Fan Or Freak

Every once in a while I have the pleasure to attract new fans of my work. This week I felt the warm admiration of HP Darcy and was immediately rewarded with a building spot on his land where I could rebuild once again my SaveMe Oh Foundation. HP Darcy bought a lot of my work, wrote a love letter in disguise on his weblog ( and did his best to be with me as much as possible. But the dark clouds that take out the light of this idyllic scene are already moving in. As always every nice man in SL has his shadow side. Read my experiences with Dagger1 Dagger, Georg Janick and Henry 125 Petrov. Men who pretend to be open-minded and turn out to be little kings running their pathetic businesses. Is HP Darcy also one of their kind? I finished just the rebuilding of my museum as the first alarm bells start to ring. Joja Dhara send me a warning. Read this:

JoJa Dhara: (Saved Thu Aug 14 17:08:07 2008) Hello SaveMe Oh, another stranger is addressing to you with a small warning. We do not know each other but have mutual friends. I found something on the internet which worries me. It is the blog of HP Darcy and his city Almere. My worry is his abuse of you for a mission. As yes he is banned on grounds because if you investigate on Google the moves of this man and the abusive way of talking because of a disagreement. Arguments should be able in the world and with proper words yes it as the right to shock. But not to make it personal, disrespectful.  And if tell that to HP then you are the victim. I must say I am not impressed but yes I do warn people not to in his flow. You do not know me I once saw you in a great suit at the club Tabac…and yes you made a great avatar;-) I do not know you completely but I know you make art out of shocking I really adore that… I part of SL I am starting to learn after having Kunstvlaai on VH and yeh the Art Hole team..really great…they told me a lot out the past and banning

JoJa Dhara: (Saved Thu Aug 14 17:13:26 2008) Him banning is not out of his art or shocking moves…his ban is really out of they way he gets to personal to persons ..abusive…only because you do not want to get involved with him after finding that out….sorry for my english before I see made a lot of mistakes….but I hope you understand what I am saying. I talked about it with our mutual friend and yes….best only with people like HP Darcy is to ignore. not even to argue because yeh that is his drift or something ..but to have true attentions and a really good point..he spoils that with that abusive way and believe is really his is now using you. Of course every soul and mind has its own opinion…but I just wanted to let you know…regards JoJa.

The only advantage I have is that I am not totally sane myself, so for the moment I am not worrying at all, I only start to ask myself the question; why do I attract this man? Are they really like my art or are they just glad to look at naked woman pretending to be art lovers? I will wear extra strong underwear coming times. But for the moment HP Darcy behaves like a gentleman, so girls, nothing to worry about for the moment. Or are you just wanting to steal another man from me? My SL is starting to be complicated again, time to have my baseball bat at hand.

24 thoughts on “Fan Or Freak

  1. Hole my life, realy, i’ve never told ppl to get, or to get not, involved with anyone. The more you say don’t, the more ppl want to do so. Wow, thats just what i need now 🙂 The advice from Joja Dhara to SaveMe Oh seems therfore a bit stupit to me.

    And yes, Dhara banned me from Virtual Holland (VH), but that was not here idear. No, her ‘financial’ friend, the only Dutch Linden-Dollar-Bank holder Bart Dutchx, told her to do so.
    He and I don’t understand one and other, about him moving his rl business to Almere. First he was my friend, then he seems to have spoke some ppl in from local gouvernement and then he was so fucked-up that our relationship came to an end.
    So hé asked her to ban me,.. And she did. She banned me in advance, in precaution, Yes PRECAUTION. Shall i cry or laugh?

    After i asked the two to reconsider there ban over HP Darcy: to get it away,… Witch they did not. Then (so after there moves) I wrote several story’s (mostlly the same story, but put them on several online locations) about the way Bart DutchX is doing his banking business in Holland (and soon in the rest off Europe). It seems to me this Bank of Bart DutchX is an ordinairy ripoff.

    Please Njoy: or

  2. “O yeh I rembered that day that the Local Goverment called this person to give him a warning. Yeh and really so nice friends they became ..they are going with them sailing agian next week!!! And what do you mean that this person told me to bann you..that was the Queen that called me and told me”

    I learned in my life always to talk along with paranoia as they can never change.

    and for the one that wants to understand what is really going on…


    (really wished that they would gave HP the honour)

    from a bad girl

  3. My dear Save Me

    No I will not steal this man away from you…according to him you know that I am taken 😉

    Hope only he will honour you and treat truly the way you are…

    make the most of it!!

    from a bad girl

  4. “Hope only he will honour you and treat truly the way you are…”

    I hope so to! Because indeed, i do like naked women. Ow, worse. I like naked avatars even more,….

