Help, My Name Is Stem Van Helsinki And Nobody Knows Me!

Only bring your ego

Stem van Helsinki: Your fan was on our sim a day ago.

SaveMe Oh: My fan? Somebody as SaveMe?

Stem van Helsinki: Qwedyuge Yalin

SaveMe Oh: Those people are all losers, they fight for attention to get in my blog, but I only add interesting stories

Stem van Helsinki: Maybe you have to keep some savemeoh-course or school?

SaveMe Oh: The point of the artwork is that everybody can try to be me but nobody will succeed as it is impossible to be me. I am unique!

Stem van Helsinki: But the savemeoh-course is good idea?

SaveMe Oh: No, because only a skilled artist like me can be SaveMe Oh. The other ones can look like me but thats all.

Stem van Helsinki: Ah but your fan like to pay? 25-50 k lindens per person.

SaveMe Oh: People like to be Donald Duck in Disneyworld, or to be the most beautiful avatar from SL, or the most hated, or most feared.

Stem van Helsinki: Mmm they might be mickey mouse mostly. Now you talk good idea

SaveMe Oh: Most people love to be an action figure for a while. Thats why it works

Stem van Helsinki: Yes but Finnish people like to mostly sadly person thats different thay want to be.

SaveMe Oh: When we would sell your avatar people would only consider suicide.

Stem van Helsinki: Oh yes

Also want to try to be me? Buy me here! North/84/42/22

Help, My Name Is Tyrehl Byk And Nobody Knows Me!

Only bring your ego

Tyrehl Byk: SERIOUSLY — You’re still here? Yeah, silence is about what I suspected. Wake up, you’ve got the ear of the most anticipated.  Are you going to pass this up for your blog?

SaveMe Oh: You have anything to say? Or do you not get any attention when not on my blog?

Tyrehl Byk: I haven’t walked in here in many months and I contact you first.

SaveMe Oh: Why is that? You missed me that much? Or did you feel a new particle fart coming?

Tyrehl Byk: Neither.

SaveMe Oh: So? What you want to know?

Tyrehl Byk: I was about to ask you the same thing…only more so. I wonder if I may have misjudged you.

SaveMe Oh: Completely. But that I already know for long

Tyrehl Byk: What is it that makes you so certain?

SaveMe Oh: Because I know what I do, and have not any doubt about it. So your idiocy has no influence on that.

Tyrehl Byk: Trust me when I say that I am no idiot, though I may appear to be ignorant in some realms

SaveMe Oh: Maybe an awful person. That describes you better.

Tyrehl Byk: Maybe you want to TP to your latest build? : I have nothing constructed here.  I’m looking for something new.

SaveMe Oh: When you still don’t get it that BUILDS is for the losers, I should say…come again!

Tyrehl Byk: Please explain.  I’m somewhat dull in this area of thought.

SaveMe Oh: Building dead stuff that doesn’t interact is useless for virtual worlds

Tyrehl Byk: That much seems certain.

SaveMe Oh: So I have no “builds”

Tyrehl Byk: Yet when I first met you, you did. I’m not talking about the recent past, but rather the distant past,,,,,,Don’t tell me that you can’t remember the first time we met, because that event is burned in my memory.

SaveMe Oh: To be honest, I don’t remember, as for me most days here are events. Today happened to me for sure the same as when we met.

Tyrehl Byk: That much seems certain. That it repeats is an excuse to remain the same?

SaveMe Oh: It doesn’t repeat, it’s a never ending progress

Tyrehl Byk: ROFLMAO

SaveMe Oh: Only the visitors might be too slow and prefer not to adapt.

Tyrehl Byk: OK, so let’s be real.. What do you want for this space?

SaveMe Oh: For virtual worlds?

Tyrehl Byk: No, what you and me are experiencing right now,

SaveMe Oh: You have no idea what I am experiencing.

Tyrehl Byk: That much is certain.

SaveMe Oh: So speak for yourself

Tyrehl Byk: I asked you a question, Are you too much of a coward to answer it?

SaveMe Oh: Then try to ask it more clearly, as I don’t get the question

Tyrehl Byk: What do you want for this virtual space?

SaveMe Oh: I don’t understand THIS

Tyrehl Byk: Why am I not surprised?

SaveMe Oh: What is exactly the question, remember English is not my first language.

Tyrehl Byk: Are you really going to play that card?

SaveMe Oh: You don’t believe it, so what can I do? I am not going to guess what you mean.

Tyrehl Byk: I can’t believe that you don’t understand what I mean when I ask you what you want for this world. I have a log of our conversation as do you.

SaveMe Oh: You want to know what I want with SL, or my overall vision on the situation in the world?

Tyrehl Byk: Is there a difference?

SaveMe Oh: You always seem to accuse me of something and then want me to justify it. What it has to do with the situation you might have misjudged me? What’s new, and what you still don’t know? You are one of the few people who already have an opinion about everything.

Tyrehl Byk: Always?

