My Therapist Wants Me Cool And Nice


Stem van Helsing: Your road is near end. You have to start to be cool and nice

SaveMe Oh: I never use roads, I fly.

Stem van Helsing: pah y know what i mean!

SaveMe Oh: I never know what you mean as it looks to me you can’t think at all. Did you already unban me, dictator?

Stem van Helsing: Some behave badly. You could talk to me.

SaveMe Oh: I asked: did you already unban me dictator?

Stem van Helsing: And copy paste these all but its not readable cause you cound false these discussion. Like all ÿ sound like broken LP record

SaveMe Oh: And your answer?

Stem van Helsing: crack .. .crack. What do y think?

SaveMe Oh: I think you should never, never ban people

Stem van Helsing: to be or not to be

SaveMe Oh: You dont have to fake intelligence, you can simple answer basic questions

Stem van Helsing: Bad behavior is not fashion. Nobody wants see your ideas cause you behave badly. They are like a big joke. Thats pity. Its like make masterpeace and then shit under it!

SaveMe Oh: You mistake honesty with bad behavior

Stem van Helsing: Hou hou says santa. You behave bad all the time. Thats stupid. You have to try to find a new you

SaveMe Oh: Look in the mirror, you have to change , not me

Stem van Helsing: If its you or you have to make a new avatar and get a new start. Pah, remeber I am teacher.

SaveMe Oh: I already have 20 avatars

Stem van Helsing: I teach students like you

SaveMe Oh: Poor students. With a dictator as teacher

Stem van Helsing: Yes you are like 20 years. I could think about  your problem

SaveMe Oh: I dont have a problem, you have one.

Stem van Helsing: As you have seen most of people dont like your things

SaveMe Oh: You behave like a dicator and have problems with facing yourself

Stem van Helsing: And you friend just wait your ideas like a big joke. As you can see they could go all over, only you are banned

SaveMe Oh: Dont you realise that places were people are banned are not worthwile going?

Stem van Helsing: Your talent is wasted

SaveMe Oh: Not at all, you waste space to idiots

Stem van Helsing: Listen. Do you wanna be a big joke. Your friends wait that y make some clown things thats all.

SaveMe Oh: If I was really a big joke I would have stopped years ago

Stem van Helsing: You just still wait that some understand your genius. Thats what you really want to do? Not rally. Rally is good too

SaveMe Oh: No, I wait until the fools who dont realise it yet get smart

Stem van Helsing: No they don’t. Cause its your attitude. Have you seen that your friends goes away

SaveMe Oh: You really think I am desperate waiting until they see my genius?

Stem van Helsing: Something like that

SaveMe Oh: I only have to laugh about the fools who still reject me

Stem van Helsing: Look around you

SaveMe Oh: yes?

Stem van Helsing: What you see? What you wanna do? Be a clown? It is sad

SaveMe Oh: You try to put me as a clown, the people who are smarter don’t

Stem van Helsing: I see you are not that kind of person at all. Your friend just wait that you make some silly things and they could laught and go somewhere else. Its a pity.

SaveMe Oh: You have that silly attitude of a teacher who has to cure me, but the teacher should learn himself something after thinking for years he knows all

Stem van Helsing: I am not know all. I have seen 100´s like you

SaveMe Oh: No you don’t. You only saw one; ME.

Stem van Helsing: Some can do a good artist life. Some dont

Stem van Helsing: sigh. If you need help I could help

SaveMe Oh: So just unban me and dont realise too late you were completely wrong

Stem van Helsing: You dont have give to me or us any reason to trust you

SaveMe Oh: Trust has nothing to do with art

Stem van Helsing: You make misstake to behave badly to me or us.

SaveMe Oh: I am not one of your silly social club

Stem van Helsing: No you are one of my silly friend

SaveMe Oh: When you love tea party’s don’t try to be a gallery owner

Stem van Helsing: I know you are not like that you try to show all others. You have to think about this. As I said you are still my friend

SaveMe Oh: I also know I am not what others think I am, so who is stupid here?

Stem van Helsing: I have talk a lot of your friends they are happy mostly that you are banned and they are not. Get the point

SaveMe Oh: So you didnt talk with my friends but with the idiots who try so hard to be a SL artist

Stem van Helsing: and they want that you make some silly things. SL is a hobby to me

SaveMe Oh: Dont make me a victim of  your hobby.

