Artists And Peasants


After being a guardian of boy scouts (Loonz Dryke, Myself Ah, Jumpman Lame) and Harry Potter fans (Coco Jaxxon and Henry125 Petrov) my dear friend Sole Jie reminded me again that I had to stop being a lazy artist and had to start building again. But at the moment my teatro in the Nuovo Sicilia Sim is under construction and the Marxist politburo of Caerleon Island are also in permanent reorganisation but luckily somebody fell again in love with my beautiful face and gorgeous character and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get involved with my dangerous art. They have to have courage to do so because the ones who host my art will have themselves a problem soon too. Or the old ladies from the politburo will come complaining about the noise, or the narrow-minded will come complaining about some harmless nudity or Sim owners will have to talk with you about moral issues. But Flower Exonar was so much in need for a wild boar that he didn’t care (and of course he is so ugly, he can’t be too selective) and let me put for coming month my interactive Save Sex Sensation in his place. So there you can now fuck around SAVE. You can fuck the Americans, you can fuck the Chinese, the Germans and the Dutch, you can express yourself and you can buy art. And of course is the SaveMe Choir still singing in the Enschede Sim. See my profile in SL to find both places, they are under PICKS.

And so was yesterday night a wonderful evening with first the performance of The Wall,  and an afterparty in the Save Sex Sensation, where all the freaks could eat their heart out. And the other good news is: I was only banned this week 2 times. I make some progress.


15 thoughts on “Artists And Peasants

  1. I didn’t send out this message or there was the first warning again.

    [4:24] SaveMe Oh: [4:23] Seanas Alston: (Saved Sat Jun 28 02:14:07 2008) hello i am sending you this message due to a disturbance in Critter Valley i have recieved complaints oif orgasm sounds and other looping sounds which were causing them disturbance unfortunately ive had to remove these objects as they wernt happy about it, bear in mind that other people share this sim and dont want to constantly hear such sounds, sorry for the inconvienience

    I get so tired. But i will pack myself together and start the next fight.

  2. 1st off loonz u lil honkey punk! Did they really pump a gallon o cum outta Turdie’s stomache? Myself Ah the Bitch! Quit suckin dix thats y ya knees stay dirty! Saveme u turd tell ya fat daddy i aint marryin you to b in the oh dynasty! Marry that turd too! Shit I got banned 2 but i know some of the rl turds connected with that outfit. They put meh in their land mamagment group just cuz! I had 2 fly around 8 sims unbanning my self!

  3. I went to savemes teatro dump! She was tellin some eye talyin to learn english! He was like all euro tard guys around Jump Lane! They think they are inadequate cause, americans like loonz & myself caws they are rl nerdz and cant fake cool even ina virt world!

  4. mr lame still makin himself look like a feeble minded hoodrat,when will you learn cockroach,seems never.amusing

  5. Lord, Loonz knows wtf I’m talkin about. THAT stink bitch Birdie “Turdie” Dryke. She some where right now with a dick in her mouth, a dick in her pussy, a dick in her ass, and a dick in each hand for half a loratab! Fuckin pill whore! Hehehe and looze dryke in the corner beatin his dick! In rl that is!

  6. Her teatro in novis somewhere and the sad italian was Paulo! And do u know Paulo’s last name! Oh Loonz is Turdies stinkin pussy still 4 sale four percocets? Ur the kinda guy to hang ur self in the closet while ur wife fux 5 guys for a bump! And u KNOW this! Its just a matter! Myself the bitch got hairy nut sax in his mouth! HAIRY nut SAX!

  7. pay no attention to jump lord exonar,unfortunately he comes from a long line of losers from the ghetto,hes in a class that we americans would call the roach family,quite powerless yet no matter how many you step on theres another to come crawling out,and as far as the comment about birdie,your an idiot jump,she doesnt even take tylenol shit stain,lack of intelligence continues on your part street rat.

  8. Turdie im the bathtub tryin to wash the pill whore sweat and cum and hooker stentch from her poor tired body ! Loony hangin dead in the closet! Suicide says”i still loved u turdie no matter how many jizzy dix u swallow! But did you have to suck so many hairy sax! Ur gettin worse than Myself Ah the Bitch!”

  9. “Turdie… Turdie…Turdie y r u suckin that guy off?” asked loony. “he’s got oxies!” said Turdie the pill whore! Just another Tue night!

  10. If Saveme Oh had a dick id suck it.. simple as that bitchezz….. i happen to like being surrounded by sounds of orgasms and slapping that azz

  11. Hi Doodies! Ur doin a lotta fuckin lately! Well at least ur not a pill whore fuckin 4 perscription meds like Birdie Dryke! Her lil dick hubby licks her stinkin pussy clean after a 5 man train! NOW THAT IS LOVE!

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