SaveMe Oh: So be happy with it as you already know it all. In fact you don’t have to ask anymore, it’s for you a waste of time.

Tyrehl Byk: Again:  Always?  ‘

SaveMe Oh: Yes, always have you been an awful person with a fixed opinion.

Tyrehl Byk: Why are you so convinced that I’m against you?

SaveMe Oh: Doesn’t matter if you are pro or contra, doesn’t make you more nice

Tyrehl Byk: You aren’t willing to see that what unites us is greater than what separates us?

SaveMe Oh: Until now I have never felt any unity between us, I only witnessed an awful frustrated person.

Tyrehl Byk: Was that you or me?

SaveMe Oh: Completely you. I have no frustrations

Tyrehl Byk: Hahahaha. You never got it. That’s ok

SaveMe Oh: Ah, the unknown mastermind needs recognition

Tyrehl Byk: I’m misunderstood by many,,,including you

SaveMe Oh: I feel no need to understand awful people better, there are enough nicer people

Tyrehl Byk: Why do you hate yourself so much?

SaveMe Oh: Ah, finally, there is the real question. Took you long again.

Tyrehl Byk: yes

SaveMe Oh: Why amateur shrinks need so many words to build themselves a cover?

Tyrehl Byk: I have no idea what that means.

SaveMe Oh: Good.

The LEA Christmas Gangbang

Fuck LEA

As we all know LEA has already for a long time nothing to do with art anymore. Members from the committee who should promote art have better things to do like protecting Jesus (Jayjay Zifanwe), having a horsedick hobby (Quan Lavender) or being a blonde haired blue eyed catholic woman (Secret Rage).

So why not build a Christmas landscape in LEA with a dream carriage with two white horses in front of it (Quan, eat your heart out). In the carriage a hot menu where we can choose to do it doggy style or have a jingle ball ride. Or better stick to licking? We are after all in LEA (Licking every a$$)

So after Betty Thureaud and Mandel Solano banned me once again in the other LEA sim I end up in LEA 12 where these horny hot surprises were waiting for me. I jumped leaking in the carriage….

SaveMe Oh: I am waiting…

Dora Maar: For what?

SaveMe Oh: For the prince, what else?

Dora Maar: It’s not for sale

SaveMe Oh: I only want his love baby

Dora Maar: I dunno, I thought maybe you were waiting for a pixel man to help you

SaveMe Oh: You have one available?

Dora Maar: I’m sure you have many

SaveMe Oh: Because I don’t want to use the horses. That’s more something for Quan Lavender from the LEA committee

I also went to UWA to ask Jayjay Zifanwe his opinion.


SaveMe Oh: You know LEA is ruled by a dictatorship, maybe UWA would not want to be connected to that?

Jayjay Zifanwe: Are you asking me to resign?

SaveMe Oh: Considering the thing that happened with religion in UWA. First censorship here, then dictatorship in LEA. You should be careful were you sending your students.

Jayjay Zifanwe: Ah students in general show respect to religions here. We have a lot of diversity.

SaveMe Oh: That’s great

Jayjay Zifanwe: Showing religion is not a problem

SaveMe Oh: I love diversity and freedom

Jayjay Zifanwe: Quite a few works displayed religious icons

SaveMe Oh: Diversity and freedom go perfect together, you teach that there?

Jayjay Zifanwe: We live that, not teach that, but foremost to go along with that is respect

SaveMe Oh: You don’t need censorship or dictatorship to achieve that as you can explain why the diversity

Jayjay Zifanwe: Which causes those here to automatically not attempt to disparage other religions

SaveMe Oh: But what if that so called respect is a limitation of art? Should you want to organise an art event about open mindness when you cannot give that to the participants? Then it’s better to be honest and tell everybody you are a religious organisation. Then everybody knows.

And now let’s go to fuck! Meet me in LEA12

Hear, Hear!!!

Sometimes I feel I am the only voice in the wilderness but with christmas getting close my poor heart was warmed with the following comments in a discussion I had inside the OPEN THIS END group on Facebook. It all started when they began to promote the Transcending Borders Challenge from UWA (University of Western Australia) where they, instead of transcending borders, choose to censor a movie of Nicole X which had religious content.


Challenge UWA censor Jayjay Zifanwe to transcend his borders

I wrote: Its shocking to see that even here UWA is promoted. These people are killing art. Keep on sleeping, all you organisers who want to lift on the popularity and the work of artists