Stem van Helsing: Do you wanna be clown or not

SaveMe Oh: For me it is not a hobby

Stem van Helsing: Say to me. Got my point?

SaveMe Oh: Did you got my point?

Stem van Helsing: Of course

SaveMe Oh: Your point is not important

The Free AviewTV Peace Talks

After contributing more than 100 movies and promoting this website for machinima, the censors of AviewTV decided last week that my movie DISAPPEARS FOR A WHILE could not be part of the network. The only reason given is the fact that Quan Lavender flagged the movie down.

Now is it true that Quan Lavender’s avatar is to see nude in connection with the large horse dick of her now virtual husband Scatterheart Aboma. They appear on large paintings in the museum that function as stage in the first 30 seconds of the movie. SaveMe Oh even seems busy to removed the evidence of the nametag of Quan Lavender in one of the paintings and it is also clear this picture was from before the wedding. Could that be an issue?

A question that remains is what are the rights of a pixelate cartoon image.

After I did several attempts to upload the movie last weekend the AviewTV blocked my access to Aview TV: You do not have permission to access this page.

SaveMe Oh: Did you deny me access to the AviewTV website?

LaPiscean Liberty: Yes, it’s not your screen or browser

SaveMe Oh: And is this gonna stay like this?

LaPiscean Liberty: I think this really depends more on you

SaveMe Oh: So you have more than 100 movies of me on your site but I can’t see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: You may order them down if you wish. I wish you wouldn’t. What I want isn’t that hard Save. But what you want is very hard

SaveMe Oh: What I want isn’t that hard either, no censorship

LaPiscean Liberty: life is censored ok

SaveMe Oh: Yes, but not on these grounds

LaPiscean Liberty: I can’t see you using someone else, to make that statement

SaveMe Oh: You are the only one censoring me on this, what can I do else?

LaPiscean Liberty: You can give me your word you won’t put that video in its present form on the site. That doesn’t mean change and leave the same pics in it. The same avatar if it isn’t her she can’t order it down

SaveMe Oh: Did she confirm it’s her? Are you sure it is not my alt?

LaPiscean Liberty: Evidence shows you posted earlier on blog. And Save, do me a favour. If you gonna print this stuff, please fix my spelling, please

SaveMe Oh: (I always fix your spelling as far as a foreigner can do that)

SaveMe Oh: Did you do a pixel identity check? Do you also think the Solo Mornington character in some other movies is Solo Mornington?

LaPiscean Liberty: No I didn’t. Because he wouldn’t do the character for ya, I think

SaveMe Oh: The Solo Mornington avatar you can buy in a shop, what if the Quan Lavender is also for sale?

SaveMe Oh: What makes an avatar so unique that you treat it as a human?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well that couldn’t exist with her ok

SaveMe Oh: Does she have an exclusive right on that avi?

LaPiscean Liberty: You keeping looking for a loop hole Save and Aview is just small video community. What’s the big deal? It’s on Vimeo

SaveMe Oh: I wish to find out why you censor things like that. I can’t believe it for somebody who likes art.

LaPiscean Liberty: No, that’s not what you want to know

SaveMe Oh: Yes I do, as you even make any kind of satire impossible

LaPiscean Liberty: What you want to know is if you account is going to reinstated or not

SaveMe Oh: That also.

LaPiscean Liberty: Everything else is an interview

SaveMe Oh: I do interviews to get a clear image why people act as if they do. When they pretend to be open and honest and change in sneaky and opportunistic

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m acting in behalf of an Adman’s request, plain and simple job

LaPiscean Liberty: You know what happening and please, don’t have others upload your video

SaveMe Oh: I feel the need to be defended for my work after more than 100 uploads

LaPiscean Liberty: I do defend your work

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t defend your right to infringe on the rights of others

SaveMe Oh: I am not infringe the right of anybody

SaveMe Oh: I made a cartoon, an animation, and you talk about rights of people. Are you out of your mind?

LaPiscean Liberty: Strange, at this very moment I was asking myself that question

SaveMe Oh: I also ask myself this question

LaPiscean Liberty: you offer no terms, only demands

SaveMe Oh: I offer art and you try to stop that

As I couldn’t upload the movie myself anymore I indeed asked my colleague Glasz DeCuir to upload the movie under my channel and she did. And I might ask some more colleagues to do the same.

