When A Story Starts To Write Itself

Roxelo Babenco wrote:


In Second Life, almost all SaveMe Oh fear, they feel threatened by her and interpret her behavior as inappropriate and lacking education. Many residents consider SaveMe Oh a provocative and disturbing person.

A SaveMe like interact during performances, and often does so with transgressive interventions. It did so even during Arena, but none of us has ever taken the complaints against him, but his performances have always added something extra to the event.

SaveMe I know that may seem disrespectful and wrong, but these are the peculiarities of his character, never assume, deliberately provocative and transgressive, in perpetual struggle against the conformists.

Do not be afraid to SaveMe Oh, only because it avoids the mediocrity and conformist behavior, not ban her if she “disturb” your event. She will be a real performance, without script or cloth, according to the art of improvisation.

She is never trivial, is not kind, says what they think! Sometimes his thoughts may be unpleasant for the recipient, however, should be so great to be recovered and also counter the thoughts that we do not like, because I believe that the comparison is positive and a sign of openness and intelligence.


Liz Solo

Kiss my ass SaveMe Oh


Olga Wunderlich

One of the best spirits of Second Life!


Liz Solo

farting noises


Lapsus Weinstein

Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!


Roxelo Babenco

A question: which is the spirit of second life that we should meet? Recopy what the real life or we should feel free to experiment with other methods of communication and interaction?


SaveMe Oh

Can someone send me the ass of Liz Solo so I can kiss it?


DC Spensley (aka Dancoyote Antonelli aka the Black Carrot)

“This person is NOT an artist but a BULLY, plain and simple who represents the worst kind of mean spirited humor which is not art. This character is a cowardly person, hiding behind an alt avatar, who  poses as an artist to mask deeply anti-social behavior.

Roxelo, your indulgence of this stupidity does deep discredit to you and disservice to Arco and the Uqbar MdM space. You should be ashamed of yourself for protecting this miscreant.

(but your protection did not stop them from being bitten by the coyote did it?)

Those of you artists who think I am being too harsh have simply not been attacked by this fool. The joke is only funny when it is not on you…


If you are attacked, stand your ground, keep your cool and this person will go away. Never back down from a bully.”


Olga Wunderlich

being controversial once was a goal of Second Front, I guess SaveMe still is!


Sole Jie

i just love her.. she is SL for me.. my idea of SL is she.. do whatever you want. dont try to do of SL a real busines, dont try to spent your time, money and efort in to be a fashion great artist in SL. cause someday SL will desapear.. all these platforms doit some day, and you will have spent all your time in nothing.. just HAVE FUN.. ok. i know … Read Moreshe is an ashole. and prolly i knowit better than nobody in SL, but, i care??? nop. i dont care.. i love her the same. she makes me laugh..and she gives me a lot of good times… sorry for those who try to be artistS in sl.. sorry for her behaviour. but she is my idea of SL and i love her for that.. and really believe it or not. (and she will kill me for this). SHE HAVE THE BIGEST HEART I NEVER SAW IN THIS GAME. YESSSS. GAMEEEEEE….JUST THAT… controversial???…. LMAOl she is not controversial. she is a pain in the assss…. OMG..spirit of secondlife???… HAVE FUN OF COURSE. ALWAYS.. SHE LOVES WHEN YOU BANN HER..


Cat Shilova

I was so much surprised to discover that Second Life was as much (even much more) conformist and codified and finally rigid than the real world… SaveMe is disturbing, and that’s perfect :).


Penumbra Carter

I miss Andy Kaufman, he knew how to make you squirm and it was usually at his own expense.


Liz Solo

“More Bigger farting noises – spray of pink poodles – chorus of crying babies – sirens.

My tribute to (the amazing) SaveMe Oh is no reason to insult me and my friends OLGA (thanks for that, btw).

And SaveMe – my cool blue ass is puckered and waiting for you – anytime!”


Wiski Oh

I am not at all afraid of Saveme and I dont understand why people feel attacked by herself. I just feel her nice, sweet, gentle, clever and smart !