Coffee Art:  I think SaveMe Oh is right in one point It’s fine to help artists, yes, but the way it’s done is also very important. We are going to speak frankly. What is improvable? It’s fundamental that Linden, LEA, and UWA change, urgently, some very important things. -For example, the way LEA grants sims, and also the way they select artists for exhibits, their selection of commissioners, the composition of judges, and the most important thing: the people that form the deciding committee, that is, the members of LEA.
– At this time, and for years, the reality is that all this responsibility, that is in part the future of the virtual world, is in the hands of people that know absolutely nothing about art. Or anything about the real and the virtual.
– At this time, and for years, those who have made decisions in the virtual world, the members of LEA, for example, (except two very stand-out exceptions), the rest of the LEA members are amateurs or
fans of the art world, who like art, but they like the protagonism that they have in the virtual world even more. A protagonism that they do not reach, not even close, in the real world. The egos of these ignorant fans of art is what is trending in the virtual world.
-They are just fans, with the least amount of cultural preparation, and no artistic preparation, that are deciding the future of impressive vanguard artists, very serious and committed creators. These
incompetent LEA fans decide, because Linden lets them, as do we with our passivity, what is or isn’t artistic quality, the artists that deserve to be on exhibit or not. They are leading LEA and influencing everyone else. These amateurs decide who will or will not
exhibit in the Linden sims, in LEA. They decide who will do the exhibits and who the best artists are. And since they do not have a cultural or artistic base, the selection criteria is based on their personal preference, which is that of a practically uneducated mediocre fan. They decide, though lacking knowledge and artistic criteria, based on affinity and friendship, generating an unsightly and poisoned dictatorship around them.
– These amateurs are killing the essence of virtual art. These fans that totally lack knowledge about virtual art and art in general are those that lead LEA and those that decide on the lists and the future of the artists. As their criteria is subjective, according to who they like as a person, their power brings them to making a dictatorial third-world policy of favoritism, an oligopoly, with incompetent decisions, and so, they are surrounded by an entourage of lame-asses that try to be the selected.
– This situation is what constitutes Nepotism. If you don’t walk on water for these 4 fans that lead the LEA, and we all know who they are, and that they don’t know the first thing about art, you don’t have the possibility of exhibiting because they are not going to choose you or promote you.
– This is just a shame, something that needs to be changed urgently, out of respect for artists, for those that are actually art professionals, out of respect for virtual art and because it is an invasion of competence and an attack on those that are true professionals and that know art.
-Professional infiltration is a total lack of respect for artists, for commissioners, and for spectators, but, in addition, it is grave law fraud when a person who is not a professional is made to pass as a professional and carry out functions and take on responsibilities and decisions as if he or she was; in fact, in the real world, it is so serious that it constitutes an important crime. In addition, just for effectiveness, it is evident that the results of a bad amateur selection are necessarily poor and affect everyone. For the well-being of art and artists, it is necessary and urgent that we change all of this. This is what we urge LEA, Linden, and UWA, for example, to change; urgent.

Aino Baar: Coffee Art, (which is the alt of Aino Baar) Dear colleague, you always send high passion in your words but I totally agree you in the background. All of you know that I agree with the idea to change the composition of LEA, also the juries of the challenges, etc. The members who decide they have to be, “must be”, excellent art professionals. If we think, as we believe, that Virtual Worlds and the creators are great, serious and they are changing the world of art, we all need to present great professionals in front of all that. We don’t need the opposite, people-fans, aficionados, playing to be important in virtual worlds with no idea of art. This is not a joke, nor a play. This is something real important: the new art of the century and these excellent artists are the protagonists of the change. They deserve highest quality, hard work and seriousness.

Arte Art: LEA (Linden Endowment of Arts) was created by Linden Labs to promote and develop the virtual art and to serve for the best to artists. At the begining, and as an abstract idea, LEA is an initiative of Linden which is brilliant, philanthropic, generous, respectful, and a fantastic future art project. It would change the art of this century. And will do it soon when changes LEA’s actual members committee.

And you, LEA’s committee members, what have you done with that magnificent goal and responsibility that Linden gave to you, that Linden did with their best intentions, and put the responsibility to develop it on your hands?
It has been alleged that some of you have prostituted this amazing and noble spirit putting people as member, to decide, that have no cultural base, nor artistic. Their specialization in RL is, for example, to be professional cabinet divination. You know the people, you know the names we are talking about. Btw, are committing fraud.

Some of you have sunk, so unethically, using LEA for your own interests.
Some of you have become LEA a platform for your personal power, with direct or indirect benefits.

Some of you have used the blackmail, threats, pressure, extortion, to achieve your purposes and personal benefits.

Some of you you knew it, but you preferred to look to the other way; it was easier and more comfortable to not get into troubles.

Some of you knew that they were committing injustices, you have letters denouncing all that, knowing that this cronyism and abuse of power was the day by day, and you, LEA, did nothing. It was easier to think all that wasn’t true.

LEA, you have betrayed the spirit of high-mindedness and generosity of Linden Labs and the confidence of all artists and art lovers. Linden created a wonder thing in the beginning, but you LEA have become it into banana trash project, bad taste and no quality.

Now, LEA is a land without law, or the unique used is something similar to mafia’s law. If you friend or if you give something interesting… you’d have opportunities at this land. A total disgrace.

You LEA have squandered so many great opportunities … You are like Atila’s horse, where it spend, no longer growing creative grass. What a shame!

