Daddy’s Cueing Up

Older men always try to make me grown up in SL. They allow me to play around a little, smile when I behave like a fool, applaud when I do a crazy performance, but after some weeks there comes the correcting finger. My father Cupido Oh could’n t stop trying to talk me out of my nude pictures. Would be daddy Dagger1 Dagger loved me in his bed, but with his guests in his poledance brothel I should behave and don’t open my mouth. And Henry125 Petrov tried to turn me into a model citizen in a place where the purpose was to experiment. And now the great self acclaimed Deity of artists island Caerleon, Georg Janick. Who allows me to build what I want, who understands that the greatest horror for the avant garde is to be loved by the elite (btw, im not avant garde at all, but mainstream like everybody in SL), now suddenly tries to correct my language in an effort to be my newest daddy.

Here is the conversation we had:


Georg Janick: You have to be nicer to me

Georg Janick: I’ve given you space, 400 prims, a venue for your performance art

Georg Janick: and I don’t appreciate being called a “slime”

SaveMe Oh: and you think im not nice to you?

Georg Janick: You are incredibly rude

Georg Janick: and not just to me

Georg Janick: there is a difference between being avant garde

Georg Janick: and being an asshole

SaveMe Oh: did you get touched by something?

Georg Janick: Just by your treatment

SaveMe Oh: and when was that?

Georg Janick: When you were with Feathers

SaveMe Oh: because i change between my nice and bad moods

Georg Janick: She is a friend of mine yu know

SaveMe Oh: that rude girl you send to me?

Georg Janick: but I guess you wouldn’t know

SaveMe Oh: i only try to keep up with her

Georg Janick: Look

Georg Janick: you are welcome on the island

Georg Janick: and you are welcome to do Beckett

Georg Janick: But I just want you to know that people have feelings

SaveMe Oh: then dont send me a girl like her who tries to be rougher then me, and appareantly after goes crying out on your shoulder

Georg Janick: More rudeness

SaveMe Oh: i only adapted to her

SaveMe Oh: was a pleasure

SaveMe Oh: a training in rudeness

Georg Janick: You’re a big girl

Georg Janick: You have your own style

Georg Janick: and I’ve seen it more than once

SaveMe Oh: so accept that style

Georg Janick: No

Georg Janick: I don’t

SaveMe Oh: seems i find another american daddy

Georg Janick: That’s up to you

SaveMe Oh: i am what i am , i say what i want to say, i accept that also from others, and i never forget this is a game

Georg Janick: These are people

Georg Janick: not a game

Georg Janick: people

SaveMe Oh: people make and say things to get a reaction

SaveMe Oh: with that reaction we go further

Georg Janick: Not if they are genuine

Georg Janick: That’s what little kids do

SaveMe Oh: i always am put away in that corner when it gets difficult

SaveMe Oh: and its funny it always comes from americans

Georg Janick: maybe people are trying to tell you something

Georg Janick: and by the way

Georg Janick: It’s coming from Marnie too

Georg Janick: also Dutch

SaveMe Oh: she reacted stupid, thats something different

SaveMe Oh: but that you couldn’t read

SaveMe Oh: because she did it in dutch

Georg Janick: yes everyone is stupid butt you

SaveMe Oh: me too, im not god

SaveMe Oh: never pretend to be

Georg Janick: You don’t have to be god to be civil

Georg Janick: You just have ti be a decent person

SaveMe Oh: sometimes we speak serious, sometimes we joke, try to see the difference

SaveMe Oh: and try to feel there is never a meaning to hurt, just teasing to tickle

Georg Janick: Well you do not come across that way

SaveMe Oh: worsed thing in SL that can happen to you is falling asleep from boredom

Georg Janick: You haven’t been around then

SaveMe Oh: and you also gave this speech to Feathers?

