9 thoughts on “OH So Cold

  1. I LOVE IT .. I LOVE IT. Is your best work .. No words….. Buttttt.. what hapened in the voice of my granddady ???… i never saw that side of that man, interesting the change, he is becoming so white skin as you. My pierrots family. LOVE YOUU!!!
    PDT: OMG THAT CURLY HAIRRRRR…..ARE YOU TOO A POODLE NOW???.. SWEETTTTT!! . The next step will be take care of a Dog. You are close hun. you are close to that.. XXX

    • Performing arts, performing arts, my dear. We in our actorsfamily can be whatever we want. White, yellow, bold, curly, female, male, a dog…a canary.
      Btw, did you see me acting in those two dutch movies? Maybe I am still going to be a star.

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