CW Finesmith Rules

Banned and ejected again, this times for not obeying the rules in the whorehouse of CW Finesmith.

Welcome Mat: Welcome to Red Light New Orleans, please enjoy your stay!

CW Finesmith: SaveMe, show some class

Jumpman Lane: not this second u retard

Second Life: Your object ‘SaveMe’s F-ART’ has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by CW Finesmith from parcel ‘Red Light New Orleans Mall’ at Plush Zeta 57, 64 due to parcel owner return.

CW Finesmith: SAVEME, show some class. I have tried to consider you a guest in my house and you persist.

Jumpman Lane: she is a retard lmao, she is a retard

CW Finesmith: No Jump, I don’t really care for her style when she is callous to my hospitality

CW Finesmith: Now SaveMe, you are a guest in my house. I have tried to me nice to you.

SaveMe Oh needs a little cat nap

SaveMe Oh: Sole, they are pestering me

Jumpman Lane: Sole tell SaveMe to behave, she listens to you.

Sole Jie: pestering you ??

Sole Jie gives a klinex to save

Jumpman Lane: screw her

SaveMe Oh: CW is so rude, I thought he was a gentleman. He don’t talk to me,  just eject me.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Sole Jie: she act always crazy, what’s new ?

Jumpman Lane: but if she is banned she ain’t eligible for the queen contest. So u better play nice SaveMe. I promised you that you will win the 10000 Linden. But than you have to cooperate.

You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.

You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.

Sole Jie shouts: saveeeeee, where are you crazy?

SaveMe Oh shout: they are ejecting me all the time. Are they Anti Asians? Klu KLux Klan?

Cannot enter parcel, you have been banned.

Veronica2vixen Devoix shouts: SaveMe where are you!!

SaveMe Oh shout: IN the hooker town

Sole Jie shouts: saveee sweetyyyyyyy. I love youuuuuuuuuu…..

SaveMe Oh shout: love you too, but they try to separate us

Veronica2vixen Devoix: I know you SaveMe

SaveMe Oh: I am a loving and caring girl

Veronica2vixen Devoix: yes you are poor poor baby

SaveMe Oh: especially for elder man

Sole Jie: you have to respect them

SaveMe Oh: respect in a porn state??? For a man who exploit woman??? Respect???? Never!


After this Bruco Sartre did an investigation on the question: Does CW Finesmith has a sense of humour?


Bruco Sartre: Hi

CW Finesmith: hello

Bruco Sartre: I’m sorry i’m experiencing a problem

CW Finesmith: how can i help?

Bruco Sartre: I have developed severe diarrhoea

Bruco Sartre: after having seen several specialists, it is apparently due to your moustache

Bruco Sartre: could you shave them off?

CW Finesmith: not on your life

CW Finesmith:who the fuck are you?

Bruco Sartre: its not about my life, more like the life of those who surround me

Bruco Sartre: come on, grab a razor

CW Finesmith: WTF?

Bruco Sartre: they make you look like a James Blunt anyway

Bruco Sartre: it will be an improvement

CW Finesmith: Who’s James Blunt

Bruco Sartre: its cockney rhyme for cunt

CW Finesmith: FUCK YOU

CW Finesmith: I have worn this on my upper lip for 40 years

Bruco Sartre: just shave one then.

9 thoughts on “CW Finesmith Rules

  1. SaveMe, I spoke with mister Finesmith and he is a very nice and educated man. Please stop being so awful to him, the man don’t deserve this.
    Here is the convestation we had, please start to grow up and behave. Play nice as others alos do.


