Save Me Gary Zabel!

Human rights in SecondLife, but some are still banned and denied a voice. Will Georg Janick save me and give me access to Caerleon for the Human Rights festival? I guess not. He just removed me from his facebook, after I reviewed him, just as he had asked. Sometimes I don’t know what I have to do. They ask me something and after don’t want an answer. Strange world.

2 thoughts on “Save Me Gary Zabel!

  1. oh caerleon,
    they give you land and take it back again.
    they make you work for them and then put you under pressure.
    then they give you a couple of thousand lindens and tell you the “collaborative cooperation” is over and that you get payed like any other workmen.
    then they ban you, and later they unban you. what do those people want??
    i think they want the secret order of the giant rat thing. have you seen their nukes??
    in any case they are confused people and dangerous when given power in hands.
    best is to stay away from them. Gary, one day your wife is going to run away from you and you will be rich and fat and living in the ruins of abandoned cities. read job15 from the bible. it has been said already a looong time ago.

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