So Quiet

To let you all have a peaceful christmas and a happy newyear I decide I will remove myself 3 weeks from public life. I am going to spent all the Linden I earned last year in the Middle East. When you see a nice girl in a burka somewhere between Dubai and Muscat on a camel, it could be me. I am going to think about all the sins I commited. When I am forgiven I will be back. See you all somewhere in January. Prepare yourself already for my next movie. You will be in it and you will have to kiss me. Choose your own scenery if you want. But…only kissing. Don’t get too exited.

7 thoughts on “So Quiet

  1. I pray that my enemies
    will suffer no less
    than the wicked.
    8 Such people are hopeless,
    and God All-Powerful
    will cut them down,
    9 without listening
    when they beg for mercy.
    10 And that is what God should do,
    because they don’t like him
    or ever pray.

  2. jumpthing. i am glad you have not been hit by a sylvester rocket or a falling freshly killed xmas tree!

    no you cant see on_body’s ass. it is just his representation on the internet that you see–it is him but its not his ass. it is his words. *waves

    • Unfortunately he is hit by a rocket and a tree because the man lately only talks rubish. It looks he is playing his soundbites from last year over and over again.

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