Judgement day – first act



Henry125 Petrov: ok we shall begin


Henry125 Petrov: this hearing will decide whether my banning of you will be up held


Henry125 Petrov: I we expect everyone to act as adults and respect to each other


Henry125 Petrov: I will present a short summary to you all and then will take any questions


Henry125 Petrov: then SaveMe you will have a chance to respond


Henry125 Petrov: then the officers will recess and vote privately and report back to you the results


Henry125 Petrov: any questions


Henry125 Petrov: ok lets begin


Henry125 Petrov: lets begin


Henry125 Petrov: have presented to the Officers of Public Townscape a detailed account what occurred leading up to your banning once you submitted your appeal. I will quickly summarize the facts now. On January 3, 2008 after consulting with several other Officers I sent SaveMe Oh a note requesting that she remove from her platform certain pictures that was found to be possibly offensive to some members and not in compliance with Second Life’s Community Standard’s Decency Clause. Since SaveMe Oh was on holiday, I waited to discuss this matter with her upon her return on January 13, 2008. She claimed her right to freedom of speech and refused to remove these objects from her platform so I returned those objects to her inventory. My intent at that time was to allow SaveMe OH to remain a member of Public Townscape with just this warning. She however again violated Second Life’s Community Standard’s Disclosure Clause by posting on her Web Blog my original warning to her and my private conversation log to her without my c


Henry125 Petrov: She also shared this same information in the form of a note card to a member of Public Townscape. After consulting again with several Officers of Public Townscape, I issued the banning from Public Townscape to Save Me Oh.


Henry125 Petrov: consent


Henry125 Petrov: consent


Floriano Flossberg: ok.. so the banning concerns the matter of “disclosure” in our rules and the rules of SL;


Henry125 Petrov: has everyone had an an opprtunity to read what I just posted and is there any questuions I can answer for anyone


Henry125 Petrov: yes flo


Floriano Flossberg: maybe it would be best to ask SaveMe about this now


Henry125 Petrov: the original violatioj was handled with a warning to SaveMe Oh


SaveMe Oh: the facts are correct


Henry125 Petrov: save Me Oh would you care to respond now please


Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe this is your opportunity to defend yourself please do


SaveMe Oh: first problem is after 1 warning the immediate removal of more then 50 pics


Henry125 Petrov: ok do you care to add anything else to the conversation


SaveMe Oh: no explanation which was wrong or not, no explanation who was offended by them, no explanation why they would be offensive. and why it shouldn’t be allowed


Henry125 Petrov: well this was explained to you in the warning I gave you in writing and also in our private Imi


januh Kilara: SaveMe  it is against the privacy to tell who did not  want the pictures


SaveMe Oh: concerning the banning after releasing the notes: This place says PUBLIC, so there should not be secret affairs, just like this meeting


SaveMe Oh: my privacy and integrity is also on stake


Henry125 Petrov: Second Lifes Community standards disclosure clause say otherwise as I explained to you when I issued the banning


SaveMe Oh: you people seem to think you are the only ones who own the truth


januh Kilara: you must respect the feeling of other people


Henry125 Petrov: we are trying here to protect your privacy


SaveMe Oh: and don’t misuse the word respect


Henry125 Petrov: would you care to ad anything else SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: as an artist i feel deeply attacked by you all, i see you as censors who try to force a new ruling


SaveMe Oh: this is how dictatorships starts


SaveMe Oh: and you all seem to be quit happy with that, and that scares me


Henry125 Petrov: please stick to the point and the reason for the banning we all can appreciate your artistic talents


SaveMe Oh: i stick to the point i want, as i hope freedom of speech is also still a value here


Floriano Flossberg: maybe i can add a few lines, i guess SaveMe is concerned about townscape becoming an over regulated place


SaveMe Oh: i do


Floriano Flossberg: well now i was too late, you just said it


SaveMe Oh: i was in peace here for a long time


Henry125 Petrov: yes it is but that is not the issue before us you were banned for violating the disclosure clause


SaveMe Oh: i didnt change, so it must be you all


Henry125 Petrov: is there anything else you like to say on the point of the banning


SaveMe Oh: yes, i think its a cowardly act for people without arguments to get rid of me


Henry125 Petrov: does any of the officers have any questions for me or SaveMe


Henry125 Petrov: please ask your question Nina


nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe, if we vote for you again in the group are you ok for respecting the rules, first to read them after to respect them, and secondly you will not send again private discussions in any note card or blog?


