Whatever I Wear

As a natural beauty I can wear whatever I want, it always looks good on me. A fact my dear friend Sole Jie will always deny because she looks herself most of the time like a poodle, but I will forgive her this blindness.

The advantage of being so beautiful is that my life in second life becomes very cheap, I never have to buy anything, I can use what I find. And designers are cueing up to dress me. With the international money crisis on hand now I decide however to not show my beauty too much as people might find it offensive in these dark times. But you all have to forgive me for being who I am, I can’t change that. So I hope everybody can live with the fact I am so beautiful. And of course in the end it is my father who is to blame. And when you are yourself not that beautiful, always remember: it’s the inner beauty that counts.

So I wish everybody a beautiful 2009.

One thought on “Whatever I Wear

  1. I love you tons, even when you are not beautifull.. you are the most beautifull person i ever found in SL inside yourself.. you are beautifull in your mind.. you are just beautifull in your sence of humor.. you are BEAUTIFULL HUN. and i love you the same.. a pitty your avi. but nobody is perfect.. (but me of course)

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