For everyone’s sake, for the sake of SL, for the sake of Linden, they absolutely don’t deserve all this. For the sake of artists and for the sake of art, they also don’t deserve all this garbage, we ask Gift Christmas:

The Panic Room Performance

In a reaction on recent events of censorship in virtual worlds and social media I performed The Panic Room on the 26 and 27 November as part of the Posthuman Corporealities Network Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrages off time subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance. That’s why SaveMe will play a concerto for the freedom of expression among those who are threatened with extinction.

Too blind to see

Too blind to see

The event on 27 November was streamed live into the gallery in Lisbon as well in the WWW.

When visitors posted pics they made of the performance they found their Facebook accounts blocked or cancelled.



Cat Shilova writes: After 2 weeks, I was beginning to think that I had escaped it, but The Spell of Facebook’s censorship has finally reached my page. To be able to log again, I was summoned before The Rules Court and I had afterwards to cut a few too evident Roco Siffredi’s willies-dicks-cocks (not even with an hard on) featuring in one of my previous posts, to illustrate SaveMe Oh’s artistic installation in Second Life. As usually, “someone was offended” and signaled what prevented him/her to sleep calmly, hands ABOVE the duvet. I don’t think that “someone” is among my friends … but some of my friends are maybe not that much my friends. Though I guess that “Someone” must be Facebook itself.

*Waves to Marc Z.*

If you want to make a statement against censorship, invite SaveMe Oh to repeat her performance and take care there will be an overkill of images on the social media and enjoy at the same time the extraordinary organ playing skills SaveMe Oh will demonstrate. Also her handling of the flute and the delicate touch on the tremolo arm are not to be missed.

Total Toccata

Total Toccata


Pavane for the common man

Donkey at the watchtower

Donkey at the watchtower


Flutes united

After Meat Mustard

First Mandel Solano pretend he was forced to ban me because Noke Yuitza and Betty Thureaud told him to do so and now this pseudo artists without a backbone IM me to lick my ass again.

I dont shoot people

Mandel Solano: Hello SaveMe, sorry I was feeling down, I forgot you SaveMe, but now you have permission to visit LEA23 again:)

SaveMe Oh: What a glorious day, all the events have finished?

Mandel Solano: There be new events:) Next weekend, but not so big.

SaveMe Oh: Well warn me when I start to be so awful to you as you have been for me.

Mandel Solano: Hehe

SaveMe Oh: You are a disgrace and you know it.

Mandel Solano: Mario2 Helstein make particle shows

SaveMe Oh: I hate fireworks

Mandel Solano: He has problems with his computer then we can’t have so much visitors as last time

SaveMe Oh: Well maybe you 2 can celebrate together nice and quiet

Mandel Solano: Visit or not is free:)

SaveMe Oh: You have no idea what it means to be free. Kill one day and kiss again on the next day wont help

Mandel Solano: Some part of freedom is to let others have freedom to make mistake or ugly things them self

SaveMe Oh: Tell that to some great dictators off all time.

The Panic Room

When artists are not allowed anymore to make the greatest outrages off time subject of their art we have reached censorship in its most fundamentalist appearance. That’s why SaveMe will play a concerto for the freedom of expression among those who are threatened with extinction.

The performance online will start at 22.30 in Two Fish (UTC+01:00) on 26 november and will be part of the Posthuman Corporealities Network Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

Transcending borders

Transcending borders

On this website are also links to 3 streaming channels which will do a live broadcast of the event.

Members of the jury

Members of the jury

Too blind to see

Too blind to see

Coming homeComing home

The Truth About An Assumed Crime

Copied from Vaneeesa’s blog:
sepia-toned photo of Vanessa Blaylock sitting on a bench on a London terrace overlooking Trafalgar Square and with the superimposed typography: "My So-Called Life" and with inserts for "Boring" and "Virtual" indicated so it reads "My Boring So-Called Virtual Life"

Activity No.11


Sat & Sun, 15 & 16 November 2014
Noon-Noon PST / 20:00-20:00 GMT
Virtual World: Second Life
Livestream / Virtual Lifecast: Firestorm > XSplit Gamecaster > Twitch
Home Page:


click any image to see it grande style!

Cass Ushimawa

When the 24-hr stream started at Noon PST on Saturday, Cass was the first friend to IM me and the first to drop by the terrace of my new London flat. (24 hours later, Sun would be the last to drop by, then at the yacht moored at the troubled Yiff in Hell sim.)


During the 24 hours I wound up at a total of 16 locations:

sepia toned photo of Soto Hax holding a lemonade in her hand

Soto Hax came by and performed an amazing fire dance for us! All that dancing and all that fire left poor Soto really parched and exhausted. Fortunately I’d just made some fresh squeezed lemonade with obscene amounts of sugar (yum!) which was the perfect thing for revitalizing the weary performer.

screen capture of Vanessa Blaylock's chat window showing 44 open IM conversations


It’s difficult to really count the number of participants in this Activity. In something like a Parade, someone tends to join in or not, and so it’s easy to count. In this 24-hour drunk-walk through virtuality peeps participated in different ways. Some came along to different locations, others chatted us up while there. It’s harder to say. One thing I can note is that by the end of the 24 hours I had 44 chat windows open.