In fact she is only asking questions publicly. By myself, she is the most sharp and accurate artist online. And not only by playing colors or pixels on a screen or coding some application, but by THINKING AND ASKING about people, religion, behaviour, relationship, etc…

Is THINKING not business friendly, not good for the art marketing in and out world ?

I noticed recently that many “artists” are capitalyzing there art and managing it like some usual business with all the procedure of competition and aggressiveness in purpose of mind and money territory control.

In my opinion, art is not similar to coca-cola, and Saveme Oh is not a competitor of business in the struggle of Second Life and those who dont understand it have just one metaverse in late.


Roxelo Babenco

“I don’t know anything about the insults against Liz and Olga from SaveMe Oh.

I’m sorry if this has happened and i’m in solidarity with those offense persons.

I, however, I would like to reflect on the meaning of the word insult.

What it means to insult? What for you all is an insult?

The free expression of thought is not an insult, also it is contrary to our point of view.

To Insult, it means pay offensive words to someone!”


Jumpman Lane

ur a turd
flush urself and head to the wTER TREATMENT PLANT



The team here at BIW recently received a “tell us what to watch!” card from SaveMe Oh about her new video. Under “Why we should watch/talk” it was expressly written “because you are one of the few who don’t watch or talk about it.”

Well, SaveMe Oh, here you have it. Your day before the tribunal.

At the time we received the form, “Go to Hell” was the most recent video on SaveMe Oh’s vimeo account, so we’ll start there. Virtual performance art is always appealing on at least one level because of the question of medium. Most of the time, the medium employed during a performance art is the body, and, quite logically, virtual performance art complicates this. Where do the limits of the body end and begin? Is any extension of the corporeal body still plausibly considered part of the body proper, i.e. the computer? Or are surrogates for the corporeal just as viable stand-ins for the corporeal body, i.e. our avatars?

SaveMe Oh’s performance further engages with the idea of the body by focusing specifically on something very particular to the corporeal body: emotion. We might think of emotions in groups of ascending complexity for the purpose of this discussion–there are the feelings of happiness and sadness, that are quite easy to replicate and identify–a smile, a frown, a tear–and then thee are those other feelings, offshoots of the big easy feelings like happiness and sadness that require a little more depth and probing. SaveMe Oh’s performance presents one avatar’s journey through the gentle crescendo of apathy to fury to finally empowerment. Through note cards attached to the back of the avatar we, on the other end of the performance, are the recipients of a one-sided argument propagated by SaveMe Oh’s avatar. The avatar goes through a series of physiological emotions as well, starting with a lot of longing, far-off looks, then bursting into a frantic laughter in the middle of the piece and ending with a high seductive sort of clothed-striptease involving a machine gun.

I saw the performance as an exploration of body and relationships in our increasingly technologic era–nothing too out of the ordinary or oustanding or especially deserving of our attention, but because the performance had come with such abrasive instruction I suppose I had to succumb to the pleas of an artist trolling for attention. It could, of course, be a language barrier–SaveMe Oh’s website describes him/herself as Dutch with Asian heritage–but other posts from the artist, again, on the artist’s blog seem too consistently angry and bitter to just have this card be a one-time fluke.

So, I suppose my question for discussion is–Why so angry, SaveMe Oh? Is this a two-part performance: angry avatar, angry artist, hand-in-hand, trying to cunningly navigate the endless sea of anonymous artists and make a point? Where does the performance end and the body begin?

And, of course–now that we’ve talked about you, SaveMe Oh– are you going to make it worth our while?


Sunshine Kukulcan

Based on my past experiences as a moderator of Art & Artist Network and a personal attack by SaveMe, Brooklyn may be watching, but I’m sure as hell not.

Her anger is legendary, her attacks frequent, and her art?? Well, without the anger, she is nothing.



‘Go To Hell’ doesn’t seem like growth. It only seems like a change of mood, from mildy contemptuous to somewhat more contemptuous to mostly contemptuous. There’s no context or narrative, nothing outside the demonstrated feelings of the avatar. Except of course for the waning patience of the viewer.

