reward people for being informers.

XXX: …It’s intresting why people follow bad people…

Lark: I did not harass anyone. I have no idea what you mean by harassment.

XXX: bullying, teasing

Lark: I have placed persons on ban, ignore, block in SL. End of harassment.

XXX: …well I found my false discussion on her blog site…and every time we have opening she comes to there

Lark: Are you saying a cartoon character lied about another cartoon character and it harmed you?

XXX: SL is not game or cartoon character…disgusting to find my name on her blog…I wonder why people follow and like her FB site.

Lark: I didn’t think she said anything particularly insulting other than identifying the fact you were ratting her out to Linden labs.

XXX: interesting thing is why people follow bad…yes I make abuse but it does not help cause LL does not care.

Lark: It is because you are in the wrong. You have all the power and yet you want more.

XXX: sorry dont get you point…I write to you cause you follow saveme oh.

Lark: You can ban. Ignore, etc. But to you this is not enough. You are only happy if you can silence her entirely.

XXX: but why you follow her? Is it exciting to follow inner bad person?

Lark: This woman is an artist. Her persona is unique. Her talents unquestionable. She understands that SL art requires artists to let go of the old RL notions of docilely viewing and interacting with art.

XXX: well she is not artist at all…her art is empty…Savme oh art is empty paper…

Lark (uh dude, all SL art is pretend): warrgggarble…

XXX: I understand you like Anger art. And it is exciting to follow bad. She looks like a student who is lost…art is empty and no ideas at all…thats why she is angry to all. And she have inner bad.

Lark: They said that about most great artists of our era.

(this is when I am offered a link to a book called Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields:

“The savagery of the Nazi empire has been described in hundreds of books since the end of World War II. But never before have the roles of German women in the killing fields been revealed in such intimate detail. Based on extensive research in archives that had been closed for decades, Wendy Lower’s chilling account of female brutality provides a powerful and unavoidable look at the nature of evil, an unforgettable revision of our understanding of modern history.”

XXX: and I understand its exciting to you to follow her. Have you read this book? They all like inner bad too.

Lark: Da fuck??? Are you comparing a frivolous SL cartoon to Hitler?

XXX: And one person who is narcictic like saveme oh…get it…are you cartoon?

Lark: All artists are narcissistic. That is their nature. In RL, I am nobody. In SL, I am a cartoon. Even less than nobody.

XXX: I teach artist in University…narcism have nothing to do with art…I have write a lot of articles about it…and some Angry Art articles…I understand why you follow bad, but read the book.

Lark: I also teach at a college. I disagree with you. I believe it is the responsible reaction for artists to be angry at the stale and tired…

XXX: Well American way is different than European…we have a long history of art and art making here…

Lark (Wait whut? Oh I see. I am just an ignorant upstart Yank and I have now been put in my place by someone from Finland, where they have REAL world class art if you have a taste for Leningrad Cowboys or Laplanders playing tunes on musical frozen reindeer poop. Yes when I think center of art and culture, I always think of the trolls living under bridges in Helsinki.):

I live in the most evil of times in a country with a military-industrial complex that seems hellbent on destroying the world. The corporatists steal the crumbs from the mouths of the poor at every turn. Evil surrounds me. And you believe anything SaveMe does with a few wild colored prims on my computer screen should upset me? Jesus Christ on a broomstick!!

XXX: Well some person are sick and have inner badness and some like to follow them…I understand you…read the book…They dont know why they follow…now, Have a nice day!

Lark: OMG, the evil banality of “Have a Nice Day.” What the Nazis said when they handed their victims bars of soap on the way to the showers…

XXX: defriend.

Hope XXX won’t find out who participated in this SaveMe Oh movie. Is that movie art btw?

SaveMe Oh Is A Piece Of Art

When Ampel Goosson feels forced to publish a statement about SaveMe Oh out of free will without a knife on his throat there must be a serious reason.

First Ampel’s statement about SaveMe Oh on facebook:

“Owing to certain circumstances I will say this (and only once): SaveMe is a piece of art. And art doesn’t have to be liked to be good.”


Ampel eating a piece of art

So I asked him an explanation:”

SaveMe Oh: Owing to certain circumstances???

Ampel Goosson: Stem van Helsinki told me to tell you to stop what you are doing. Idiot. We had a brawl

SaveMe Oh: Jaynine Scarborough also sends me an IM asking about Stem van Helsinki so I don’t know what he did.

Ampel Goosson: He seems to have sent messages to many. Kandinsky Beaumont also got it

SaveMe Oh: Could you send it to me or publish it?

Ampel Goosson: Hahaha. NO! It is not worth it.

SaveMe Oh: Good drama needs good storylines

Ampel Goosson: Sure, but I told him to tell you and that you can defend yourself.

SaveMe Oh: Of course you did but I would like to have the conversation

Ampel Goosson: No Save you will only publish it and that wouldn’t feel right

SaveMe Oh: Of course I would publish it

Ampel Goosson: I know

SaveMe Oh: Ok, so in that case I have to accept elderly man discussing about me without me present, sigh

Ampel Goosson: I didn’t discuss you Save..I mostly told him off for insulting my intelligence

Also Jaynine got a private message:

Jaynine Scarborough: Who is Stem van Helsinki? He wrote me an IM. He is actually on my friendslist, but I don t know if I ever talked to him

SaveMe Oh: He is a new galleryowner in SL since a year or so and the kind of man who thinks to know what is best for young girls like me. What IM he send?