Photo of 3 dogs each with a head in their mouth

SaveMe Oh came by and gave us a a piano recital complete with barking and talking heads.


By some miracle I streamed for 24 hours straight without a viewer crash or stream break! Dumb luck I’m sure, but thanks to all the great tools that helped!

Viewer: Firestorm
Capture: XSplit Gamecaster 1080p HD
OS: Windows 7.2 Home Premium, 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7 950 @3.07 GHz
RAM: 12 GB
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 770

Performance: Ultra
Draw Distance: 1024m
Shadows: Sun/Moon + Projectors
Anisotropic Filtering: On
Antialiasing: 16x
Depth of Field: Enabled

Frame rate was occasionally as high as 30, sometimes single digit, but overall it looked pretty smooth. Smoother in fact than the frame rate would suggest.

sepia toned photo of Ilse Pinklady working a DJ mixing console

After hanging out on the terrace of my Trafalgar Square apartment for a while, Johan Neddings (“Mr. Neddings”) invited us to a preview of a new Amsterdam dance club, I Am Trance. It opens next Saturday, but tonight this “dress rehearsal” was full on and DJ Ilse Pinklady was mixing some awesome sounds. Plus she was super sweet. And wore laser-beam glasses!

sepia-toned photo of Trilby Minotaur dancing with her eyes closed.

It’s funny how a word like Trance can become just another music style. You sort of forget that it’s an altered state of consciousness. A spiritual experience. Trilby danced most of the night with her eyes closed. DJ Ilse was really in the zone and Trilby seemed transported to an astral plane.

photo of Agnes Sharple and Johan Neddings watching as Vanessa Blaylock does a headspin

haha, while Trilby was busy having a deeply spiritual experience, Vanessa-the-dweeb was showing off headspins to Agnes & Neddings. In the upper-left of the frame is DJ Ilse looking on us with generous amusement.

photo of Bejoo Cerise dancing at a disco in Amsterdam

photo of Pruitt Igoe at I Am Trance

So this guy IM’s me and who should it be but Pruitt Igoe! OMG the legendary Modernist Architecture failure! It was so awesome to meet him. I tried to chat him up about the Tokyo Capsule Tower, but he wasn’t having it. I think he was more interested in some private dancing! O_o

photo of Agnes Sharple dancing at the Amsterdam discotheque I Am Trance

sepia-toned photo of Vanessa Blaylock and Agnes Sharple dancing at the Amsterdam discotheque I Am Trance

It was so great to be dancing at this hot new club, I Am Trance, with Agnes and Trilby. They’re my oldest and best friends in this world. Gosh, who can even count how many projects and antics we’ve all collaborated on. Trilby covered dOCUMENTA (13) for us, and Agnes opened the Asylum in Your Embassy clothing shop, featuring balaclavas and other fashionable apparel.

photo inside the discotheque I Am Trance. A very high angle from the lighting trusses looking down on the dance floor

photo of Lace Jewell dancing

Lace had us all geeking out with stories of running Firestorm for Linux on her laptop and getting way better performance.

Skye Fairywren dancing

SaveMe Oh playing piano

We danced for a long time! It was so fun and DJ Ilse was so in the zone! Then finally SaveMe Oh dragged us over for another piano recital. IDK exactly what happened, but the next day some good friends were pretty pissed off and upset because apparently SMO / our presence, was harassing their private VR home. They were too upset to say very much and SMO is not the world’s most reliable messenger, so IDK really what happened.

Funny thing is, SMO’s derailed performance works and upset me plenty in the past, and I was always impressed by how elegantly and deftly these friends dealt with her at their performances. I guess everyone has limits.

For something like half the people I know, SMO is a great artist who should be accommodated and respected. For something like half the people I know she’s a disruptive art-griefer who should be banned. I know a university professor who thinks SMO is the most important artist in SL. I have a really smart friend who thinks you should just ban her and speak her name no further.

I know I’ve had to adapt the work I do so that if she shows up, it’s work that isn’t destroyed by her interventions. But I also know that she does add a lot of visual energy to a world that isn’t always that exciting. In Summer ’13 I had an LEA AIR sim and SMO installed some work there. At the Alice in Cornelland project I learned 2 things about SMO:

  1. She’s one of the hardest working, most serious, most dedicated artists in SL.
  2. She has absolutely zero respect for you or your work.

SaveMe Oh playing the piano

SMO’s performance had a set change from Manger to The Gross Clinic.

NicoleX Moonwall dancing waist-deep in water

NicoleX did a water ballet for us.

photo of RMarie Beedit's back showing large "wings" tattoos spanning across her scapula

RMarie and some guy.

avatars standing on a beach

On the beach outside SMO’s concert. Unbeknownst to some of us, we were unwelcome invaders of someone else’s virtual property.

