When Artists Start To Censor Eachother

Moviemakers of Secondlife joined eachother in a NING based group called the Second Life Machinima Artist Guild. But only after two weeks it’s already infiltrated by the censors among us. Was it the Pope who complained, George Bush or are we back in the days of Joseph McCarthy?


Lowe Runo: Hi SaveMe… I need to talk to you. Im having some issues with the NING platform TOS and some of your content. They can erase our whole website. Not cool.

SaveMe Oh: I didn’t add anything to the ning, its all through other sites. And as a free artist and fighter against censorship this is a hot issue for me.

Lowe Runo: I know but … I need to protect everyone else… They would probably be more lenient if it was a private site…that is people would have to join to see the pages…unfortunately we are not set up that way.

SaveMe Oh: Add a warning for the easy shocked.

Lowe Runo: Well I have been warned so I have to protect the site as it is. Any pussy or dick shots have to go for now.

SaveMe Oh: That’s ridiculous, as they are an artistic outing and never pornografic.

Lowe Runo: Maybe we can establish a co-platform (join only) later

SaveMe Oh: I can not accept a ban on the human, and in this case pixelate body.

Lowe Runo: And feature the hotter content there.

SaveMe Oh: I am not intersted in hot, i only show the reality of SL.

Lowe Runo: Well you are lucky to live in a more liberal country then mine too. We are more reserved here u..the culture is more repressed I admit it.

SaveMe Oh: I expect people in less priviliged countries also to fight for the freedom of artists. It’s a principe thing.

Lowe Runo: But none the less we will loose the Guild as a whole if the complaint goes uncorrected.

SaveMe Oh: Ask the one who dont want this to leave. They are not artists but moralists. Art has the function to trigger opinions of people.

Lowe Runo: I agree with you but unfortunately NING is the platform I choose and they have a TOS…I think we could get by with it if it was a private network but I am not set up that way

SaveMe Oh: I cannot understand you dont share that opinion

Lowe Runo: My opinion doesnt count, it is not my platform. I must abide by their TOS.

SaveMe Oh: You ask me to take consequences, but you can also do it yourself, when you agree with me

Lowe Runo: Ok why dont you simply do this… create another network within NING and make it JOIN ONLY to see the pages…I will provide links to your network and the problem is solved. People can still view your content.

SaveMe Oh: They can view my content everywhere, thats not the problem, its about a guild of moviemakers where one moviemakers ask the other to censor herself.

Lowe Runo: Sorry crashed

SaveMe Oh: Didn’t mean to do that, lol.

Lowe Runo: You didnt…btw I like a lot of your work. You and I actually share some viewpoints and humor.

SaveMe Oh: I make things on the edge, I know, but thats just the purpose.

Lowe Runo: Other stuff is not to my taste…but this is nothing personal…it is the fear of shit canning 200 other vids from other members.

SaveMe Oh: I also don’t see it as personal, but as a case of principes.

Lowe Runo: Yeah I know but the guy with the big switch has the control and in this case its NING

Lowe Runo: They have gay and very risque networks I checked but all are JOIN ONLY. That is the key to avoid censorship I believe.

SaveMe Oh: I can not see my works from moving pixels as disturbing, so I am afraid I can’t do anything about it, I am an artist and I stand for my work.

Lowe Runo: Well I will have to remove anything depicting the aforemetioned genitilia, sorry.

SaveMe Oh: Then I welcome you in the guild of censors.

Lowe Runo: I will support any effort you make to begin another network … even provide links and advertisement. I must protect the majority of individuals…if it were me I would take the hit and remove what was needed for the rest of the group.I am truly sorry

SaveMe Oh: I have this kind of thing all the time, I will also react on it on my own way

Lowe Runo: Well I like you Save Me Oh… I want you to continue sharing with us…I will not tolerate shenanigans or immaturity  …. I think you are better then that!

SaveMe Oh: The shenanigans word I don’t understand and immature things I don’t make

Lowe Runo: Good, thank you for being understanding, I need to go.

SaveMe Oh: I dont understand it actually but thanks for letting me know.

Lowe Runo: Yw…I meant what I said about supporting a mature Join only network. Cooperation gets the most done and gets your work out there. Hasta luego.

18 thoughts on “When Artists Start To Censor Eachother

  1. This is typical these days of artists not standing up against censorship. In the big picture of the art world, your stuff is relatively mild in content. I think that the person controling this Ning network should seriously consider finding a platform that does not censor artworks due to content. This is a big issue in my opinion.

