ALT Cloning

Last weeks it becomes a day job for me to find out who is behind the new avatars I meet. When an avatar is from 2008, well dressed, not nooby and has a more or less empty profile you can be sure; this is a new version of an old bore. Champion of the schizophrenic alt flock is HP Darcy aka Almer Papp, Almerianus Zsigmond, JanPietKlaas, TellMe, Sidonia, Elena Galicia, Bianca and Shock Yuhara. The last one just looks like HP, speaks like HP and is building the same house as HP. In his real life this man also host a thousand websites, so he must be busy all day with signing in and signing out to keep all his alter egos together. And with all the alts comes also all the groups. He is in a permanent war with everybody, so he has to take care of his DIAL group and the new VRIJSTAAT HOLLAND group, which must point the finger at Virtual Holland, where I have on the moment my Walkway To Salvation Holland/11/52/16. I have one advice for him, first try to get one avatar and the rl person behind it together in a sensible way and when you succeed in that try another alt if you feel the need. Making alts is the last escape for lonely avatars. At least they can IM themselves to have some conversation.

8 thoughts on “ALT Cloning

  1. SaveMe.. get a life.
    You propagate your existance in SL being an artform. The somewhat tragic truth is, you are just someone very lonely in RL.
    What did you expect after haunting poor HP wth your pussypixelpics. Mess around wth a man and a big erection indeed usually follows. So what.

    The overall theme of this blog is that people in SL dont want you.
    Somehow the misfit you are touches me. Guess that is why I have a look in here from time to time.

    Take care, sweety.

    • Once I tried to get a life with you, but you were to busy butthole surfing other girls so we had to split. But I am glad you still keep an eye on me. You are my Brown Reason To Live. You know that nice record from the Butthole Surfers? I play it every day in rememberance of you.

  2. See that is where “detecting alts” gets you to: You see them everywhere around.

    And yeah, thats a very nice album.

  3. Wtf do ya call someone surfin crax other than a turd! LMFAO! HP is a furrin chump! Dag1 and namvet are some reee tard’s grandpappy!

  4. Jumpy.. hun. Dag and Namvet are lovely persons whith lovely hearts… someday you will have their age and persons of your age will tell you that you are a retard grandpappy.. And can you please show your ass by the grid ??.. i dont have news from you since a few days ago.. XX kizes

  5. Sole Jie I meant that they are the abuelos of retards but retard abuelos is better! Second Life is filled with retard gradpappys! RL too! I am in the woods chopping down firs caws MY rl retard grandpappy always sells christmas trees! Its cold! But Jump Lane is an outdoorsman! I’ll be by the grid sometime in the next few days

  6. Hey, who cares about your Santa adventures. You know where you can stick your christmas tree. And we all know you are just a lumberjacker learning to read an write on older age. I guess you also go from door to door with a rendeer, and screaming HOHOHO. Don’t fool me. I know your kind

  7. See hear turdmunch (saveme ho)! We do a lotta TRADITIONAL christmas crap like chop down christmas trees for our retard grandpappy for like 5 dollars while he keeps all the rest. We get drunk off eggnog and corn liquor then threaten to beat his ol ass. Me and meh best friend Lorenzo Lo give out turkeys and hams then we tote cases of bud lite and go caroling till the cops come. Next day if we aint in jail we open our gifts throwing the sucky crap out in the front yard so alla tards who come a visitin see what we think of their shit.

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