AviewTV 1

 AviewTV 2

Later that evening my friend Larkworthy Antfarm uploaded a movie to YouTube (see previous post on this weblog) and I send the link to LaPiscean Liberty as I thought it was quite relevant for the topic

SaveMe Oh:

LaPiscean Liberty: Wow, That’s a damn good show Save. Great filming by Lark too

SaveMe Oh: When she offers it to AviewTV better watch it closely as people might be offended

LaPiscean Liberty: Well if she does I sure will promote it :)

SaveMe Oh: Until one of your securitate will flag it down

LaPiscean Liberty: Well don’t tell me what to look for ok? Let me doing on my own. I just watched it

SaveMe Oh: I only help you out, before you are again whistled back by your “friends”.

LaPiscean Liberty: lol. Unlike yourself Save, I really don’t have that many

SaveMe Oh: Now don’t ask me to marry you

LaPiscean Liberty: I just wanna watch lol

SaveMe Oh: Then don’t censor, in my latest movie I advise the first minute

LaPiscean Liberty: Is the revision up

SaveMe Oh: I don’t censor my own work

LaPiscean Liberty: Put the revision on Vimeo and I look at it, if cool, I put it on site myself and reinstate account

SaveMe Oh: I will never redo the movie.

LaPiscean Liberty: That’s fine but do you agree to keep it off aview or put it on AviewTV but remain private

SaveMe Oh: I don’t agree, but what can I do? You play the deciding dictator. Whatever I say. What means private???

LaPiscean Liberty: You have option if video is public or private

SaveMe Oh: And when it is private I can allow people to see it?

LaPiscean Liberty: Well your friends. People that you have connected with on AviewTV. But not general public no

SaveMe Oh: Friends inside AviewTV? Ok. And I can campaign to make friends there?

LaPiscean Liberty: Don’t start a bunch of shit for me Save. I really don’t have the time

SaveMe Oh: No, but I will call people to become my friend there, and when they want it’s their free choice, isn’t it?

LaPiscean Liberty: yes of course

SaveMe Oh: Ok deal

LaPiscean Liberty: We are talking like we know each other right. Don’t give me reason to just put it all aside.

SaveMe Oh: I fight my battles all in the open. Not like your friends in the dark. In my case I allow people to make up their own mind, not tell them what they have to think

LaPiscean Liberty: Really, well if I find the video public because your finger slipped, this too, will be till the cows come home. If ya don’t want me to trust ya, say so

SaveMe Oh: I think I am more to trust than the sharks you surround yourself with

LaPiscean Liberty: As a Pisces, I may swim the sunlit, superficial water of the shallow, but not think I can’t dive to the deepest darkest, depth of your imagination. -)-(-

SaveMe Oh: It’s the imagination of the viewer you have to question, not from the messenger.

vloer schrobbenkopie

Floor pics SaveMe Oh also censored during RL exhibition!

Save Me From Wallowing In Sin

Larkworthy Antfarm presents a passion play for those who find comfort wallowing in another’s sin.

Sweet Salvation
Come to the cross
and nail yourself on it.

Save Me from wallowing 
in my own sins 
when the sins of others will suffice

Deliver me from sin. 
Save Me, Oh Oh Oh

Music “Gaudete” Texasradiofish
Vocals by Karen Savage 

Art Save Me Oh

Filmed at LEA17, “The Philosopher’s Stone”
in Second Life



Sorry I Am Not Smart Enough To Be A CEO

SaveMe Oh: You already have time to tell me the reason of your decision?

LaPiscean Liberty: It wasn’t my decision, but I do have to stand behind the decisions of the people that work for AviewTV If for some reason what She did was wrong or unjust, I may have superseded, but she did not.

SaveMe Oh: But don’t you think that at least a clear reason has to be given, if it is your decision or someone else’s?

LaPiscean Liberty: and I the parties involved resend the order down, I will reinstate the video and your account. You account was suspended due to repeated posting of the film, once it as down, not because of the video itself.

LaPiscean Liberty: And Save, I have to tell ya, I feel really bad. It’s just one video. And ya have it on vimeo and places. Can’t we just let this one video go?

SaveMe Oh: I can understand the trouble, but this really gets down to censorship, that’s why I can’t let it pass. Nothing personal. But it touches really to the basics of freedom.

