2 thoughts on “SaveMe Linden

  1. I just want to state that it might be morally questionable to lie to the people who are interested in what you have to say and friends.

    I do not know a single Linden Lab employee who calls him or herself owner of Linden Lab. Also, as I understand it, they are not allowed to reveal their alt accounts to anyone, as they are not officially allowed to have one.

    And although I realize this is not Second Life, but a blog, I just want to say that such a statement as you have made is in violation of the Second Life Agreement of Conduct By Users section 4.1(ii) to falsely state your affiliation a person or entity.

    Actually I’m mainly against the dishonesty, but maybe you have a good reason for it. Enlighten us?

    Love, the Anarchist Idealist
    – Again. (Sorry, couldn’t help it, Save)

  2. Dear contradictio in termis,

    All Second Life is build on dishonesty. I do my best to keep up with them. And thats not easy for a respected citizen like me.

    Love SaveMe Oh (Linden)

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