Banned At Home

Yesterday I get banned from the place that I call my SL home, Nuova Sicilia. I must have lived there for more than a year. The sim is closing today, and I was preparing a farewell memorial on the central square in front of the theatre and cinema where I worked a lot when a college German filmmaker came and start to order me around.


SaveMe Oh: hi falco

FALCO Tomsen: mach es weg die scheisse bitte (take away the shit please)

SaveMe Oh:: hey

FALCO Tomsen: ich filmen (I am filming)

SaveMe Oh: I am preparing also something. You think you have the exclusive rights? This is my teatro, cinema and house

FALCO Tomsen: absolutly.. mach weg bitte (absolutely, make it go away please)

SaveMe Oh:: you are starting to act as a german dictator.

FALCO Tomsen: biss gleich (see you)

Entering chat range: Cristos Benelli (13m) (this is Falco with the avatar of cristos, the owner of the sim)

Cristos Benelli: mach weg.. hab ich gesagt (Make it go away, I said)

(and he ejected my special stonehenge)

Cristos Benelli: i think saveme that you can fly.. and for always


AND HE BANNED ME on the last day of Nuova Sicilia.


But what he forgot is that I also have some limited powers on Nuova Sicilia, so I went to all the parcels that he banned me from, opened the landowners box, removed myself from the ban list and added FALCO Tomsen on the banned residents list after I ejected him (luckily he was AFK, because I was trembling)


FALCO Tomsen: hey..

SaveMe Oh: ?

FALCO Tomsen: Im banned

SaveMe Oh: I guess they had enough of your behavior

FALCO Tomsen: say me what do you want from me

SaveMe Oh: Nothing. I want my freedom. Nothing more nothing less. You deny me that.

FALCO Tomsen: I want only make my job

SaveMe Oh: me too

FALCO Tomsen: ok now .. please.. keep off the ban. SaveMe.. do you understand?

SaveMe Oh: If you stop bothering me. And you behaved very rude. So I asked them the same then you did to me. (little lie for the good cause)

FALCO Tomsen: I bothering you!!!!!!!

SaveMe Oh: Yes, why you think you have the exclusive rights of a scenery? Everybody has to move for you? Everybody has to listen to you? Why?

FALCO Tomsen: no  absolutly I will make only my job

SaveMe Oh: But why you think you can order people around? I have also my rights in my home.

FALCO Tomsen: and today I was nervos becouse yesterday you sabotage my filming

SaveMe Oh: I dont sabotage, I add some nice things so they dont get boring

FALCO Tomsen: nice think.. with a “fuck you” poster?

SaveMe Oh: Hilarious, isn’t it, or you prefer an oldfashioned familypicture?

FALCO Tomsen: ok .. np.., bye saveme

SaveMe Oh: have a nice day and make a nice movie


This afternoon I will remove him from the banlist again, when I still can, because I hate this tool, but for FALCO it was a necessary education.

And to the real Cristos:

6 thoughts on “Banned At Home

  1. The comment of Miss Oh is incorrect and I would say better.
    Miss Oh, so educated , has placed some vulgar objects while I was working, in agreement with Cristos Benelli, THE ONLY OWNER of Nuova Sicilia.
    Who you would see the education and the good manners of Miss Oh (really a serious artist) can contact me, I will pleased to show the picture that the big artist has rested. She don’t wrote this small particular…
    I precise that I have had authorization from Cristos Benelli to utilize his avatar, I don’t think Miss Oh can say nothing about this .
    Miss Oh, for the object in your inventory, I think is more appropriate a hot land and not a cultural land.
    Have you nice day Miss Oh.

  2. This vulgar object I was putting there was part of an artwork to wave goodbye to the Italians, waving dicks around a fuckable doll with Italian flag. In a way to say: Fuck the Italians for doing this to us. And you disturbed that work with your slow filming of almost dead avatars. Instead with a big bang Sicilia died, due to you, like a patient they took of the oxygen, although they don’t like that in Italia.

  3. [14:21] FALCO Tomsen: You have been ejected from ‘Media ART’ by FALCO Tomsen.
    [14:22] SaveMe Oh: hey?
    [14:22] SaveMe Oh: first you invite me back and now?
    [14:22] FALCO Tomsen: no coment .. you are mute.. I’M ITALIAN TOO
    [14:23] SaveMe Oh: for a filmmaker you hate a lot good drama
    [14:23] SaveMe Oh: do you ever laugh?

  4. with Falco is like to put words into a trash garbage..I know he, and I know his bad behavior..he don’t know the education..
    ..big hug huny..^^..

  5. Thanks for the support, I didn’t know him at all, but his caracter became clear very quick, and it was not a nice sight.

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