An Artlovers Comment

Thanks CW Finesmith for your comment on my new artwork, The Holy Gangbang, especially designed for the Mardi Gras event in the Red Light District of SL New Orleans.

Hello SaveMe, as much as i do appreciate your artwork, i do need to be able to move it to the proper location.   i regret that forcing me to buy it to move it is rather out of the spirit of fun that the event is supposed to capture.   The twist on the religious implications of Mardi Gras/Carnivale is not lost on me, that being the hedonistic celebrations prior to Lent.   Please, understand that i might disagree with the message that your work presents, but only in that you might have dealt with the gender issues differently….what with the Catholic Priest molesting children that have been an issue in the US for a while.   But i digress, please leave it in a condition that allows me to move it to it’s proper place.   I have no wish to stifle your expression, and the work stands clearly on its own merits.  more to the point i appreciate that you have done quality work putting it together.   but again, it needs to me movable.   as for the request that each exhibition give something away,
Will hapily waive that for the thought of so many noobs doing each others buts by accident

2 thoughts on “An Artlovers Comment

  1. Jesus fuckin Christ! Hehehehehe! I cant leave u to ur own devices for a second! See here, turdball! Quit pestering CW! TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS AT MARDI GRAS LIKE I TOLD YA! 😛

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