In Loving Remembrance Of Nuova Sicilia

Community’s in secondlife are disappearing and are replaced by short events because the community’s are not holding together anymore, first because the ones who have to pay for the community playgrounds see that there is a bottom in their wallets and they don’t get much financial support from others and the LINDEN are also not helping with their rising prices and second because once steady community members fly out and spent their time elsewhere.

This is happening now to the most beautiful designed sim ever Nuova Sicila who is about to close the end of February. This was once a vibrant community of people where people could work weeks on a project together with big results at the end. Now it’s hard to find people who want to contribute, everybody goes for the quick solutions, or things you can do alone. So now we rush from one pixel artist to another to see rotating prims in all kind of ways and gone we are again. I never saw so much expositions in my SL as now, everybody is an artist, but never before I forget them so quick. Mostly they only offer me an image, never an experience (luckily there are some good exceptions).

So what stays is the memory of the crazy events in Nuova Sicilia, all inspired by the experimental visions of Cristos Benelli. The week long struggles to get a RL/SL theatre play broadcasted simultaneous in SL as RL, the search for beautiful voice-overs, the dedication of the artists to make it work. And the trust in each other that all where going for the same goal.

I have my theatre in Nuova Sicilia, I have a cinema in Nuova Sicilia, I stole a house in Nuova Sicilia who are about to become history. Of course I have my magnificent museum SaveMe in 1000 Prims in Virtual Holland, of course I have my choir in Second Enschede, but my home I am going to loose. My dear friend Sole Jie and I always look at eachother on such moments and know…under a bridge again!

Although they are extremely noisy, I start to love the Italians. Thank You Cristos.

4 thoughts on “In Loving Remembrance Of Nuova Sicilia

  1. We will be ok hunie.. i will miss the crazyness that we lived in nuova sicilia. i would like that the hipermusculated and lovely man called Cristos, could keep this place open.But all is becoming dificult in RL as well in SL. Maybe we´ll see the end of SL. In the lasts times i can not see the same emotion and creativity i used to enjoy in that pixeled world. Maybe i am older

  2. You are older, yes, but your main problem is love. The moment this man leaves you, there will be again lot’s of time for emotion and creativity.

  3. oh man sole jie. of course rl is more gray more boring more frustrating.
    more challenging. thats why in the end we stick to rl. or not.

  4. My sweet save, in real is the love what makes me feel alive,, whith or whithouth this man.. love is always in my life, i need it for live,, is part of the nature, loves makes me know all the persons i meet in SL. Loves makes me feel all that creativity i felt in that worl. Love is what makes me awake all the mornings. If you dont feel you are dead… Loves is what makes me loves you xxx…. In SL all is everyday more profesional, more busines thing, more rules, and less freedom, or thats how i felt the lasts times, cause that i spent all that time fishing in a virtual lake whith a virtual rod, virtual fishes.. SAD!ª!! i know it. But nothing better to do for me there in the lasts times. and Yes Butthole (i hate your name i must to tell) all is more boring, more gray, more frustating, but i ALWAYS was stick in my RL. there is not difference for me whith or whithouth SL.The only thing i miss from that world are my friends, my SAVE, and those times when we had all days some crazyness to do. I dont searched SL as a way to cover my time, i searched SL as a way to be free in a world free, i know you dont believe it, but i have a life enough bussy. i had, i have and i hope i will it.

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