  5. Dunno if this is the right place to dicuss this matter, but perhaps. Sinds i’m banned by Bart Bockhout (Bart DutchX in SL terms) it goes better and better with this guy!

    Forget about his ripoffs to all of us and smile!

    Today’s news is from Omroep Flevoland:

    Bank Second Life boert goed 16-08-2008
    De kredietcrisis in de bankwereld lijkt voorbij te gaan aan de Almeerse bank Dutch Exchange. De bank handelt in Linden dollars, die nodig zijn om artikelen te kunnen kopen in het computerspel Second Life.

    De zaken gaan zo goed, dat dit jaar een omzet van bijna twee miljoen euro wordt verwacht. Lelystedeling Bart Bockhout heeft zijn zolderkamer zelfs verruild voor een kantoor in Almere-Haven. Van hieruit runnen binnenkort zeven werknemers de bank.

    Hoewel de hype rond Second Life voorbij is, neemt volgens Bockhout het aantal spelers aan de virtuele wereld nog steeds toe.

    Wow seven ppl eat from this 🙂 can you imagine?

  6. Please SaveMe Oh, Aksimet thinks HP Darcy is a spammer 😦 So his/mine reations don’t come true on this site. Look at your configuration of Aksimet, to correct this 🙂

  7. Last 3 fake Darcy’s are doing their best too. And as I love good drama, ofcourse I publish them. Only try to write as Darcy? This last 3 trials are poor.

  8. hmm Fan or Freak???

    First we talk about true good preciation of art and it ends up about approved Lindendollar said to be rippoff… Bad Linden how dareyou!! 😉

    In other words I give up


    bad girl

  9. funny how often people `warn` us for HP Darcy.
    funny little games of everyone.
    nice entry once again and stay away with the bat from me .

  10. Fan or freak?

    In our mailboxes we get the following…
    A sad story on a blog of this gentlemen HP. He is trying to force up to give up the ban.
    The ban is simple…no one asked me…it was my own choice. I only told him if you want to cancel the ban then sort it out with your personal dispute.
    And i do not want any trouble. He is also suprised I agreed that five other avatars can be free and are not being banned as i said they are welcome if you just not use your personal dispute among the community. It is just so low.
    To be critical is always usefull..also toward companies. But to be abusive and specially without respect there is no discussion and there is no Art in it.
    Just a- social behaviour. Internal with many members in SL we ask if he might have had never the comfert of having mothermilk. Or something else went wrong in its live to behave like this.
    But ok…he is open, he says..but his Almere group in SL is closed.
    His blog is also open…but if I do something which he does before..he takes it away and bannes it ..even he claims to be agains banning.

    sorry for this dutch but this is what he writes in mailboxes…

    Denk niet dat ik klaar ben met jullie. (Doodzwijgen helpt echt niet: doet de
    gemeente Almere al ongeveer 8 jaar zonder succes). Nooit, zolang de ban niet
    verwijderd wordt.

    Ik dreig niet! Ik ga de komende maanden al jullie in-world contacten
    persoonlijk benaderen. Hen bevragen over de handelswijze van de Dutch
    Exchange CEO, in relatie tot de ban en mijn persoon. Er is inmiddels
    voldoende kopij. De keuze is aan jou Bart Bockhoudt.

    En zo eindigt voor vandaag de discussie.

    Voor diegenen die niet van lange verhalen houden: ik kan het ook kort zeggen

    Bart Bockhoudt trapt mij van zich af omdat hij bang is dat contacten met
    Peter Aggenbach hem schade zullen brengen in zijn relatie met de gemeente
    Almere. Joja Dhara volgt.

    Dat Bockhoudt met beide, zowel mij als de gemeente Almere, een relatie kan
    onderhouden kan hij niet begrijpen: de angsthaas.