So is there a point? Perhaps SaveMe Oh is trying to teach me that I get impatient when someone shows contempt for me. And that I already knew.


Dekka Raymaker

In second life Saveme’s art is half-arsed, yes she can go to a good artists exhibit held on large well know gallery sites in second life and slag them off, but if she tried it on with a crap artist on a small private parcel she would last 10 seconds before the parcel owner kicked and banned her, so her art would be a fail and she can’t claim it’s a success because she would be kicked and banned because they didn’t get it.

Or maybe that’s a good point, Saveme Oh’s is the best compliment available, because she can only choose to attack artists who work is better than hers?

stupid edit:

It should say ‘Saveme Oh’s art is the best compliment available’


SaveMe Oh

Who is the greatest SL artist? I should say Cupido Oh for being my father.



No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


Sowa Mai

I am so confused.

I like SaveMe’s work but I always thought her work was her Second Life and that the videos were just a small part of the art. Like a drip in the corner of the painting.

I need to go to school

Poor SaveMe is so misunderstood. I feel it is my duty to speak up and say what is on my mind but I am a coward. Thank God for SaveMe to speak for me when I am too cowardly or ashamed. Please accept my condolences anyway.


I was shocked and afraid and wanted to hit back but I looked at why I had these feelings and learned about myself and was grateful. I looked further and realized here was a mirror to my self created wall of fear. A valuable reflection or a feared/hated reflection. The choice is mine.

I think I am looking at the content rather than the form.


Banrion Constantine

It is not always easy to say what is unpopular, especially since people will intend to have their revenge in one form or another if they don’t like what you have to say.

If art in intended to engage, to challenge, to give voice to the artist, I would have to say that Saveme’s work qualifies. There is a lot of angry, contemptuous, contentious, powerfully personal and/or political art out there. But I suppose it’s only supposed to be “worthy” if we deem it so. And where do we draw the line at censorship?

Why do people continue to be offended as if they have no control over the situation? We choose how we will react. I am continually floored at how easily people are insulted in Second Life. And I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Dissent is not popular, but it is important. There needs to be balance and Saveme is just as much a part of the artistic landscape as the rest of us. Her voice has just as much weight. Just as much value. It can open a dialog that can truly be inspiring and enlightening to all involved unless like most discussions nowadays, it devolves into name-calling and open hostilities.

More power to those who give voice to what most of us wouldn’t dare. We’re often too polite; too afraid of being isolated, shunned, condemned or losing support. What is wrong with someone challenging the status quo and calling us all out? We need someone to play the fool to our own self-tyranny.


HP Darcy

Well the only one that understands SaveMe Oh is the character behind the avatar SaveMe Oh. Isn’t that enough?


Efrantirise Morane

Only pseudo artists can be afraid of Save me Oh


MonCherrie Afterthought

Ah the complexity of humor. We all have our limits, and as a form of social satire, many comedians or comedic narratives are “offensive” or rely upon self- deprecation/exposing negative stereotypes, etc. I found the Go To Hell and Oh Lord videos quite funny and entertaining. Maybe my humor is more perverse, flexible or forgiving.

However, SaveMe Oh, when you do talk of another artist (and not so much their art), flinging personal insults is never a good idea, and actually undermines your point of view. Attempting to intelligently criticize an art work is entirely different, whether expressed via words or art.


Patrick Kilgallen

Come again?
This is just bullying.

Shame on you.

Arahan Claveau

Shame on who Patrick? Who do you think is being a bully?

Mab MacMoragh


this is all being repeated on saveme oh’s blog, lol

i like the first 2 videos (don’t have time to watch any others), as sowa says there is a choice to look at form rather than content

having never been saveme’s target i can’t say how i would feel about it, but wearing a sign on her head that says ‘look at me’ has precedent in art and irony and wound-up children, not to mention andy kaufman



5 thoughts on “When A Story Starts To Write Itself

  1. Poor SaveMe is so misunderstood. I feel it is my duty to speak up and say what is on my mind but I am a coward. Thank God for SaveMe to speak for me when I am too cowardly or ashamed. Please accept my condolences anyway.

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