Henry125 Petrov: can you please respond to Ninas question SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: i want to hang again my pics, if you want with a warning or some kind for the unaware visitor.


SaveMe Oh: Notecards in public townscape should be public


Henry125 Petrov: this is not the issue before us today about your pictures


nina2007 Rossini: can we find a solution together to let SaveMe put her pics but in privacy? i mean in her house maybe, not showed to alls in the sky?


SaveMe Oh: and private conversations concerning this case i don’t accept as private because that means i could never let people know what is happening to me


Henry125 Petrov: I am sorry the private conversations of individuals can not be released without the persons consent


SaveMe Oh: i can agree that i will warn people before that i will use their conversation


anuh Kilara: why shouldn’t i vote for banning  you after reading your blog?


Henry125 Petrov: ok does anyone else have any more questions for SaveMe


SaveMe Oh: de facto, to force everybody to speak always in public with me


nina2007 Rossini: i asked for something


Henry125 Petrov: yes Nina


nina2007 Rossini: if there is a solution to let SaveMe put her pics but in privacy


SaveMe Oh: i don’t want to be part of a secret society, i want to be in PUBLIC townscape


nina2007 Rossini: in her house maybe but not showed to alls the members in the sky


Henry125 Petrov: well that issue can be discussed later but now we are here to decide on the issue of her banning only


januh Kilara: saveme  why should i vote for you after reading your blog  please tell me


SaveMe Oh: you should vote for me Januh because you like an open society


SaveMe Oh: maybe i can make them appear only when clicked on


SaveMe Oh: the pics


nina2007 Rossini: you know SaveMe, the term Public doesn’t means that all is autorised


nina2007 Rossini: when you enter in a Public garden you can read a sign, no dogs for exemple, it’s a rule


Henry125 Petrov: any further questions for SaveMe


Floriano Flossberg: yes i have one, Henry[


Henry125 Petrov: SaveMe doo you have any further comments before we adjourn to discuss mater and vote


Henry125 Petrov: please ask your question Flo


Floriano Flossberg: SaveMe, we have to put the topic of the pics away for a moment….. then the initial question of nina was “will you read/respect our rules” in future if we vote for you? (the question about the pics will have to be another topic in the future)


Floriano Flossberg: can we have a short yes, no or maybe to this?


SaveMe Oh: i can agree that i will not have private IM anymore, or i will warn people before they start to speak with me


SaveMe Oh: i will notice everybody that i can use convesations


Floriano Flossberg: ok i have an answer to what i wanted to know… i would be done now …


Henry125 Petrov: so you are saying you will possibly publish private conversations in future


SaveMe Oh: no, i will warn people before they start a conversation like that with me that i could use it


nina2007 Rossini: well, you didn’t warning us about this conversation, so you will not publish it?


Henry125 Petrov: ok flo could you please remove SaveMe from sandbox group so officers can discuss and vote


nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe could you answer to my question?


nina2007 Rossini: SaveMe could you answer to my question?


Henry125 Petrov: do you care to answer Ninas question saveme


SaveMe Oh: i will maybe use it because all your actions create a big discussion on internet about censorship


SaveMe Oh: and free people have a right on your thoughts


Henry125 Petrov: ok fine that is your answer


SaveMe Oh: all newspapers could close otherwise


nina2007 Rossini: ok i have my answer


Henry125 Petrov: floIs there anything else


januh Kilara: yes good idea


Floriano Flossberg: saveme, i ‘ll remove you from the officer group now; ty for sharing your thoughts on this with us


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