Eh Oh

I proudly present Eh Oh, my latest theatreproject in Second Life. Tonight is the second performing day where we try to tackle the technical problems we had the first time. When we succeed we will soon put the footage on the WWW.

But first come all to see thsi experiment tonight. 

A crossmedia adaptation of the classic play ‘Eh, Joe’, by the legendary Samuel Beckett.

At the  Teatro Massimo Falcone e BorsellinoNuova Sicilia sim, 100,170,23 Second Life.

This night will be exclusive to the Nuova Sicilia Community as this is an experiment. With ‘ Eh Oh’  , we look forward to testing several new aspects of SL Theatre production – including SL to SL live streaming video for facial close-ups of the actors in real time.

Please join the ‘Nuova Sicilia Friends‘ group in Second Life, for access to this virtual theatre show.


  • Dutch actor Cupido Oh
  • American actress CallieDel Boa

Directed by: SaveMe Oh

Stage design: Don Laprade

Live stage MachinimaCam: Hoeksteen Leven

Live stream director/producer: Ze Moo

Machinima video registration and editing: Chantal Harvey

‘Eh Oh’ premiered 11 november 2007


Thanks to:  Nuova Sicilia community, Meta.Live.Nu (art & media lab),  De Balie (RL theatre in Amsterdam, NL)


When the Nuova Sicilia sim is full: please watch the show for free inworld SL in the Second Living Room’ video-theatre at the sim: Enschede 1,11,111 (Thanks to Montix, Second Enschede) Please join the SL group ‘Meta.Live.Nu‘ for help and info about this facility and other  Meta.Live.Nu projects.

 Two performance times of this show:

  • 23:00 CET (SL 2pm PST)
  • 00:00 CET (SL 3pm PST)

One thought on “Eh Oh

  1. Hello,
    I am a fourth year university student and am currently taking a Fine Arts and Cultural Studies class dealing with internet media, specifically we concentrate our subject matter on Second Life. Myself and some fellow students are working on two presentations for our class on art within Second Life. We are all Theatre majors and are looking to focus our presentation on theatre within Second Life. I am really interested to learn more about your theatre experience within Second Life and ask you some questions about it.

    If you could help us out at all, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks so much, and hope to hear back from you soon,

    Danielle Rose

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