NPIRL (Not Possible In Real Life)

It is almost not possible in real life that you are denied your freedom of speech so quick as in Secondlife where groupowners and landowners find themselves much more important then all the “servants” they surround themselves with.

Bettina Tizzy, self acclaimed VIP in SL, didn’t need more then 45 minutes to kick me out of her Impossible IRL group.

Thanks god (and Cheesus, see the LM in my profile) we still have artists who don’t live by the rules, so there is hope for mankind.


Gamez Diesel: Hello all you Impossible IRLers! Gamez the Dragon Here! Ellie’s Burlesque Club(Mature) is a amazing dance experience you have to see to believe! Actually I have a video ^_^ made by the user Lowe Runo.

Bettina Tizzy: spam

Roberto Salubrius: yup

Bettina Tizzy: NO SPAM

SaveMe Oh: and Lowe Runo stinks (read my post

Bettina Tizzy: that is unkind of you, SaveMe.

SaveMe Oh: truth is hard sometimes

Bettina Tizzy: I’m not interested in your opinions if they are going to be nasty indictments. Please don’t spam the group.

Olivia Hotshot blinks. Crazy to cross Bettina. *shakes head*

Maxwell Graf: Ill have the cheese eggs spam eggs bacon spam spam sausage eggs and spam please.

Bettina Tizzy: this is not an art group

SaveMe Oh: its just for the ones who are interested, the others close their eyes like Lowe does

Bettina Tizzy: it is a concept group about content that would not be possible IRL

Bettina Tizzy: saveme oh

Bettina Tizzy: that’s enough

SaveMe Oh: yes master

Zarita Shan: Can we not have personal attacks here please

SaveMe Oh: kiss for everybody


Bettina Tizzy: that’s better 🙂

Bettina Tizzy: I know there are loads of cool things happening on the grid, but this is such a big group that we have to keep communications to a minimum and specifically about our goals, please.

Marisol Koenkamp: Gamez, that sounds like a post for Arts Council of Second Life. I’m sure it would be much appreciated there. 🙂

SaveMe Oh: Or the censorship group, there they like it too.

Bettina Tizzy: There is also the Art and Artists group

Bettina Tizzy: they are a very communicative group

SaveMe Oh: and the trashbin group

Roberto Salubrius: at least you are not doing mass teleports =P

Bettina Tizzy: last warning, Saveme

Zarita Shan: wow

Marisol Koenkamp: SaveMe is founder of the trashbin group, if I remember correctly.

SaveMe Oh: …(silent)

Gamez Diesel: Thank You all for the information and a final formal apology to all.

SaveMe Oh: I forget what you spammed???

SaveMe Oh: [15:16]  Bettina Tizzy: You have been ejected from ‘Impossible IRL’ by Bettina Tizzy.

Bettina Tizzy: 🙂

Bettina Tizzy: We hope you will become a happier person, SavemeOh

Arabella Steadham: nothing could save her

SaveMe Oh: kiss for everybody, and be nice to bettina all

Bettina Tizzy: will do!

SaveMe Oh: As I cant communicate here anymore, please check my profile for more info

SaveMe Oh: bye all

Bettina Tizzy: It seems that sadly, I must add one more rule to this group. Intolerance, unkindnesses towards other members will be unacceptable.

Bettina Tizzy: You have been ejected from ‘Impossible IRL’ by Bettina Tizzy.

3 thoughts on “NPIRL (Not Possible In Real Life)

  1. I just caught this post, and had to laugh. Especially about the part where Zaiita (pathetic) Shan made her comment, “Can we not have personal attacks here please”. What a twit. She is one of the worse I know, for ejections and bans. Big is expecting others to follow the rules, but she doesn’t follow them, nor her partner in crime Eva. Well, just typical fo those types.

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