Vanessa Blaylock being pushed across a sim by 2 trolls

You can meet both cool new peeps and trolls simply by wandering around long enough. But in this activity we met some of both from peeps watching the stream. Thanks to Mr. Neddings for telling me how to set it up so peeps could find us. The cool news is that we met peeps like Wilmer and Desu because of the stream. (I met Wilmer back at I Am Trance, you’ll see his photo coming up shortly at the big LEA12 dance series). The more complicated news is that the stream brought trolls in. This first pair was the softer trolls. They pushed me around for half hour and I mostly thought it was amusing.

avatars in a snow scene

After some time being pushed around a variety of sims, I’m not really sure where, someone, I’m not sure who, maybe Ivy Tivianne, invited us over to this Winter Wonderland at the RUDE sim sandbox.

photo of Ivy Tivianne with pointed ears and  diminutive wings

Ivy landscaped the winter wonderland scene at RUDE, and later she took me over to another beautiful scene she landscaped at Buenos Aries City.

photo of the avatar "Katy Perry"

Fitty Something standing

the avatar Natsu wearing a dress with a heart-shaped cleavage cutout

I’m not sure how we connected to Ivy, Katy & Natsu. Maybe also from the stream. In a little bit Wilmer is going to whisk Trilby and I off to a cool dance series at LEA12. I think I get lost or something and anyway I’m standing next to this dancer in her dressing room and Natsu, who’s still at RUDE but watching the stream, IM’s me that she knows the person I’m standing next to! haha – it is a small world after all. (and yes, in the morning Mr. Neddings is actually going to make me ride It’s a Small World at Disneyland!)

Isadora Alaya standing in a bowling alley

I wandered around RUDE for a while, and then crossed this WWII-like razor-wire wall to the next sim CVNT. They had a bowling alley and Isadora Alaya came to join me. at first it seemed like the pins were made of cast iron! I’d throw the perfect ball and only knock down one pin! :( But after a while I got the hang of it. Instead of rolling the ball down the alley, you make an aerial throw of the ball up in the air and 3 lanes over – it’ll hit the gutter and bounce back into the middle of the pins and you get a strike every time!

Jaicya Albright and Vanessa Blaylock sitting on a couch.

And then as already mentioned, Wilmer turned us on to this huge dance concert series going on on LEA12. The place was packed, but Jaicya Albright was nice enough to share the sofa with me.

Mackenzie Raveup in a black Prada suit announcing a performance

Mackenzie Raveup was the MC announcing performances when I arrived. I thought she was the MC, but I was about to learn that there were multiple companies performing and she was the MC for the 6pm SLT Elysium performance.

Daiwa Bellic in a latex catsuit

I noticed that the LEA12 sim is currently owned by the Euphoria group, and that the Euphoria group was founded by Daiwa Bellic. I IM’d Daiwa to learn more about the performance. I didn’t know if she was even at the performance or if she was, where she was. We IM’d for 20 minutes or so and then I saw this woman in a very shiny latex catsuit and who should it be but Daiwa.

Daiwa kindly passed on a lot of information about the event. It turns out Elysium wasn’t theperformance, but one of sixteen performances over 2 days!

poster for the Dance Galaxy event


November 15th and 16th 2014

This Showcase Festival is an opportunity for the Second Life dance community to come together in one place at one time and share their vision with their peers. It is a chance for us all to see each other’s work, meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends. It is a celebration of creativity. We also welcome people new to the Second Life performance art scene, and hope you will delight in this celebration of human imagination. Come see what is possible in Second Life!!

Wilmer Nirvana at the Dance Queens performance at LEA12

I’d met Wilmer back at I Am Trance in Amsterdam, and he brought Trilby and I over to LEA12 for the Elysium performance. And then we wound up staying for MaHal and A&M MOCAP Maniacs. The trolls kind of made me think I wouldn’t want to use again, but Twitch is also how we got to meet Wilmer and Desu, so you never know. Wlimer and Desu are really awesome, so I guess meeting them was worth being dragged around for half hour.

Selene Nirvana dancing in an Alice-in-wolderland like costume

Selene Nirvana? Wilmer’s cousin?

a dancer in a furry bra and a moose headdress

3 dancers on stage

Sarah Elisabeth Brenham dancing on stage

3 dancers in a tribal village setting

The awesomeness of A&M MOCAP Maniacs! Two hours after meeting Diawa, I got to see her dance. And I later learned that Babypea was the producer of the whole 16 company event.

I made this dance as a tribute of sorts to the pets I have had over the years. Losing an animal that you love as a family member can be as painful as losing a human family member.

— Babypea

Vanessa, Wilmer, Desau and Trilby on a Terrace overlooking Trafalgar Square

What a virtual night! We danced for hours at I Am Trance, got pushed around by some trolls, and then watched three hours of dance at LEA12! By the time we got back to the Trafalgar Square flat I was exhausted! I pretty much passed out the minute my head hit the pillow. Wilmer played some acoustic guitar and kept Desu and Trilby and Trilby’s pink llama company for a while.


