Second Life Machinima Censors Guild

You have been banned from Second Life Machinima Artists Guild Sorry, SaveMe Oh, you can not access Second Life Machinima Artists Guild as you have been banned. If you think you’ve been banned in error, you can contact the administrator. Message to the Administrator.

New censors have arrived in the ranks of the secret police, disguised as artists. Lowe Runo, Toxic Menges and Cisko Vandeverre now decide which movies are in and out with the bible of  rules in their hand. I am glad Pasolini, Fellini, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Truffaut, Godard, Bunuel, Bergman and Antonioni don’t have to witness this.

5 thoughts on “Second Life Machinima Censors Guild

  1. Pitiful turn of events to be sure.

    So how about some detail and background? Until then, it’s all hearsay and just you complaining about someone calling you a dirty name with no witnesses. No sarcasm intended. I also am an “artist” (though I don’t go around proclaiming that) as a graphic designed, professional photographer and videographer.

    So about a little when, where, who, how and why? Until them, you post just looks like a disgruntled rant. But by answering what are no doubt the common sense questions, others who contribute to the genre will have better information that may (or may not) be useful to them.

  2. I checked their site rules. They even suggest that people that get their content deleted should join Art with Attitude – We don’t need any rules!

    Looked for you work there but didn´t find it.

    My best friend and neighbour in SL says she loves you after having spent hours reading your blog by the way :))

  3. This is all about a general devolopment on the internet, groups who censor themselves or others hiding behind rules from commercial partners who win a lot of money with our contributions. When I help the YouTube, Facebook and Ning boys to get rich, please at least on my own terms and not on theirs. Otherwise we are really slaves of the ones who turned this world into a crisis. And artists who censor themselves for commerce mark the beginning of the end. They all want us to join for free, let us be free to add what we want.

  4. I’m with you both. It’s why I never upload the “high-quality” version of anything on YouTube. Only my ‘goofing-around” type photography goes up to the Flickr and so on.

    Reserve the high-quality work for your terms. Upload the portfolio-grade content at the ‘public’ places, including SL.

    One thing I have learned about “association” groups in SL: they always are political in nature and there always are strings attached designed to get the creators/organizers/managers right with notoriety, publicity even money. Rarely is there anything in it for the contributors.

    So, as a an artist, my only advice to brethren is: play the game by your rules. Take everything offered with a serious grain of salt. Diversify. And hold everything close, very very close to the vest.

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