LaPiscean Liberty: censorship perhaps, I’m not by any means pro censorship, but I’m also a spokesperson for a community involved project, to wit, AviewTV. The standards we set, we have to practice. Again Save, I’m truly sorry, I really did like the video.

SaveMe Oh: But back to the start, don’t you think it is normal practice that first comes an explanation why and after a discussion if it’s right or not. So you allow one of your associates to censor videos because she doesn’t like my nose?

LaPiscean Liberty: If in fact she censored it because of your appearance, it would be up on Aview now, but you know s well as I and the whole community now, why it was really pulled.

SaveMe Oh: Does an artist have the freedom to make what she wants?

LaPiscean Liberty: does the community have the right to act accordingly?

SaveMe Oh: Does the community not have to make clear on what grounds then? What are exactly the grounds???

LaPiscean Liberty: The community has to do nothing, except act accordingly to however the community will act upon it.

SaveMe Oh: Nudity, satire, surrealism, narrative? What? Did owners of AviewTV complain?

LaPiscean Liberty: no

SaveMe Oh: Is AviewTV based in a country where there is no freedom of expression?

LaPiscean Liberty: it was a private citizen of SL. And you know it.

Snapshot_001 (2)

LaPiscean Liberty: Stop baiting Save. I’m not smart enough to engage you in a battle of wit.

SaveMe Oh: Is a pixelate private citizen of SL with a fake name party in this?

SaveMe Oh: Pity that the:

University of Western Australia / Virtual Media Advisor

LEA Linden Endowment for the Arts / Committee Member

Videopathic Machinima Gallery / Curator

Cutting Edge Concert Events / Media Director / Founder & CEO / Founder & CEO

….is at once not smart enough to give clear answers.

LaPiscean Liberty: ignorance is bliss

SaveMe Oh: So I am alone in this? As you wish!

LaPiscean Liberty: no not at all Save, you have made pretty much the whole community at one time or another involved. I may not agree with you, but I do stand up for your right to free expression

SaveMe Oh: to get everybody involved is the task for an artist

LaPiscean Liberty: Some people follow an Artist, Some people follow the Art. In your case, I have followed both. You are very emotion invoking, this in itself is a great power. How you choose to wield this power is within yourself. I guess in the end, it’s the response you get from the community, which feeds the need of the Artist.

LaPiscean Liberty: We teach others how to treat us. :)

SaveMe Oh: I would love if you teach the ones around you what freedom means

LaPiscean Liberty: as if taken from one of your own writings, what would freedom be, without Liberty:)

SaveMe Oh: Jokes from the one who abuse power are never funny.

LaPiscean Liberty: I’m crying Save, not laughing. I just couldn’t resist that

SaveMe Oh: Let me send you a Kleenex

Love Before You Kill

Today I released the third movie of my “coat” trilogy. As I did with the more than 100 movies I made before I also add it to AviewTV, a platform special created for machinima that I support already for a long time. In the AviewTV sim in secondlife I did my ScreenMe performances (attachments with live movie streaming on its textures) and AviewTV owner LaPiscean Liberty helped me out with special links that made it possible to stream my movies one after another during the ScreenMe performances.

Only thing that could stand in between a warmer relation between me and LaPiscean was when he joined the LEA dictatorship where he had to join forces with notorious wannabe rulers of the international virtual art scene Solo Mornington, Jayjay Zifanwe and Quan Lavender.

But I never noticed a change in his attitude towards me and as always it did not take long before he “liked” my new video on VIMEO. (see bottom right of the pic)



But today when I added as usual my new movie to AviewTV it disappeared after some minutes…..

SaveMe Oh: My movie was online on AviewTV and disappeared again. What happened?

LaPiscean Liberty: Quan flagged it for removal. I guess over some pictures.

SaveMe Oh: And? Is she your new boss now?

LaPiscean Liberty: I don’t have time right now Save

SaveMe Oh: I don’t accept censorship. So let me know the reason of your decision when you have time.

LaPiscean Liberty: Ok.

When I added the movie a few times again after it was removed I got a message from the HEAD CENSOR of AviewTV Secret Rage

Secret Rage: SaveMe this is your only warning…if you wish to keep your account on AviewTV you will stop reposting the film you have reposted and reposted after it being removed for due cause and being told not to post it…I am the chief operating officer for Aview and I am insisting you stop. This is not a discussion. If you post it one more time you will be suspended from any further posting on AviewTV.

