It’s so sweet to see the boys TURD, HO and fight eachother in endless conversations on my blog but I would ask for some new vocabulaire because Sole and Me are not learning any new words lately in our attempt to speak a better English. Can I ask for some conversationtechniques on a higher level so also my intellectual readers will be satisfied? Otherwise I fear SL goes down the drain as in Public Townscape they only are playing Harry Potter and in the Kitty Kat Club they play FIND THE ONLY CUSTOMER.

So to all boyscouts in SL I would like to say: consider a carreer switch as artist.

7 thoughts on “Boyscouts

  1. Henry the Ho is runnin around as Harry Potter! Hehehe! The beauty is he’s still playin Henry the Ho. Myself Ah the Bitch is still on his knees suckin out Turdie’s and Granny Coco’s cracks! Loony left lonesome is beatin Anf’s dick tryin to b cool in freebie full prim clothes. FIND THE ONE CUSTOMER! Hehehe. It’s prob a bot! And I remain as ever: Jumpman Lane. STAR! SUPERSTAR! THE MAN ON THIS GRID!

  2. wow your ignorant,first of all im not wearing noob clothes,and second your ass is so fucking retarded,is this a black thing? or is ita crack head thing?ive lost track lol.this just in”jumpman lame is grasping for every bit of comfort he can as he has realised he has nothing to defend his weak as rep except his mouth lmfao….seriously people,how many times do i have to call your fuckin epileptic crackhead out for you to realise hes a phony,and to all that hold weight in his words,pull your head out of that fat jigs ass,hes makin ya look bad.jump jump,what do your “linden”friends think they can do? notta god damn thing thats what you burden on society,not even the god damn since ta get ya black ass out of the rain,typical.

  3. Shit if ya DID pay for that cheap as shit ya dint pay MUCH! I came 2 ya dump and all ya could say was was nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger. Like its 1861. There aint a black man on this planet you’d say that to rl. And you know it. So yet again ya graspin at straws. You cant come online and ACT tuff. You got be tuff. Or ya soft squishy ass shines through. See a clown like u wouldnt have to call me a nigger, or a spic, or a wop or any god damn thang. All ya got to do is walk ya pussy ass by and say hi! And in rl i’d put my shoe in ya ass & tell ya to get on like ya been shit on! Would you do that 2 meh! This aint white boy day! Aw dont get scared of the lindens yet! They prob wont even warn ya. What else ya got. I went back and took pix cummin on Turdie’s head.

  4. lmao you amuse me,as for rl,id look you right in your face and call you a nigger you fuckin pussy,and anyone else who acts the way you do fool,aint a man on this planet that frightens me motherfucker,used to killem for a livin you douche,think some flashy jive ass words scare me?and the lindens??????lmao as if,they can warn me all they want,your rap sheet bout to get alot longer,nigga,put that in ya pipe and smoke it.

  5. Nope! I’d rather put this big nigger dick in Turdie’s mouth and let her smoke THAT! Lil Loony! U just charlie bronson on the internet! U’D PROB LIKE TO WATCH TURDIE’S LIL CABOOSE! SAY WHEN! I know ya get down!

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