A Linden Called For Help

And of course I try to save everybody, so here is the IM I recieved.

 [10:01]  Socrates Linden: More of your adoring fans?
[10:02]  Jumpman Lane: yup. Look So Crates, you can run around callin people like ME and muhammad niggers. or can you
[10:02]  Socrates Linden: Well those are clear cut actions in violation of the terms of service…if
[10:02]  Jumpman Lane: yup?
[10:02]  Socrates Linden: If it actually occured. Abuse report it.
[10:02]  Jumpman Lane: I DID! and a support ticket.
[10:02]  Socrates Linden: A tickect wasnt necessary. we have the mechanisms to handle violations of the TOS. We’re going to have to make your spamming support abuse reportable ._.
[10:02]  Jumpman Lane: WHY? Can I share this?
[10:02]  Socrates Linden: Nvm. Sure. Our informal conversations have to be transparent by necessity
[10:02]  Jumpman Lane: gimme ur bear!
[10:02]  Socrates Linden: Oh Jumpman I haven’t made one yet.

[12:55]  Jumpman Lane: (6/24/08 10:20 AM PDT)  Hello Jumpman,   Thank you for contacting us.  The abuse report you have filed has been received.     If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.  Kind regards, Kamila Linden Lab Support

5 thoughts on “A Linden Called For Help

  1. I guess Kamila a nigga too! Hehehehe. And So Crates has a dark tan! I was hopin to get a weapons hud attack out of it and ar ya for that but an intolerance rap is a good start! What else ya got! I snuck back later with Savemeh and found anf and Turdie avi parkin and away! I pulled out my dick and came on ya junkie bitches head! I got pix too! Your turn Loon! LL PROB wont even warn ya. 🙂

  2. im so scared jump,i dont know what ill do.lmao
    first of all,your ass is so dirty its not even funny,and as for a damage hud attack,im in my rights on damage enabled land,just proves your ignorant ass isnt doing your homework
    so i get an intolerance violation,thats ok,ive got dirt feet deep on you chumly,we’ll play the linden game if you want lmao,this will be easier.dumbass.

  3. oh and by the way ,you being a nigger has nothing to do with the color of your skin,ignorant ass,pick up a dictionary with your un educated ass.

  4. Hehehehe. Whether it refers 2 meh skin color or not, keep usin it in sl and see what it gets ya! Guess u aint a respected security official now!

  5. So nigger, nigger,nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger please! Since ya on the dick why don’t ya drop to ya knees! Cause I’m a motherfucker that’s out to kill! Jumpy Lane! A nigger that’s real!

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