SaveMe Oh: First start with explaining what is exactly the problem?

Secret Rage: You are many things…stupid is not one of them…please don’t try to play me. You know exactly what the problem is…

SaveMe Oh: So I have to think myself very deep what is your problem with my movie?

Secret Rage: It was someone else’s problem…and it is our position not to support this video…as I said…this is NOT a discussion. You were told not to repost it. You did. Many times.

SaveMe Oh: I was not told that. I only saw it removed and removed without explanation

SaveMe Oh: And I am still waiting for yours.

Secret Rage: You may not post videos that violate not only people’s privacy but TOS as well…not to mention it was a personal attack, as an aside

SaveMe Oh: Who’s privacy is violated, what TOS is harmed and who is personally attacked besides myself?

Secret Rage: Look…as I said…this is not a discussion…I have had you muted for months and only took you off in an official capacity…which is now complete….and I am putting you back on mute

SaveMe Oh: So you refuse to give me an answer for your censorship?

Secret Rage: I already did…it isn’t censorship…it is the rules of secondlife…if you don’t like it…start your own grid…goodbye.

To have a look on the dangerous work here the 3 movies of the  trilogy were (until now) only the last one is a problem for AviewTV.

I’ll meet you on the other side

If you get across before I do

Disappear for a while

LEA = Respect

After the rangers successfully did some pest control on the Burn2 sims resulting in a peaceful and decent art area on Christian grounds and values the LEA committee begged the rangers to do the same job on the LEA sims who are recently under attack of artists who refuse to obey to community standards, TOS and general etiquette.

And the LEA committee is proud to announce that the White Tiger Rangers were willing to engage the task of some pest control on the LEA sims.

The most important rule they will enforce from now on every LEA sim is: Respect.


Our White Tiger Rangers here, under the command of Slatan Dryke, have a great respect for the new artists, for the regular LEA visitors, and all other guests who want to visit BUT; Nobody will be abused here anymore, nobody will be allowed the use of any harsh words or swearwords.

The LEA sims will be turned into a place for all who are searching for a nice, calm art sim, or for help of any kind.  The White Tiger Rangers will assist you in your attempts not to annoy each other and will prevent you from the use of weapons of mass gestures or griefing or anything else like this.


Neither will the LEA sims ever be again the grounds for any Drama.

If you have a problem with any other user here just hand over the name to the White Tiger Rangers and the problem will be fixed or just right click their Avatar and choose exterminate.

Everyone can keep visiting LEA if they respect our will for a peaceful sim.

You can wear your weapons while you are here if they are part of an outfit, but don’t dare to use them or we will blow you away forever. Always remember too that we are a G-rated Sim, which means no swearing, nudity of adult talk or gestures.


Always remember that behind every avatar sits a real person, with real feelings, real emotions, just like you. Even when the avatar is dressed up as a typewriter or pretends he is a superhero.


We all hope you enjoy your stay here and will be coming back soon.

With all best wishes

The White Tiger Rangers and the LEA committee.e

A three month training program is available at our White Tiger Rehablitation Centre (only for serious and decent students):

LEA Committee Hires Christian Fundamentalist Hit Squad

When I spent some of my precious time to upgrade the depressing LEA17 sim of my dear friend Pixels Sideways, who personal invited me there, I noticed I was in no time under strict surveillance.


SaveMe Oh: Ah, the BURN2 army is also on guard? Hey Slatan, idiot, what are you doing here? Did they release you from church? You don’t have to work at Guantanamo bay today?

Slatan Dryke: Move from here please, right now

SaveMe Oh: shut up

Slatan Dryke: This is not the place for your show

Cat Shilova: Do you consider standing with sheep a show…?  Then we have to find a new definition for show!

Slatan Dryke: You are a broken record SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: Fuck off, did I already say that? Go back to your Burn2 church

Slatan Dryke: Offending me, is this a peacefully talking?

SaveMe Oh: And don’t try to christen us here!

Slatan Dryke: Shit up Save!

Cat Shilova: Slatan, you are the bully here!

SaveMe Oh: We don’t want your buddy on the cross or you think he belongs to the philosophers here?

