In The Name Of ART

In the name of ART so called friends of mine are fighting like cats and dogs. And as always it comes down to the same SL issue as always; WHO IS THE BOSS. Who can do his thing and who can’t? Here is what JoJa Dhara wrote me Sunday 2 November 2008:


In the name of ART …Dear Save me I dearly hope I never in the future have to ban you from an event of a fellow artist. What happened this night was outrageous. Not about you but about your lover HP Darcy. He hates ART as he disrespectful abused it for his own personal grief. Yes, for in the future if their will be an event with Artist specially of the group you hang around we first will ban him for sure. As he is not to be controlled, blind with his own misfortunes. He really at least showed his true colours as I warn many and they could see what I mean. He hates Art ..I say that again even he blogs so wonderfully about it. It was really out madness to attack art, and artist like you and all of you that way. And I am not talking only as in Avatars but also as in person…as in a project, an artistic showing in RL and in SL ….Really SaveMe Oh again do love you but please let me hate love you but not ban you …;-) This man should be ignored to support the Artists.


And now both party’s will run to the almighty Linden to complain about each other, talk about honour and respect, not knowing that they are all just toys in the hands of the Linden who just sit back and see their bank accounts grow.

When you make art in SL you accept the fact that there always can happen something unexpected and uncertain OR you create your artwork in a way that it can not be disturbed by griefers. Very simple. And the biggest thing I miss in all this is a good laugh. My god, are they all serious. They really must believe they are all the new Damien Hirsts and very rich soon with their SL artwork or candidates to become the new mayor of Almere. (for the not Dutch, a place where you don’t want to be buried).

6 thoughts on “In The Name Of ART

  1. Snif ..where are the times of grievers with floatable penisses ..that is a laugh. But what happend that night had nothing to do as what you wrote wiht the artist that made the Art and beeing judged on that. It was about personal dispute. avatar having a personal problem with another avatar that happend to be there.
    But ok..person in question is fighting windmills…

  2. HP the whole world knows why ya face gets wet every time my balls sweat! Ya hangin on meh nut hairs! Hehehehehe! Wtf ya NEED to do is let them nut hairs GOOOO! Er cya chump!

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