Poodles For Sale

To make sure he has not to pay himself for the expenses of his filthy Slut magazine Jumpman Lane collected a pack of poodles (blond, bimbolike, curly and low IQ) around him that he auctions once in a while so he has some Linden for uploading dirty pics. Because the extreme low quality of the poodles he has to sell them as often as possible to serve his handjob needing. Candace Flossberg went away for a lousy 2000 Linden, Veronica2Vixen Devoix(who has a little more brain cells) for 5000. Annie Juran we don’t mention here as she earns money for her boss playing a child avatar. Jumpman must be an animal lover and a friend of children.

When all this poodles would work one afternoon in the Ronald MacDonald house they would earn 1000 times more and could even give something away for charity.

I keep on doing my best in the meantime to turn Jumpman Lane into a decent citizen who can really contribute something to society, but it’s a long way.

Here you see me in his pool teaching him to swim. When that is finished I will teach him to read and write.

Swimming lessons

8 thoughts on “Poodles For Sale

  1. Hey girl jumpy changed tha house cawz…………..I DoNT KnoW!
    LOL I saw u did a movie about it I haven’t seen it cawz I’m on mobile phone
    But I will once I log in computer wise!

  2. You dont get any webhits. Don’t you know Jumpy is opening the page over and over again to make it look like many hits? Just as he created 1000 emailadesses so he can get his 1000 followers in Twitter. He is all day busy with talking to himself.

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