The Bullshit Sensor

It started all with Caerleon where the professors tought is was necesary to educate the viewer. Art classes to explain what was exposed. My bullshit sensor starts to beep loudly and I was removed quickly by the politburo of Caerleon. I personally prefer art for which an explanation is not needed and where it is up to the viewer what to think about it. Yesterday a group of breathless groupie admirers of the genius DanCoyote Antonelli, a walking black carrot with a Tinkerbell wand, was invited to hear his views on his art. My bullshit sensor went off as he started to speak in riddles and visions about parameters and changing winds. Does anyone seriously think we are interested to stand there one hour hearing this teacher/preacher disguised as an artist? Why can’t he sent it on a note card? Why can’t he explain his genius in IM to the people who really want to know. Doesn’t he have a blog? Why all avatars have to be quiet and listen to the master? The reason is the ego trip, the intention to make the artist more important than the work so everyone can lick his feet and yell applause and clap clap clap for a black carrot artist with a Tinkerbell wand, nobody asking him if he is in RL not Donald Duck. And when we are quiet for one hour we can’t play, have fun, interact, tease, grief or tell the truth. The good thing was that all was organised in an open garden so I could made up my own mind. And my own mind told me PARTYTIME!!! And it was a great party after all. Thank you DanCoyote for your great flexibility and improvisation talent and good luck with chasing Roadrunner, meep, meep.

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