Jaynine Scarborough: Dear friend!

Could you please write to SaveMe Oh if she could stop harassing me about her writings?  It s enough that she harassing our opening and behave badly.

I hope you my friend do not support this kind of harassing art. It is the same if you support torturing other people.

Thank you, Stem van Helsinki

Jaynine Scarborough: So here you go: SaveMe!! Stop harassing STEM…

Some other comments:

Larkworthy Antfarm: For the sin of associating with SaveMe Oh, I have been told I am BAD seed and should read a book about the women who killed for Hitler, so I can learn more about my BAD self. WTF? What a bizarre and rather insulting idea! Condescending. Beneath contempt. Anyone who believes they have been harmed by a cartoon puncturing their uber inflated egos has bigger problems than I am able to fix, that’s for sure! And to express pride in having turned informant on another! And disappointment at not having the power to utterly erase her from SL. To play the goddamn self righteous control freak card and expect to be praised like a good dog. OMG. Who is the Nazi and who is the victim here? If you have a beef with SaveMe Oh, take it up with her — not me. Because now I am pissed too.

Iono Allen: It seems that being friend with SaveMe is such a sin that we have to be punished!

Kandinsky Beaumont: I got it too. I did not answer, I am tired to death of all these stupidos. And this one seems to have megalomania and is on a crusade to educate everybody else.

After reading this memories came back from the dark ages when Flora Nordenskjold and Josina Burgess tried to do the same.



And in this post from May this year Igor tells us he was not even aware of the witch-hunt going on. So funny what massacres can be created on behalf of unaware victims.


When you also received a message from Stem van Helsinki or had a chat with him about me, please send it to me so I can publish it to show the world how paternalism turns into absolutism and despotism.

I Am On The Phone With Linden Lab Now

Save LEA_003

Stem van Helsinki: I am on the phone with Linden Lab now

SaveMe Oh: Are they already back from church? It’s Sunday.

Stem van Helsinki: Your harashing is not art! And you cannot blackmail people

SaveMe Oh: Your banning is not freedom

Stem van Helsinki: I have been waiting for your apologies

SaveMe Oh: I have been waiting for you to stop being a dictator

Stem van Helsinki:: People do not wanna see your face cause you make anger. Its you inner anger. And its sad. Sad is inside you and it eats you all the time

SaveMe Oh: You ban me on arrival, that is sad. You have a cruel person inside you.

Stem van Helsinki: I said I can help you but you have been cruell all the time

SaveMe Oh: Your artistic face is just a facade for your inner dictator who wants the power. You want to rule like all that pathetic simowners and galleryowners before you.

Stem van Helsinki: All the time you talk about yourself. Its your inner anger. What do you think!

SaveMe Oh: I think you have to let me do my job and dont obstruct art

Stem van Helsinki: what job you have here? If you are a real artist you understand others art work, like big artists.

SaveMe Oh: You banned me on arrival. Before I even could say hello to the artist

Stem van Helsinki: First you have to be humble in heart. As you can see some guests don’t like you. You have to apology for all the insults. If you like to be famous. Thats one thing. Humble in heart

SaveMe Oh: I dont have to like it or not, I am already famous

Stem van Helsinki: As you can imagine openings are ruined. And as I have say we Finns are like vikings, peacful people. But remember England. This is end of conversation. You insult me a lot! Thanks about it!

SaveMe Oh: The Fins I met before you were much warmer and open people, you are a disgrace for your people.

Stem van Helsinki: I say this only one time to you! We Finns are very peace-loving, but tonight was too much! Do not ever make me any text, and the appearance in my sim  or plot

If you would like that is fun and enjoyable so I recommend treatment for you.

SaveMe Oh: Do Fins kill people upon arrival???

Stem van Helsinki: In Tuonela you have busy on the rocky bed, I was going to take care of! Take care you! I lost you. You win. Happy!

SaveMe Oh: No, I don’t want to be banned.

Tsar Nicolas Takes A Golden Shower

Nicolas the Great: Excuse me

SaveMe Oh: Yes dear?

Nicolas the Great: You didn’t see the Sign next to the door?

SaveMe Oh: I came over the balcony


Nicolas the Great: Reserved for the Archduke of Bulgaria. That is me. And my wife is coming. Normally she sits next to me. If you want to stay sit in the back please.

SaveMe Oh: I prefer you sit with her in the back as I am SaveMe Oh. And the people have taken over. Be glad you can still go to the opera

Laura the Great: Ok move it

Nicolas the Great: Excuse me, how you dear speak to me like that? In my balcony to say me where to sit!

SaveMe Oh: Royalty are pigs

Laura the Great: Ok you want me to put you in the sky?

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you are allowed to sit next to me

Nicolas the Great: Be glad I didn’t call the security

SaveMe Oh: You know what happened to the Russian Tsar, I hope?