    Ik accepteer dit gedrag van Bockhoudt niet, echter hij mag zo handelen,.
    Maar hij moet niet gek opkijken als ik reageer.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Stichting Digitaal Almere
    Peter Aggenbach



  11. More Drama….Fan of Freak?

    In the following mail he really starts to lose it. Claiming that it is not done to put emails in blogs or whatever. Strangely enough he is my teacher …we have a saying in the Netherlands ” de Pot verwijt de ketel” maybe someone can help me out on this one..
    But ok he is going to moderate first the mail, myinput…instead of be open as he claims.

    I am so shocked!!! And making a fool out of myself!!
    Save me Oh my fullest respect for you.

    “Hoe voelt dat nou? Als je niet ergens zomaar door kunt lopen, als je
    tegengehouden wordt of ergens niet meer mag deelnemen aan een discussie?
    Flauw, erg flauw hè. Zo voelde ik mij ook toen ik er niet meer in mocht. Wat
    flauw zeg, dacht ik, vlieg ik na een goed gesprek met Tiet nog eens over
    Maya richting Virtueel Holland,…. Boem, stop, kan ik niet verder. Wat
    flauw. En waarvoor eigenlijk?

    Nee, ik zal wat leren. Het is ‘not don’ andermans e-mail 1/1 te kopiëren en
    te publiceren. Daarmee zet je jezelf echt voor gek. Om jou te beschermen sta
    ik dat ook maar niet toe op mijn webpagina’s. Jullie posts worden in de
    toekomst eerst ter moderatie aangeboden, dan kan ik bepalen of het bijdragen
    zijn die passen in de discussie,.. Of niet 🙂 Voor de duidelijkheid, je kunt
    dus nog gewoon deelnemen, net als ieder ander. Nee, ik ben tegen bannen.

    Het is overigens altijd mogelijk dat standpunten verharden (om niets,
    behalve dan ja, om flauw optreden), dan heb je in mij een hele leuke,
    superflauwe nieuwe lul gevonden! Flauw, flauwer, flauwst.

    Stichting Digitaal Almere
    Peter Aggenbach – Almere”

    But unfortunate I will not have the time this week for Drama anymore..i will have peak but there are usefull things in life..

  12. I fear, dear Joja he is becoming a fan, and when a freak becomes a fan he will turn out to be a stalker, that´s the way it goes.
    I myself have a lot of stalkers, but as I am a freak myself too I don´t notice them too much. And who is able to stalk a dramaqueen long enough? Most of them wish they never started. And for the ones who truely love me it´s the joy of their Slife to be chosen to stalk me and not be whiped out of my friendslist.
    I am here to SAVE you all, from boredom, bad thoughts and useless lives. And I do this by giving the chosen ones the illusion they save me.
    And at the end everybody is happy, isn´t it a miracle?

  13. “but as I am a freak myself too”, Yeaahh! It’s better to be a freak then a tart like Joja Dhara. Is there someone who understands this tart’s thinking? First she ban’s me, then she hunts me(…) Explain it to me please please,.. I now say to her: “if you want to get close to me, start to undo your fucking idiot – precautioned – ban on me. Then I come visite you,… Hmmmm.”

  14. Nahhh…not going to….love to stay as an collectors item in your bans of all these years you had 😉

    if i do…you will stop writing and we can not have a laugh..

  15. I always will be glad to be the postillon d´amour between two people who are in love but don´t want to admit it. The only thing I will keep an eye on is that it´s not interfearing my own lovelife, because I also want to be loved badly.

  16. The cult…. As much I am looking forward to the Show ..i checked out the progress. There was a decipel and not long.. there was their master rumbeling about his unfortunate ban, about his love for Save MeOh and that I stood between that love. “Sigh” ..but how can I as I brought them together. Was it not for me that he found his love for her? I would never stand in that way. But he said something shocking
    “13:45] HP Darcy: I told SaveMe that i will ban her here to”
    Was my warning truly? I hope not!!!…and if so I hope we all can comfert her broken heart.
    I hope his followers will not have the same faith if they ever find out the truth.

    And me… I am just an invedel, following the masses, how finds this master a fool, sickning sometimes, childish but stil unbelievable …

  17. Dear JoJa and HP,

    Don’t worry about my banns. Its happend almost weekly to me and I can’t lie awake from it.
    I am a free spirit that goes where she wants to go. And everybody is free to fly with me. You both give me great opportunities that I accept with both hands, but my free spirit will never be compromised with anything. Art comes first and there will always be a stage for me. So I keep going on with producing my things, hopefully together with both of you, otherwise somewhere else.

    Kiss for you both

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