The Pulsating Prim Plague

I love to go to exhitions and performances but in recent weeks I get more and more sick when I visit one. Every gallery seems littered with ugly rotating and pulsating items that have to be viewed as art. I would just qualify it as garbage. The biggest garbage lately could be found on the one prim expo. A collection of garbage all with the names of the “artists” written under it. So I would like to scream to all the “artists”; please let me experience something, shock me, make me laugh, make me angry or touch my heart, but please stop littering my screen. First we had to suffer with the Neo Romantic of the steampunk adepts who want to ruin the world once more with poluting machines, now we get the esotherical hysterical flower power prims. Are the times that bad that we have to escape from something?

3 thoughts on “The Pulsating Prim Plague

  1. let people experience something through your “art”, provoque whom you can (and actually _if_ you can), trigger laughter and/or anger and touch someone else’s heart than Sole’s.
    leave behind boredom and frustrated yelling.
    if people say wow instead of piss off you have successfully followed your own advice.
    if people invite you to set up an installation (and do actually not just want to fuck your avatar) and give you prims for use instead of banning you, you have successfully followed your own advice.
    look. you do neither manage to be a clown, nor do you succeed to drama. all you do is to yell on and on either on how shit other folks fascinations are or how shit it is no one acknowledges your fascination.
    and i believe the people who leave you behind just because you do bore them hurt more than the ones who ban you.
    but hay. is never too late. we stop to learn when we stop to breath. .-)

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