Robotics Is Secondlife’s Knitting

When their children are sleeping older people jump behind their PC, and log in to secondlife to practice with the millions the SL sport playing with robots. Those robots are the most boring creations in “modern” secondlife. Put huge blocks on each other, exchange with your sci-fi friends the wildest rusty texture’s, put some eyes, add some steam, a tube on the left or right and you are done. That those useless giants can’t do a shit doesn’t matter. Hopelessly romantic steampunks join together to dream about time travels and the return of Mister Spock, praying the real future never comes.

I suggest to all people who are bored to dead in SL; invent secondlife knitting tools so we can pass the time that we are bored with knitting nice pullovers for the colder days that are coming. Put yourself in a rocking chair close to a warm fireplace and forget about robots, your own brain is already to rusty to be able to produce creative ideas. And are you not too old for mecano and lego or is it true older people start to be children again? Start knitting, at least you spent your time for something useful.

4 thoughts on “Robotics Is Secondlife’s Knitting

  1. playing with robots aint part of the deal.
    the thing i enjoyed the most was simboarding over virtual train tracks and meeting someone very special. 😀
    maybe you can knit warm cloths for me? hell i could use those.

  2. The tragic wth people who are bored to death in SL because in SL in the end just happens what happens in RL, performed or not, is that the reason they stick to SL is RL over the while has become even more empty and boring than its replacement.
    Now one sign of total boredom certainly is if there is no more expression of self than a negatovely judging one. pff.
    Saveme, what actually IS your problem wth simply replying Hey–np, I ll keep my sounds quiet this time. Tnks for the warning.


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