SaveMe Oh: because in my view we spoke the same

Georg Janick: I read the transcript

Georg Janick: and I didn’t see that

Georg Janick: But as I say

Georg Janick: You are still welcome

Georg Janick: What you do

Georg Janick: is totally up to you

SaveMe Oh: i hope so

SaveMe Oh: when its not up to me it starts to be spooky

SaveMe Oh: i only hope you kick me out when i’m a conservative, a racist or a fundamentalist, for the rest it should be ok

Georg Janick: No one is kicking you out

SaveMe Oh: i know

SaveMe Oh: and i will not run, am just a little surprised by your words

SaveMe Oh: didnt expected it from you

Georg Janick: Well you don’t know me very well

Georg Janick: We will get to know one another

SaveMe Oh: my concept of SaveMe is a dramaqueen, and as i am in the theatrebusiness i will always take care of enough storylines with good drama

SaveMe Oh: the part of today is very good

Georg Janick: that will keep you from any genuine human contact

Georg Janick: If that’s what you want fine

Georg Janick: But don’t expect others to want the same

SaveMe Oh: its not what i want, but you have to see the difference between a serious convesation and a big gossip joke, and it looks you dont see it. DO you laugh enough?

Georg Janick: Well I’ve said what I wanted to

Georg Janick: Take it easy now

SaveMe Oh: you too

SaveMe Oh: dont get an heartattack, would be a big waste

Georg Janick: My heart is very strong

SaveMe Oh: im happy

SaveMe Oh: you have stil a lot for us to do

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: I’m laughing again

SaveMe Oh: and i will beat Feathers up for you

Georg Janick: Leave her

Georg Janick: she is a sweetheart

Georg Janick: and she will be very nice to you

SaveMe Oh: next time i will tell you what she says about you

SaveMe Oh: haha

SaveMe Oh: can i put this conversation in my weblog, btw?

Georg Janick: sure

SaveMe Oh: normally i dont ask, but i try to be nicer then i really am

Georg Janick: keep doing that

SaveMe Oh: yes daddy

Georg Janick: somebody needs to parent you

SaveMe Oh: join the club of fathers, you all should make a group

SaveMe Oh: i have some names for you

Georg Janick: Oh you’ve made your own

SaveMe Oh: thats for my sisters and brothers

Georg Janick: But he doesn’t challenge you

Georg Janick: so there are no arguments

SaveMe Oh: my father is a lazy guy

Georg Janick: I know

SaveMe Oh: so better you make a group of fathers who still see a bright future for me

Georg Janick: Well that is still undecided

SaveMe Oh: who think there is still something to do about

SaveMe Oh: and who knows, maybe i will be married soon and have a nice kid, and some responsebilty

SaveMe Oh: things can always change

Georg Janick: Stay single and childless

Georg Janick: Just don’t be an asshole

SaveMe Oh: Georg, dont use that rude word please

5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Cueing Up

  1. OMG.. yes girl. your behave always causes you problems. and not only whith americans daddys.. no baby.. your behave will causes you problems always whith everybody in this world.. you are too rude many times.. is only a cuestion of acept or not the behave of the anothers.. when i dont want spent time whith a person which behave i dont like. i simply stay far, but in your case is diferent.. you are in his land. he cant stay far away of you. so or you acept or you die.. thats the game.. Sometime ago a friend asked me why i suported you when you only talked shit of me.. i only said one thing. i see something else in persons, not only if they say shit of me, this world of Sl. is dirty in the deep inside, and i dont look for persons who treat me as a queen, cause at the end all those persons only lied me, i dont trust anymore in persons who talk good things of me, the experience showed me that those persons only lied, and i dont want spent time in persons who say I LOVE YOU. or such good words like that only like if they were telling: I HAVE TO BUY SOAP.



  2. I aint ya daddy bish! I forgot u used 2 fuck dagger1turdder b4 sole stole him! Henry was (and is) a boring flunky! (a lot like his boyfriend Mysele Ah) this turd george needsMY foot in his crack!

  3. Sole! I LOVE YOU! Simply make me a list of the turds who talked shit about ya and I will get them!

  4. haha.. AWWW. i know you love me dear Jumpy, and i love you too, you know it.. dont worry by the bad words that nobody told me , im doing good, really, and the violence never was a good solution, im trying that you dont be banned again sweetheart, so of course i will not doit for you any list of turds (as you call them),, i want you behave,, whith that is enough for me,.. kizess and hugessss..xx

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