Cheesus Loves You


Sunday 7 june was the rememborable day the Dutch Salvation Church opened her doors. Many worshippers received the message that Cheesus loves you and that Cheesus saves you and run to the church of the bikini God to find the spiritual Cheesus inside yourself. The worshippers found themselves in a pulsating and rotating prim free zone and experienced for the first time the total freedom of being in the hands of Cheesus what felt liked being in control yourself again. What a blessing!
So go also to the church and find your way to Cheesus. Free bikinis are in front of the church in the cheese-cube with the Dutch flag.
Regular preaching by the Holy Cheesus herself mainly on Sundays. Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Cheesus Loves You

  1. i losed it :((( sorrryyyyyyy… damn ..but i am the first fan of the cheesus church…… i am still wearing the bikini

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