Love Is In the Air But Not In Mine

Valentinesday 2009. My brother Docoor Oh asks my best friend Sole Jie to marry him, Flower Exonar aka Stockton Enzo moving in with his girlfriend Calimero (Calimera Lane), Petgirl Bergman busy 7 days to create a Swedish hotspot for the cold northern icehearts and Sabrinaa Nightfire desperate with red hearts on her head at an Anti-Valentines party and my Belgium friend Dan tied up in Russian ropes. Love is a crazy

Docoor Oh asking Sole Jie to marry him.

10 thoughts on “Love Is In the Air But Not In Mine

  1. Dear HP, sole jie is just a woman who found someone special. someone who broke the barriers
    You never can say you will never drink of that water, life is a mistery dont try to understand it.

  2. yes.. but in this case i just let him doit. it was a cuestion of acept it, he never forced me. and i never forced him . things hapened. thats all. in the natural way

  3. you dont gotta explain nothing to these turds sole. if ur happy be happy. and save meh you forgot to mention u spentthe morning gttin Ms can Flo’s footsquare in ur ass. sittin on my throne, and amkin new friends cause Charli thinks ur cool :p

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