Stairway To SaveMe

After a lot of criticism on my behaviour last weeks I decided it was time for a little reflection on my sins and that’s why I created a spiritual path to enlighten myself or even Save Me. If you are also a sinner I call upon you to join me for a pilgrimage. In groups we will go up the SaveMe Stairway to Heaven. Search in my pics in my profile for the SaveMe foundation Landmark. If you fall down to earth during the trip I cannot Save you, but a few will make it to heaven. Just start down and follow the trail up. If you are not a spiritual mind or just a lazy sucker, you can also watch the movie from HP Darcy.

2 thoughts on “Stairway To SaveMe

  1. Shit! U know I hate walkin. Send me a tp to heavan! Turd! :p. I’m gonna try to get u involved in thimgs again if ya promise not to act to wacky! Do ya still do the oh theater? I forgot wtf ya told meh earlier!

  2. Cool movie. I’ll visit your blog again.

    BTW, the movie should give credit for the music. It’s polite. I assume it’s the Zappa Orchestra.

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