Like the original Jennicam, the idea here wasn’t for me to be awake for 24 hours, rather it was for the camera to keep rolling whatever I was doing. So if Pruitt Igoe had had his way with me, well some retinas would have been damaged. And if I got sleepy, I’d sleep. Vanessa gets to sleep. But the camera doesn’t blink. And lucky for us all, Muddy snapped some pix of activities on the terrace during my little 6-1/2 hour nap. I think he might stitch them together in a movie and call it While You Were Sleeping.

Click pix 2C big!

Nappy time pix courtesy of Muddy! See more on G+

Sisi Bidermann and Vanessa Blaylock talking in Bidermann's "Art Garden"

When I got up there was an announcement about Sisi Bidermann’s Art Garden, so I headed over. She’s installed a variety of paintings in a landscape. It’s so Monet!

You already heard the one about

I had no Monet, to pay for Degas, to make the Van Gogh

right? Sowii! I am bad. Bad! Bad! Bad!

Vanessa Blaylock and Agnes Sharple having tea at Maid Cafe Blossom

After a little morning art walk in the park, Agnes and I metup at Maid Cafe Blossom for tea and biscuits. Agnes is like the best friend I have in this world. Still, it must be said, when Agnes comes over,do not put out your good China! Agnes does not respect your China.

Standing in line at Maid Cafe Blossom

After tea & biscuits I stood in the MCB “Camping Line!” Do you remember camping? It’s like 2009 baby! At MBC you wait in line for half hour or so, and then when your turn comes up you practice piano for 10 minutes and get paid L$3! Easy Street!!

Mouseworld with Neddings & Muddy

After piano practice Mr. Neddings whisked Muddy and I off to DisneylandMouseworld… I forget exactly what they’re calling it now… but you know the place! We rode The Train, The Carousel of Progress, and It’s a Small World!

Isadora Alaya with her legs crossed in a yoga or meditation pose

After a full dose of Disney sugar Isadora invited me to a half hour of meditation at Kannonji Zen Retreat. Aero used to meditate here before her cheerleading practice (seriously).

Vanessa Blaylock standing next to a bear on a hillside

When our morning meditation was done I walked the Kannonji grounds for a while and came upon this, thankfully not so hungry, bear.

chest-length portrait of Desu in sepia-tone

Desu and Vanessa chatting on a deck outside some cabins at Kannonji Zen Retreat

Desu came by these cabins at Kannonji. She’s Wilmer’s girlfriend. He introduced us last night at the dance festival at LEA12. We talked about stuff. She spent a chunk of time in Minecraft, and is quite new to SL. She’s been looking at Blender to import mesh, but didn’t know you could also use in-world tools to make stuff with prims.

photo of Apmelina wearing an "Intellectual Bad Ass" t-shirt.

In between Disneyland and Kannonji, I stopped briefly at the courtyard near the Tower Bridge in London. while I was there I started chatting with Ritose Fride. Of course my conscious mind did not chat with Ritose while I was meditating because it was in a focused state of relaxation and meditation. Of course you can IM autonomously, can’t you?

After Desu and I talked at the cabins for a while, Ritose offered to show me the shop where she’d gotten her wonderful mesh body, so we were off to the Belleza sim. Isadora came along and Apmelina and others joined in.

a very very very muscular man named TONY

At Belleza we met TONY. He spells his name in all caps, and hey, who’s gonna tell him not to! Compared to TONY every other guy is just a girlyman!

After feeling TONY’s biceps for a while, and going all Emma Stone over his abs (and marveling at, yet avoiding, his package if possible) I asked Ritose where she liked to dance, and she said her favorite place was The River, so we went there.

Ritose Fride dancing at the club The RIver in the virtual world of Second Life

Vanessa Blaylock's wrist with a TAG Heuer like sportswatch on it

Ritose gave me this awesome watch she made. Is it a TAG Heuer? No! It’s a Ritose!

6 avatars dancing in a line at The River

The River was a fun dance place. I chatted with Owner / GM Flee (fleurty1) for a while. Like so many places in SL, just really great peeps.

5 avatars standing in snow and surrounded by snow covered trees

We had fun dancing at The River, and then since Desu hadn’t really worked with prims, I asked if she wanted to go over to Ivy’s “Winter Wonderland” (RUDE sim sandbox) and play with some prims.

screencap of the Second Life Firestorm viewer in Prim Edit mode showing editing tools for a selected primitive object

Mireille and the gang pitched in showing Desu how to stack, shape, and even twist prims. She almost finished a 4 poster bed!

photo of an avatar wearing a giant Nicholas Cage puppet head

As everyone knows, you can only stack prims for so long before you get an irresistible urge to put on a giant Nicholas Cage puppet head and dance! Thanks to Wilmer for passing them out to the VB Friends group! :D

half dozen avatars dancing on personal dance floors

And then Wilmer passed out personal dance floors! Does it get any better than headspins on a personal dance floor in a giant Nicholas Cage puppet head?

