7 thoughts on “SaveMe Oh, Please Kill Yourself!

  1. Well, Jump that is a good idear? Do you think ‘America’ (LindenLab and friends) will let her ‘show’ be broadcasted from coast to coast? Naah, don’t think so,… First you Americans realy have to go in therapie to get off your Barbie and Ken syndrome. Remember the Janet Jackson nipple incident? Well, as long as a hole nation is getting crazy from ONE nipple, there will be no career oppertunities voor SaveMe Oh in that part of the world: the United States of America.

    Nevertheless, in Europe she is a star allready!

  2. I am blushing HP! And at least you really support me to achieve this. Jumpy only calls me and waits until I get banned. If I should write all his plans on a paper I would have toiletpaper for all my life.

  3. saveme a turd bucket is a bucket filled with turds! HP u r daffy just like ur avi! Not lookin like Ken does NOT mean tardin around SL like u rolled the fuck out from under a dumpster!

  4. Well Jump sorry to say so, your English is so poor that i can’t understand you. Try again? Someone else may translate you: if they can,..
    Where are you from Jump? Did you went to school, anyway. Is it the location you’re living now, do they all speak like you,… (Ic America)? Or is it just braindammage as a result form to much jerking?

  5. Let me rephrase that for u then HP. You remain a chump and I remain as ever Jumpman Lane. Saveme all I gotta say is Dagger1, Namvet, Flower, and now HP! You attract the saddest sacks of shit in alla MFSL! AND THAT’S WITHOUT THE JOKES! Hehehehehe

  6. When you didn’t had become the boyfriend of CW Finesmith, you could be in that list too, Jumpy. You always begged for it. But you know, I have a problem with dogs.

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