Lollita Larkham: Haha, longtemps que j’avais pas rencontré un specimen. Attention, j’appele mes cousins

Slatan Dryke: Well let’s continue your silly show

Lollita Larkham: Only silly people here please

SaveMe Oh: The LEA really hired that idiot? It’s really going down the drain here. I wonder if Quan gave him the job after a hot job interview

Lollita Larkham: what is his job?

SaveMe Oh: Kill me

Lollita Larkham: He’s from LEA staff?

SaveMe Oh: I fear he is as I saw him fly here before

Lollita Larkham: wow, so aggressive

SaveMe Oh: Slowly the idiots take over here for some free land

Pixels Sideways: I was afk on the phone  wtf just happened?

Lollita Larkham: free lands have no numbers just as free peoples

SaveMe Oh: the LEA hit squad inspected your place

Lollita Larkham: They detected you, that’s why, lol

SaveMe Oh: Luckily I was sweet as a newborn lamb


Lollita Larkham: They have a special radar for you

Pixels Sideways: what?   The only two people at LEA I coordinate with are PatricaAnne and Solo

Lollita Larkham: In France we have a new special radar, called Vals

SaveMe Oh: Yes, keep on dreaming, Pixels. What the philosophers say about people who pretend to be blind?

Lollita Larkham: I’ve already forgotten him…

Pixels Sideways: He’s an LEA Volunteer so he shouldn’t be instigating or investigating

Lollita Larkham: What a boring job he got

SaveMe Oh: In dictatorships the volunteers are always lining up in hordes

Lollita Larkham: Make police on pixels in a screen. lol!! I can’t believe it

Lollita Larkham: modérateur de forum en 3D

SaveMe Oh: Be glad you don’t have to feed the avi’s who are part of the self acclaimed police force.


Recommended reading on Slatan Dryke:

How Much Do You Love SaveMe Oh? Do The Test Now!

Answer 8 questions and count your points.


How likely are you to introduce yourself to SaveMe Oh?

1. Of course, she is the greatest virtual artist of our time

2. If I have to, but I would try to go as a furry

3. Absolutely not, I’d rather kill myself

A friend comes to you with a major problem caused by SaveMe Oh. How do you respond?

1. Impart a measure of SaveMe’s vast wisdom

2. Do whatever I can to explain my friend it’s art

3. Sit awkwardly and wonder why I had not caused that problem

You witness someone insulting SaveMe Oh. What do you do?

1. Find out why SaveMe is right, and realise it means going against your friend

2. Calmly kill the offender of SaveMe Oh, and then act as a mediator to figure out who has to pay for the funeral.

3. Make that guy wish he’d never been born

How do you react to unfair and unpleasant circumstances forced upon SaveMe Oh?

1. Do whatever I have to do to change the circumstances for her

2. Be extremely unfair and unpleasant to the ones who did this to her

3. Destroy the place to the ground and create a better place

What is your favorite name?

1. Save

2. Me

3. Oh

Are you always smiling when you see SaveMe’s work?

1. Yes

2. It depends if she want me to smile

3. Why would I smile? I have just been to a Bryn Oh exhibition

Which of these was your favorite book?

1. Save Me the Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald

2. Save Me by Lisa Scottoline

3. Save me from the lion’s mouth by James Clarke

What kind of friend of SaveMe you are?

1. I have no other friends anymore, but the only one I have, SaveMe, is the best in the world

2. I’m friends with everyone if she allows me

3. Most people are now too scared to be also my friend

Now check your result: 

8-12 points

You are a lover of SaveMe Oh

Creative and playful, you bring a breath of fresh air even to the tensest situations aroud SaveMe Oh. You might be shy at first, but you are lighthearted and love to laugh with her, and those around you find your love for SaveMe contagious.

12-16 points

You are a devotee of SaveMe Oh

Friends and strangers alike look to you for the same hope and healing you received from SaveMe Oh. The strength and courage she gave you made you able to share tenderness, enabling you to bring comfort and hope to the hurting.

16-20 points

You are an acolyth of SaveMe Oh

You can appear rough on the outside, and have trouble knowing how to help, but since you found SaveMe  you are a steadfast and loyal friend.

20-24 points

You are a protector of SaveMe Oh

Reserved and cryptic, you do not easily let others see your emotions. However, you are known for your power and your great wisdom to protect SaveMe Oh.