The Sad Return

For the third time in a row in my Secondlife I came back from holidays and found everybody back in a desolate state. Depressed, bored and without a guidance in their secondlife. It looks that they can’t survive some weeks without me around. HP Darcy gets immediately banned from Schoondamme, Sole Jie erases all her profile in a mind blowing gigantic depression after she divorced from my brother Docoor Oh and Jumpman Lane continues in an incredible sad repetition of himself with some desperate poodles around him writing down the same words over and over again. Even the loser ChibiCho Hamaski seems to be back to bother Sole with the same bullshit as a year ago. Is there no progression at all? Do I have to take everybody by the hand and pamper them? People twice my age, some even wearing a moustache or being a notorious hillbilly? I already feel the desperate need for a new holiday and maybe I can hire in the mean time a psychiatrist to glue all the broken pieces of this twisted people.

But as I am too good for this world I will take up my duty again and try to pull this social leftovers together again. But I feel like Don Quichotte.

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