    CW Finesmith: Greetings
    Cupido Oh: Hello mister
    CW Finesmith: I am the one with no sense of humour
    Cupido Oh: I am the one with a sad daughter at home. Was this all necessary?
    CW Finesmith: I apologize, but given that I prize good manners above most things I suspect that you may understand
    Cupido Oh: I also apologize for her behaviour
    CW Finesmith: You need not, but I thank you
    Cupido Oh: We where young also once, So don’t be to hard on her.
    CW Finesmith: We were, but I for one treated others with respect
    Cupido Oh: Respect is a degenerated word because you cant see where it comes from and who is asking for.
    CW Finesmith: I tried to offer her a display venue when others told me not to.
    Cupido Oh: I heard about your efforts and I know she is a unguided missile, but whatever choice you make, never forget she is a good girl. Very difficult, I agree. But she is good deep inside although she do her best to hide it.
    CW Finesmith: I appreciated her art and her right to create it. I will consider your words with the weight they deserve
    Cupido Oh: It is your choice, I will not try to influence your decision. But she has a bad reputation, I know.
    CW Finesmith: I appreciate your counsel.
    Cupido Oh: The inworld was also very bad to her so I can understand her rebellion
    CW Finesmith: Rebellion can be healthy new ideas are born of such
    Cupido Oh: I always use the trick; in in one ear, out the other. When you don’t react on her words, you will have hardly a problem. She has a sense of humour, I have to laugh also a little, sorry for that
    CW Finesmith: I , alas cannot.
    Cupido Oh: Take it light my friend
    CW Finesmith: She has given insult upon insult
    Cupido Oh: She is a young dog, playing, and when you try to teach her, she will bark louder.
    CW Finesmith: I do not believe she is a dog in any stretch of the imagination, she is an artist
    Cupido Oh: I as a father have my doubts, but if you say so. I would prefer she would get a proper job. I am not so fond on the art business
    CW Finesmith: i think we all would , but you also point out that they will find their own way
    Cupido Oh: She will, and she is to grown up, that she will listen to your or my advice. So, we can only hope she get more sensible as she gets older herself. for the rest I fear there is not a lot to do about it.
    CW Finesmith: Understood
    Cupido Oh: I wish you wisdom and peace of mind.
    CW Finesmith: And i wish you a light heart and a long life. And thank you for visiting
    Cupido Oh: It was nice to have a change to speak to you
    CW Finesmith: I will be at your service
    Cupido Oh: I wanted to see with my own eyes, what was the fuzz all about
    CW Finesmith: Good morning to you then
    Cupido Oh: Already afternoon here
    CW Finesmith: My mistake, the sun is not up here
    Cupido Oh: So you are working late night?
    CW Finesmith: I am trying to make sure things happen according to plan
    Cupido Oh: Hope she didn’t cost you your night rest. I will not longer take up your time. Greetings.
    CW Finesmith: She, no…. perhaps a few blood pressure points
    Cupido Oh: call me if I can be of any assistance
    CW Finesmith: My sincere thanks

  2. Daddy please!!!! Mind your own business. And what where you doing in that porn joint? Don’t you have children enough? Get out of there and get out of my life.

    And btw, look how this “nice” man reacts to me:
    CW Finesmith: When i visited you, i did not shit on your rugs, and leave the mess for youto clean up nor did i send alts to bug you. When everyone said not to let you show your work, i provided you a place to display. And when i asked you to be just a little bit respectful, you shit on my hospitalityand left hateful spiteful reminders for me to clean up. They say that the art reflects the artist, your work is filled with bile, blood, and hate. I do pity you. and no, i have no sense of humor about being insulted by an alt.

    And now he thinks Bruco is my alt. (I wish my english was that good)

  3. No Bruco aint your alt and I REALLY hope you two aint palling around SL caws the world aint ready for that! I’m still your pal and will do all I can for you as always but you pretty much blew it with cw caws u r too tardy sometimes. Tell ur fat daddy to mind his beeswax. When I find out who told cw not to let u display ur crap I’m gonna get them.

  4. Dear SAveMe. you know i love you. as always. But CW have right in a few things. you was doing good.. you was acting good. but when you are bored you react like a child. You dont want show your art, you want create reactions all the time. good or bad, show the creativity is not the same that insult, cause in the insult there isnt any art. Even in a virtual world, everybody wish respect. But i have a doubt.. WHERE IS THE FIRST PART OF THAT SCENE??. what hapened before those lines you wrote here ??.. hum. hope you dont be hiding the better place… XXX. the words of your father are gold …. “Cupido Oh: She is a young dog, playing, and when you try to teach her, she will bark louder.”, i never heared a better description.. and as i love dogs that explain my soft point whith you. 🙂

  5. she is a dog all right
    and a retard lmao. i told u to act good and ur fat daddy can get stuffed lmao but i’ll yap with cw again u r great publicity

  6. Finally he wakes up. Of course it’s all for publicity. Or do you think I am really such an awful person? NOOOO, I do it all out of my endless love for you struggling emptyheads. Let me please help you! When you are not smart enough yourself is not a shame to except help. I am there to save you. Read my name!!

  7. Ur just scared caws he is gonna sue u! I told him that that is a GREAT idea caws ur rich and its betta publicity! See you in court! Turd! :p

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