I didn’t think so!

woman in  a big white wedding dress surrounded by avatars wearing Nicholas Cage Puppet Head Masks

Next MadKrazyBitch showed up. She’s in the big white wedding dress, surrounded by the rest of us in Nicholas Cage puppet heads. She didn’t stay long but she seemed like a lot of fun.

a chaotic scene with many elements

And then somewhere after the Nick Cage masks, and dance floors, and MadKrazyBitch, and I’ll admit throwing more than a few frogs and bananas myself, this griefer, who I’ll just call Troll Mob II showed up. Actually I think he’d been there for a while and only started griefing after we started throwing stuff. So maybe it was partly our fault. But he was kind of abusive. The earlier Troll Mob seemed more harmless or amusing, this guy was a lot more aggressive.

The photo above is actually before he started griefing me. Unfortunately I guess I was too scared or disoriented and I didn’t take any pix of the griefing. It was a lot of flashing yellow spikes covering the screen. He held me down and pushed me around 3 adjacent sims for 20 or 30 minutes.

7 avatars standing on the deck of a ship

An artist friend of mine once said,

If you’re really serious about your work, you kind of have to hate everybody else’s work.

Of all the right and wrong things I’ve ever heard, I think this thought might be the most right and the most wrong. There is some truth here. Think about the early days of photography when peeps said it wasn’t “Art” because it wasn’t painting. So many photographers spent so much time trying to achieve “painterly effects.” But it wasn’t till peeps like Ed Weston and Ansel Adams said F-that! We don’t want to be painting! and created Group f64 that photography really came into it’s own.

Or backup bit from there when a group like the Fauvists were told their sloppy work sucked and wasn’t even art, just the mess of wild beasts. They said that’s right, don’t you wish you could run with us!?

I can’t deny I’ve sometimes been dismissive of things outside my focus. Focus is good. Sort of.

But I’ve also come to believe more and more in the essential importance of creating community. I’ve stopped doing Virtual Performance Art and moved my focus to Virtual Public Art for precisely that reason. The days of Vanessa the Choreographer who tells people where to stand and how to move are behind me. My focus now is on inviting avatars to express their identity and develop their community.

It’s amazing that in a short 24 hours I could meet multiple Troll Mobs who take pleasure in creating misery, and also people like Babypea Von Phoenix and Daiwa Bellic who work so hard to teach others, share knowledge and opportunities and create community.

I watched a brilliant but difficult artist like SaveMe Oh burn friendships with 2 of the people who I thought genuinely liked her, and then I met Wilmer and Desu and felt like we became such good friends so fast.

Johan Neddings took us to all kinds of cool places and Muddy was kind enough to take pix of me sleeping. I got to dance with my best friends Agnes & Trilby, and somehow we didn’t even get banned or ejected from any sims the whole 24 hours.

Vanessa Blaylock & Sun Mellison standing on the deck of a boat

And then as the griefer started to get bored, Sun showed up and The Sun came out as the skies cleared.

3/4 length portrait of Sun Mellison standing on the deck of a yacht

And as the 24 hour livestream wrapped up, and the skies cleared from all the griefing graphics, I snapped this pix of Sun with the sun on her face. Everything seemed so promising again.

Musical Soirée

A special report from Swedish journalist Kandinsky Beaumont.

Once upon a time on Mt Whitney the sound of delicate tunes broke the winter silence.

One of these beautiful afternoons at the landingspot of Kandinsky´s Mount Whitney Lighthouse were it snows only inside the pergola.1294512_752868894788005_2861605235215780022_o

My dear friend and neighbor Cat and I had been to Apollons Blue Tuesday club and listened to some jazz and blues. We rested now in my winter cottage and the only sound we heard was from the comfy sparkling fireplace and our friendly soft voices.


A strong bump and an ice crack noise from the outside scared away the Cat. I did not worry, my place is a regular landingspot for flying houses.


It was my other dear friend, SaveMe Oh, who came for a visit with her just staged musical performance. She brought her grand piano and her herd of pigs. The clinks from the piano mixed with the grunts from the pigs. Such innovatory and original music!


More audience showed up. I had some difficulties concentrating to the music as this man, whom she had put in some restraint, showed up. Maybe it was an experiment to force him to really listen?


Her song was utterly beautiful. We all gathered closer by hearing this miracle.


I was so moved, my tears flooded the place and threatened to drench all of us


The army of men rushed to save us and she turned to the organ for her next song so my tears dried completely. My severely insane penguin found an interesting friend.

The concert ended in a crescendo when my old school telephone started to ring amidst the organ tunes, the evening star jingled, the army of saviours mumbled, my iron whale closed up snorting. The sound picture was a magnificent mirage and we all went to bed completely exhausted. Was it real or was it just a rehearsal?