What We Did In Our Weekend

First I let Leonid Breznjev incarnation Georg Janick hook me up with a walking carrot, that would fit me perfectly well. After that communist marriage counselling (never trust that) the carrot let me build my Save Sex Sensation (see my profile for a landmark) on his land, resulting in furious furry’s coming complaining about orgasmic noise. Late that night we went as cigarette’s to the Day Of The Last Smoke where Fredje Broek and Profcharlene Darwin manipulated a contest to donate their lousy 5000 Linden win to Warchild so Marco Borsato could fly first class in the future. Of course we couldn’t stand our lost, we are bad losers, and we spoiled their victory with our hobby: Chatspam. Next day we enlightened the Egyptian Chapel of  the Leader Of The Caerleon Politburo Georg Janick with my religious nudes because we are aware of the rejection of the communists of religion. Opium for the people as they call it. But this politburo leader admires in secret mysticism and cubist viewpoints so he couldn’t enjoy the new artwork and deleted all, leaving the carrot with nothing else then his green hair. Of course we are bad losers and so we cheer up a lecture about the boring colour use of Turner with a real time burning en crucifixtion performance resulting in our ban from the Caerleon Island. The only sad thing is that the progress I made with only two ban’s has been reduced by the latest ban. But I promise I keep on trying to give the best I have. If only not all those people where standing in my way, what a beautiful world we could have.

Btw, did you know carrots make you see better? Or did you ever see a rabbit with glasses? Old wishdom from the cold Dutch grounds.

7 thoughts on “What We Did In Our Weekend

  1. Good griefing also needs a lot of artistic talent. But it’s not my hobby. Entertaining everybody who know everything so well and have their opinions so secure locked is a pleasant time passing on the other hand. I will be glad to continue and be your artistic servant.

  2. Eat a dick not impressed! SAVEMEH HO and her daddy FATSO HO r artists! spit out those hairy nut sax myself ah the bitch! Loonz is Turdie done blowin those mexicans! I heard ya’ll moved up to crystal meth! Damn junkies! I bet u still kiss that cum-breath bitch in the mouth! Cuckold-Loonz-a-doodle-doo! U FUCKIN CHICKEN!

  3. It’s hard to call it art or griefing when your work is so damn boring. At least entertain us next time.

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