Why Can’t I Wear Red?

You are invited to an exposition, you dress up nice (a lovely red dress), do your hair, add a nice make-up and this is the first thing you hear when you enter:


Miskat Qinan: hey SaveMe… we kinda have a Black&White dresscode going on…

SaveMe Oh: I hate rules as you know

SaveMe Oh: so you can do with your dress code what you want

Miskat Qinan: well, I ask you to respect it

SaveMe Oh: respect is an awful word

SaveMe Oh: please tell Imma (Imma is his gf, the only one allowed in red) she is totaly out of tune here

SaveMe Oh: nooo, you banned her???

SaveMe Oh: bad man

Miskat Qinan: Imma is my gf and it is my request

Miskat Qinan: can I ask you to leave now?

Miskat Qinan: I like this to be about me tonight, not you


Miskat Qinan shouts: I will make one statement and with that it should be clear. This exhibition is over. And not because of SaveMe, but because of one of the founders here find that I should accept that both me and my girlfriend get hugely disrespected, that I get shouted at and that that is perfectly fine to be repeated in open chat… I will not accept this and unprofessional behaviour like this is not an environment where either I, my art, nor my girl and dear friends belong. I thank Velaz and Milla for the awesome build and support. I thank Dex for willing to DJ. And I thank all my friends for being here and the compliments. But as of now, this exhibition has ended.

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Wear Red?

  1. well when I received the invite to that expo in my mail and read about that dress code it was no big deal to figure hardly everyone would follow it. and asking someone to be banned–even if its SaveMe Oh–for reasons of speaking out is ridiculous to expect from Benvolio people. I am sorry for Vela and Josi. they allways put big effort in the artists they feature.

  2. thats like expecting from rl vernissage visitors to walk in on their hands.
    i mean–its a very nice means to actively involve recipients into aninstallation and make them participants in a performance. and theres manyfolded examples for such all over the world. but as far as I know no one calls such things ‘dress code’.
    of course you can also make it an experiment. but then again, would someone who is interested in conducting a ‘dress code experiment’ within an arts gallery expo opening setting make such a drama over whatever turns out. ah well.. too many words on too much of nutting. guess I havent missed anything.

  3. Miskat is a lovley person…you wore red to upstage…almost like wearing white to a wedding…just not cricket im sorry!

  4. miskat is a lovley person…you wore red to upstage…almost like wearing white to a wedding…its just not cricket im sorry!

  5. Nobody denies he is a lovely person, only most of the time nice persons behave nice. And how could I know his girlie had to be the red dress queen? And when it was al so personal and sacred, why he invite people? He makes lovely work but next time he better stays home himself. We have much more fun without him.
    Am I a lovely person now also?

  6. ah. I have figured it. coincidentally savesomeoneelse and his gf wore both red and THAT was the critical point. how lame. :p

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