Ban The Dictators

In SL there are people who want to play the boss and rule over others. Their favourite sport is to ban others and try to dump them forever. This banned people, like myself, have no other option then to pay back the injustice done to them. And as they don’t own land, or have an army of heel licking slaves they have to follow the old guerrilla techniques. The best way to do that is to narrow the circle of the despotic rulers. Join all their open groups and use then the groupchat and propose option to let the other group members know which rat they have in their friendslist. The group owner have no other option then to stop the open enrolment. In this way they are locked up soon in their own sad little empires.

Use alter ego’s to keep spying on them so they can’t proceed with their undemocratic and dictatorial Birma or Nazi-German modelled  sims.

Visit all the places frequent that they have in their profile as favourites and scream around loud what you think of them. Soon they will have to hide everything from themselves and be anonymous kings and queens.

Show every bad thing they write in your weblog, so the rest of the world can also see what sad people they are.

And maybe, one day, they will learn from their error, say sorry, and welcome us again to contribute again to the only thing that counts, free way for the free spirit.


21 thoughts on “Ban The Dictators

  1. MOST land OWNERS are cool! It is their sack of shit land mamagers who r the real stacked up piles of turds. Mostly these are found in clubs as hosts and security! The work mostly for free or pennies . Usually when I get banned I send the owner an IM and they let me back! Once they recognize who I am. Lately owners IM ME! (CAUSE I AM JUMPMAN LANE). Cause for real for real, who would ya rather b friends with? Somebody like me or somebody like Myself Ah the Bitch? The fact that complete strangers have been imin me everyday since a month after I started SL speaks volumes! The fact that Sole Jie and Dokan Dryssen are the only ones I’ve been careful not to offend and Lady Dawson is the only one I EVER apologized to shows where my affections lay! The rest know they can get on like thex been shit on!

  2. Crikey crikey crikey.

    What evil and hyopcritical people Saveme and her socalled friends have become.

    I read your post and you contradicted yourself bigtime.

    Proves just how much you will lie to get your own way Saveme and Jumpman.

  3. Man fuck you crickey you lumpy shitball! I dont give a fuck what ur crybaby ass thinks! Why dont u try fallin the fuck dead! Do THAT! Climb ya ass up on my shit list! THE NAME IS LANE. JUMPMAN LANE. I GOT MY EYE ON YOU. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA CRY NOW. YOU BETTER RUN WEAK SAUCE! I’LL JIMMY HOPKINS YA ASS IN THE DIRT! WE TAKIN OVA THE KIT KAT! MYSELF AH THE BITCH DONT NEED NO FRIENDS!

  4. How you know you are right and succesful in your battle? When all the comments start to be ANONYMOUS. This are the people who collaborate with bad regimes. This are the traitors who give your name to the secret police. But also the ANONYMOUS will be found. So get rid of your masks and let’s face eachother. Better fun for all.

  5. That crybaby Myself Ah the bitch RAN and told that bitch Birdie like the ball lickin Ho he is but it proves meh point! When her flunky now her “husband” Loon The Cartoon banned meh from the Shit Kat Klub, I told that stink bitch Birdie to turn that sim sideways and stuff it up ass!

  6. Really Jump? is that what you told me? because as i remember you ran like the lil bitch you are when Loonz showed up…..and btw, no you didnt get Banned. haha shows how smart you are. SaveMe, really…all i have to ask is…why? why put up with this man and his bullshit. to me he sounds like a fucking douche bag. honestly i would drop him like a bad habit, because thats all he is.

  7. Hehehehehe! Birdie you and your turdball “hubby” Shitloon the Cartoon too soft and squishy to fuck with me! U tard around with Myself Ah the bitch ah ! That fool Loon rocks nike shox! Take ova the Kit Kat dump ? MYSELF AH THE BITCH HANGS OUT THERE! The only time I go there is to fuck with some turd who hangs there and the whole club jumps on my dick! They love my style! Given a choice alla sl would rather be on meh team! Than tard around with ya! THAT’S HOW I CAN AND WILL TAKE OVA THE SHITKAT! By being me! You keep doin you! I’M Jump Lane. Get ya self together!

  8. it seems your beloved author here wishes to embark i a game in which she knows not how to play lol or even its duration…even in this world there are those who fake power and gather pawns to their advantage,well come pawns lets play a game,tho before playing be sure you have the patience and knowledge to play it well.

  9. and as for jumpman lame lol you make me laugh coward,you run and deny doing so,so tell me fairy,why didnt you take me at liquid kitty? too scared and flustered fumbling your obscenities like a little boy? its ok jump you always have and always will be the lil boy searching for bigger pants,perhaps ill buy you a dress my puppet.

