Are Virtual Gas Chambers Next?

Or How To Get Rid Of An Avatar You Don’t Like


When new rulers take over your country or you enter in their country watch your neighbours, friends, family or unsuspicious looking strangers very closely. You might not be aware that they are members of the Gestapo, KGB, CIA, Stasi, DINA, Securitate or Linden G-team reporting every move you make to their superiors and have you arrested, banned, tortured or executed.

Those people want to get rid of you because of the following reasons:

  • You use too much your right of freedom of speech
  • You take too much attention
  • You don’t do what they want you to do
  • You do what they don’t want you to fo


Why they can arrest, ban, torture or execute you?

  • They paid more money then you for their rights
  • They have more power then you
  • They collaborated for more power
  • They choose the side of the new rulers


Are those new rulers democratically elected and are their judges official?

·         No, but who cares if you have the power?

·         No, why you need democracy when you have the money and the power?

·         No, why you need democracy when people are willing to betray their best friends for a better position for themselves


Don’t you have to search the mistake in yourself instead of accusing others?

  • No because I was born a drama queen and also drama queens must have some human and avatar rights, even when it’s very disturbing. And who else will enlighten your boring real or second life? Kill the jester and the laugh will be gone forever.


In the meantime we will wait for the invention of internet connected electric chairs and Zyklon B spreading computer screens what will give the future rulers the power to get rid of unwanted guests more adequate and permanent.

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