    I looked at the TOS for Ning and the paragraph they are using here is “..Ning and its designees reserve the right, but shall have no obligation, to pre-screen, filter, remove, refuse to accept, post, display, or transmit any Content through or on any Social Network or the Ning Platform in whole or in part at any time for any reason or no reason with or without notice and with no liability of any kind.”

    This is a real problem on the internet these days……

  2. NING has discontinued their “red light district” option (see http://help.ning.com/cgi-bin/ning.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=3451&p_created=1228187516&p_sid=idzwU*sj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9Niw2JnBfcHJvZHM9JnBfY2F0cz0mcF9wdj0mcF9jdj0mcF9wYWdlPTEmcF9zZWFyY2hfdGV4dD1SZWQgTGlnaHQgRGlzdHJpY3Q*&p_li=&search_method=) which means they’ll shut a site down if its flagged for complaints.

    The Guild is an open group, all the Guild’s pages are crawled by Google and all its pages are open to anyone using the Internet. That means that ANYONE using the Internet can complain to NING and get the entire site nerfed. Personally, I don’t care if you make machinima about Donkey Shows, however, I do care about the Guild and recognize the NING platform is a free service and anyone who uses it is captive to its Terms of Service.

    When I read the chat transcript with Lowe, it seemed to me he was offering you a compromise … start your own NING platform, invite others from the Machinima group (he would cross promote it) and everyone can post their graphic stuff there. You write that you are a “free artist and fighter against censorship”. OK, I believe you. Live your word …start your own NING site! At best, no one will complain so NING won’t notice. At worst, only that site will be taken down for breaking the NING ToS.

  3. why should the owner of the group have to do anything? There is a large number of users ok that ning group, and saveme is the only one to have had an issue. There is enough strife and unpleasantness outside of art and sl, why bring your issues here? Your argument is best served aimed at ning rather than the group owner.

    Of course misdirected anger is always harder to back down from isn’t it?

    Lowe said nothing bad here, he is merely trying to keep the community within the guidelines that the individual members agreed toanide by upon sign up.

    Your indignation toward Lowe is uncalled for in my opinion, and your judgement and lack of respect in terms if pasting a private conversation is startling.

  4. The easyness in which artists except their work to be censored on different internet platforms disturbs me. People don’t question any moral right of all these rules, they just except the power of commerce in their own search for a moment of fame in cyberspace. Who wants respect should not behave like a whore, to do what the highest bidder asks. Where is the time when art had something rebelious, anti esthablisment? Nowadays we only find the YouTube slaves. No respect at all, you are right.

  5. I do not find anything offensive about “Saveme Oh, Please Kill Yourself”. Apart from the low fps and windows menu appearing, there is real creativity and talent in the production of this machinima. It would be a shame if something like this is even at risk of being censored out. I also see Lowe’s point of view…especially about protecting the contribution of every member. In my opinion, if Ning cannot support media like this, maybe it is best to relocate the SL Machinima Artists Guild to another less restrictive and more open-minded platform. Sacrificing artistic expression and creativity will lead to a bland collection of metaverse films. And that’s not good for all of us.

  6. [13:06] Lowe Runo: (Saved Thu Mar 19 20:52:19 2009) You have been ejected from ‘SL Machinima Artists Guild’ by Lowe Runo.

  7. Machinima comes in al shapes and sizes, that’s why it is such a fantastic medium. I hope you find a platform for your work SaveMe, one that you are happy with and you do not feel restricts you, because your work is breathtaking. However violating the privacy of another is surely within the realm of that which you disapprove of so vehemently?

  8. I don’t understand saveme oh, the Machinima group it was already created and defined by the creator by it rules and guidelines, he is doing only his job (read admin) and u just come and start a “war!?” against people there! Please, I’ve done things wrong too, they called me and told me what things works there, np, I still want to be part of that group, I still love art, I still do same work as before, I respect them so simple as that.

    The group still great as before (read group) and please don’t mess it up. Peace.

  9. In response to:

    13:06] Lowe Runo: (Saved Thu Mar 19 20:52:19 2009) You have been ejected from ‘SL Machinima Artists Guild’ by Lowe Runo.

