Bret Georgette Thinks I Am A Emo Girl

Bret Georgette: nobody did nothing wrong to u here and yet u trying to cause problems just so they can ban u and u can blog about in on ur blog? Did anybody did wrong to u here?
I think saveme oh would get banned permanently from GOL club
SaveMe Oh: and you think she cares if they do so?
Bret Georgette: well i wud care if its among top 3 sl clubs and if i am a sl film maker and wana film on some sim sponsored by creators of this sim
SaveMe Oh: ah, the money… already bought
Bret Georgette: not money, but they didnt do shit to me, So why wud i wana grief them?
SaveMe Oh: I also dont do shit to them, I entertain them a little for free.
Bret Georgette: honey, u r just lucky that theres no staff around right now lol
SaveMe Oh: they called in the troops, finally, they were slow
Bret Georgette: so u r a hyper emo, u realise what u r doing in sl? u r trying to kill saveme oh with a slow death, u r doing in sl what rl EMOs do in rl
SaveMe Oh: i have to search that in the dictionary, emo’s, I call it acting, btw, I am an actress and i need to practice
Bret Georgette: in american local language….emo means…someone who is sad, angry and shy all the time. someone who wants to hurt themselves physically all the time. someone who keeps cutting their own skin with blades or scissors
Bret Georgette: someone likes dark, someone who never smiles
SaveMe Oh: hey, im smiling all the time behind my laptop
Bret Georgette: saveme, trust me u r an emo girl
SaveMe Oh: if you say so
Bret Georgette: there are millions like u in the world. Emos, lives in dark. they dont like lights, they hate everybody, they dont trust anyone and they wear heavy eye liners

Emo Girls- Not Eccentric these are Cool Chicks The words Emo was and is still today have been associated with a style of rock music that exhibits a multidimensional style of music with common stylistic roots. However the term soon became a subject of controversy as in the 1980s, the term being described as a sub-genre hardcore punk that owes its origin at Washington D.C. The term Emo soon began to mean different to different people rather than a specific genre of music. With time the word Emo is getting associated with a particular trend of fashion and style. The Emo girls reflect its present meaning of trend-setting fashion. The Emo girls are dressed with tight jeans, short sleeves T-shirts with the long fringe either brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes. The hair color of an Emo girl is dyed black. The hair of the Emo girls is generally longer than that of the Emo boys, but never beyond the shoulder length. The T-shirts of the Emo girls reflect the name of the particular rock band they are interested in. They wear some junk accessories. Often studded belts adorn their waistline.

The shoes of the Emo girls might be canvas sneakers or skate shoes or even old, worn out black shoes. They simply want to give a rusty, non-conformity look. The Emo girls dress in such a way that they want to represent their growing up in their own styles. They tend to imitate the rock bands, as they love to be associated with music. They follow their heart and are extremely spontaneous by nature. Emo girls are overly sensitive and intend to break all social norms and set practices. They do not respond to any works that are imposed upon by force. They generally listen to the call of their inner self and love to lead a life of independence and enjoy freedom in their unique style. In recent days the Emo girls are often referred to some who are sad or who suffer from depression. Even sensitive, shy, introvert or extreme Emotional girls are often called as Emo girls too. However, with time the term is also being used to refer to the homosexual slurs. This is largely the reflection of the style or the dress that the Emo girls put on and the behavior that they exhibit. As the adage goes “We wear our attitudes” holds true in describing the word Emo with the present styles and dress of the Emo girls. The Emo girls behave in non-conforming manners because they feel that they are misunderstood and would like to do things with little or no regard to the society and reality at large. At times because of their dressing style it becomes difficult to distinguish a Emo girl from a Emo boy. The Emo girls are generally not been seen as smiling. Again, being Emo constitutes committing self-harm or positively writing poetries. They can also be referred as being depressed and bisexual too. However, Emo girls tend to live a life in their own style and fashion, ignoring the standard norms and customs.

8 thoughts on “Bret Georgette Thinks I Am A Emo Girl

  1. I couldn’t care less. You only came to get banned so you could be famous in a off world blog. Well you get your 15 minutes. Gratz 🙂

  2. Saveme Oh a sad girl??????… OMG.. Save, what the hell are you doing now that i am not there to controll to you.. a sad and dark person you??.. the brightness in person is now sad ???.. i am lost.. hahahaha

  3. That man only sees what he want to see. He still has to discover the open part of his mind, but I fear that will take some time as he is very sure of his own points of view.

    • Oh…SaveMe…and I thought you were my friend.

      Look at what you did here…you shared our “private” IM chat with the whole cruel world…They will judge you and they will agree with me 100% and later think how I am a great guy who always helps “lost” girls like you…help them introducing them to their inner darker shielded side and make them realize…you know…how I am right and how they are wrong and stuff.

      And you thank me with this?!

      Well, I don’t mind really. Actually I like it! Thanks! My Emo girl 😉

      Song dedicated just for you 😉
      Junior Vasquez – Bitch You Look Fierce

      Your Everything,
      Bret Georgette.

  4. [18:13] Bret Georgette: Just chatted millions of years ago and she put it on her blog…big deal
    [18:14] Bret Georgette: and shes a complete mess herself. Banned from 80% of sl sims. So who cares

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