  10. omg jump, you have got to be the dumbest wigger i have ever met. do you actully think people like you? you are the worst piece of shit, and you mom would have done the world good by having an abortion. i feel sorry for the people who hang around you. are they all in second grade too? ive noticed none of them can spell either. and none of them smart enough to figure out where a fucking little green text is coming from. hahaha . come on Baby bring it, i want this war bad. if you were such a big man, you would have done something as soon as loonz came and saw you at liquid kitty. you are a no ball pussy loser. your not banned from KitKat, so bring your ass here and show us how “bad ass” you really are. fucking cum stain

  11. xD this is funny as all hell, Man jump you need to go back to school, half the internet is willing to pay for your fucking education back there. Also, how can you even threaten us while you can’t even say “over” correctly, you threats fall so flat, Like you mom’s whoreing chest, scince she was a prosistue scince she was 13, Godman whore >.>. Second of all, If Sl DID have a chance , they would pick our side, seeing how noone like a 13 year old blabber mouth who can’t spell worth shit. all you do is talk like a dryed up nun’s cunt, your nothing but a fatass who hides behind saveme, and her blog. Don’t make me luagh, oh wait thats to late scince I’m luaghing at you, how does that feel little man? xD you tuant me and threated me, until i finaly figured it out, your just a big ol’ gay pussy. it’s SO humorous that when loonz talked to you, you ran off like the “lil bitch” you are, and when he showed up by you, you bolt for high hell. What a loser 😀

  12. Hehehehe. You pill whores must be high on oxies! To sit around in a no rez dump and get called every kinda motherfucka that there is and just yap back that “ur so arrogant Jumpman Lane!” and be prepared to sit there ALL day! AND THINK YA WON! Well dumb motherfucka ya won! Hehehehehe! But only if ya a aging bebe boomer tardin around with ball lickin sycophants like Myself Ah The Bitch! (is that why alla u sl granny women swear i’m a tween!) I got REAL enemies! (AS THE WORLD KNOWS!) U TARDS R just side entertainment (lie 2 ya selves all ya want but ya know ya aint special. THAT TURD LOON banned meh from the Shitty Kat long ago and acted like I knew who the fuck he was supposed! ANF said fuck it! LOON aint nothin i’ll get ya back!) Get ya selves together! You aint ready for this! Hehehe! War is what ya want! You’ll get it! And Turdie esp ya funky ass ho! I fell out meh chair laffin when u were like omg when i called u a stink bitch! I am not gonna get u turds outta malice or spite! I’M GONNA DO IT 4 THE LULZ!

  13. Jump… have made it very easy for us to do our homework on you.. u think THIS is the game? HAHAHAHA the games havent even started yet

  14. Keep pump fakin Turdie! IN THE END YA GONNA FIND OUT YA GONNA HAVE TO CALL SOMEBODY TO COME AND GET ME UP OFF YA ASS! Hehehehe. Too late to do ya homework now ya dumb bitch! SO SUCK MY DICK AND GET THE BALLS TOO! Lmfao! Fuck you. Fuck ya flunky Loon. Fuck Anfrey and that bitch Bunny! I dont fuck with them no more! Like I posted before Sole Jie Dokan and Lady the only ones I’m down with! The rest can walk with meh or get run the fuck ova! No need to go lickin Turdme Oh’s crack! Ya stood up like a bad ass joker for that STRAIGHT pussy Myself Ah The Bitch. Now BE bad! And remember nosy people get it too! Now ya climbed ya stinkin ass atop my shit list. DONT BEG SAVEME TO GET YA OFF!

  15. And i told yall dumb motherfuckers not to cry and ask why ya got my foot in ya crack! Shit Savemeh dont know! GET YA TOUNGE OUT HER CRACK!

  16. Anonymous! Fuck ya! Hehehehe! You cant do nothin to meh! One of these some internet loony is gonna come to the great commonwealth state and get fucked on! I knew it the second i stepped on the grid! Fuck with meh! I am NOT the one! I fuck ya lil life up! Better stay anonymous! Bitch type! HEHEHEHEHE! NOW DO ALL YA CAN DO!

  17. That backwards ass motherfucka Myself Ah The Bitch done it again! Who has to dream up shit for this clown! Jumpman Lane is from VA! Jumpman Lane is from VA! HAVENT I POSTED AS MUCH HERE! Shit I posted it in the SL forums! UNDER THE WHO ELSE IS FROM VA POST! Like you gonna bring ya bitch ass down here! Come on. I aint hard to find! MY NAME RING BELLS IN THESE STREETS! I’ll put ya bitch ass on the six o’clock. Ask Sassy who I am. Ask Lush if you wanna fuck with me. Now I don told ya. You wont like any of the games I know. And that goes for any and all of you internet pussy motherfuckas. LMFAO!

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