    First of all I have Known Lowe Runo almost since his rez-day in second life. I have been fortunate to have been featured in several of his projects. He is kind and loves machinima and the making of machinima very much. He is generous with his time, money and energy and supports new machinima makers. When he started The Second Life Machinima Artists Guild, http://slmachinimaarts.ning.com/ he saw that the NING Platform was a good deal (FREE) so he began it on a lark, he never thought the group would ever grow like it did. Not until a complaint arose did he even worry nor was aware of the NING PLATFORM TOS.

    Now In the case of Miss SaveMe Oh, he could have done what most web administrators would have done, that is DELETE ALL OF HER CONTENT, but instead he carefully and painstakingly reviewed each picture and machinima and surprisingly left the majority of work intact.

    What’s more, he offered a way for artists with controversial content to CONTINUE to exhibit their work on the guild by LINKING to a non public PRIVATE network that SMALL CHILDREN looking at the Guilds OPEN network could not easily reach. A problem you will face no matter what other platform you choose Arie Oceanlane.
    We as adults are responsible for what is viewable by kids and kids love machinima.

    Instead SaveMe Oh, in fit of narcissism decided this was yet another venue to create a tempest in a teapot, showing no regard for her fellow members and their content.

    BTW, publishing private chat, sending unauthorized group announcements in-world and showing no respect for her fellow artists nor listening to intelligent solutions when offered is the very definition of SHENANIGANS. The kind that get you ejected from a group.

    After googling miss Oh, we find a person sadly craving attention, time and time again, creating incidents to showcase her and disregarding others.

    Sadly, the only mistake my friend Lowe made on the Guilds website was welcoming SaveMe oh in the first place.

  10. Creating incidents is a large part of my artwork because otherwise the machinima guild is ending up like a Disney channel. After the TOS now I have to worry if kids see it? Are you also gonna remove the murderscenes? The violence and the warmovies too? Now it looks like I add the most horrifying items when it”s in fact mild teasing.
    When I read the reactions here there is a lot of tempest in teapots to create still . An aging hippie teapot, thats how it look like.

  11. It is quit simple when joining anything in this world YOU must fully understand the ruling of the group or organization or exhibition to which you join. You took it upon your-self to NOT fully consider the rules of a given TOS, or rules of such and then you wish turn around to lash out to blame others for your lack of ability or experience or education in doing so. Further you wish to center your blame in your lack of fully educating yourself on such TOS on one person trying to protect many who have read as well each agree to abide by the rules of the given TOS or rules set to place long before you ever arrived. You further slander that individual for your lack of ability in understanding such in place TOS to the point that it could be taken to most any court against you. i.e. using material you have no right to or no permission to is like stealing the very work of any artist in any field of any given art.

    In showing art exhibits in the “real world” which I do often, as well am nationally awarded in, there are rules or TOS in place at ANY given art exhibition as to what is allowed to be shown, as well what mediums are allowed, as well what is not allowed in either medium or subject matter. They all each have their own rules. It is my person’s OWN responsibility to know what is expected of what I send in to be reviewed or judged by the field of my peers just as it is every artist’s as well you. Thus in ALL exhibition of artist competitions or viewings we, as our work is judged by our peers or in your words censored. If you do not like the rules in place at any given outlet for exhibition of artistic expression of creation you simply DO NOT show your work there. To condemn anyone, the exhibition, or outlet which does not allow such by it’s own rules or TOS set in place is simply a out cry for personal help on the out criers part, and has nothing what so ever to do with the artistic viewing form, exhibition or judging at all.

  12. this ting is becomming an artpeace itself – lol.
    i actually have no time to participate this gumup in an appropriate way.

  13. I remember when the Corcoran Museum in Wasington DC censored the art of a couple of artists due to political pressure. That museum never recovered its credibility to this day.

    The issue here isn’t SaveMe Oh’s specific work, it is that puritanical prudes can control what the rest of us see or hear.

    We should always realize that art censorship is a BAD thing.

    The Rules are Rules arguement is just a load of crap.

    Let’s at least agree here on the principle. Art censorship must be called what it is when we see it.

  14. Interesting to read this. My opinion is that every community has the right to make its own rules of moderation. Members should totally respect that or stop whining and move on.

    The net is large enough for all of us, there are plenty of sites that are absolutely ‘Non-Disney’ and some are even willing to host you for free, if you refuse to invest money in your art. (like WordPress.com is doing right here!) Or simply invest some time (or even money) to set up a community yourself.

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