My Promises

I shall not upload movies to YouTube. Next time I will listen when they warn me 3 times in six months and delete my account.

I shall not upload movies to Facebook. Next time I will listen when they tell me to stop.

I shall not play SaveMe Oh soon anymore. I better listen to the Linden when they warn me. They don’t warn me 4 times for nothing.

I shall not be a member of the Second Life Machinima Artists Guild. I better listen good when saint Lowe Runo explains me the rules.

I shall not interfere when Jumpman Lane inseminates his group of curly blonde bimbo poodles. As a pornking he has the right to do so and even when not, it’s not my business.

I shall not accuse machinima makers of being slaves of commercial corporations. I should leave everybody free in their choice to be a prostitute.

I shall not speak in public about the ugliness of pulsating prims. Everybody has the right to play an artist in secondlife.

I shall not add sounds to concerts who are boring and without quality. Everybody has the right to produce shit.

I shall not litter the screen with my attachments to create a more interesting view. Everybody has the right to be in their own ugly surrounding without me interfering.

I shall listen very carefully to the advices of Georg Janick, HP Darcy, Sole Jie, Falco Tomsen, Henry125 Petrov, Coco Jaxxon, Wiski Oh, Cupido Oh, CW Finesmith, Ze Moo, JoJa Dhara and every Linden as they all want me to get better one day.


8 thoughts on “My Promises

  1. Hun, dont include me in that group… i say you all that by a diference reason, i dont want they make desapear SAVEME OH, i need that silly girl … i just doit cause i am egoist… XXX

  2. Interesting promisses (or prayer) SaveMe Oh. I’m sure you can fulfil them. Then, If you accomplish this all, it will not make you a happy girl, but what the fuck, you where never that happy.

    Maybe it’s time for the real and final dead of SaveMe Oh? What SaveMe Oh can, SaveMe OHare (or any other) can do better! Or maybe, you can come back as a ‘real girl’, and not as the nun SaveMe is now. Nun’s are are useless.

  3. I’m curious about you. Do you consider Second Life as a tool for artistry (and if so I agree you should have all the freedom you want) or do you use Second Life like many others do (and if so, do you have your own limits)?

    • Not intentional, but maybe from the subconsience SL became indeed a tool to express myself in a new world. The choices I made in my first days of SL lead me to that path. Everything, the blog, the appearances, the movies, pics and books are part of that. And the reactions of others made the whole concept even stronger. When SL was only an animated chatbox I would be gone away a long time ago. Now I will find ways to keep my caracters expressing themsellves, ofcourse limited by my own rules, and yes, I also have limits. My goal is more freedom of expression then freedom of insulting.

  4. My gosh!!! God made some miracle… And we will keep a marvelous friend from the cold emptyness of the servers programms.

    In my opinion :

    1/ the more your brilliant, the more the people are jealous.
    2/ the more the idea is simple and perfect, the more you can be considered as an ennemy
    3/ the more you use big network, the more the money will decide for yourself
    4/ the more your nice, sweet, and gentle, the more they want to destroy you
    5/ just take easy and get fun!!!


  5. snif how borring!!! but good always have to suffer from the bad ;-( or in case of othere way around ??? always adore you SaveMe ….

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