Hyperfreakanism Crushes Hyperformalism

After the article about Hyperformalism was already delete from Wikipedia because it was seen as a cheap way from the “artist” DC Spensley aka DanCoyote Antonelli to promote himself…

(quote from wikipedia: This is a neologism WP:NEO created by DC Spensley. The article creator was User:Dcspensley. I have searched and the term is little used; most uses appear to be spontaneous coinings without reference to Spensley. Really this is just an advert for the artist’s work in Second Life, and is the only article remaining of those this user created in 2006 to promote Spensley. It has not been expanded since then, and never will be as this is not a notable subject)

…now we give a final blow to the hyperformalists by introducing an new ISM, HYPERFREAKANISM. What Is Hyperfreakanism? SaveMe Oh: Hyperfreakanism is weird, totally flipped out construct that may be employed by to describe a early 21st century mass art phenomena consisting of scores of personal computer users generating realists and abstract works combined with stolen images, bad constructed and cheap done salads of fucking crazy mess ups as unique artworks with software tools. These freaked out scenery’s have and have not an analog in the physical world, and by making reference to physical reality or not, create a unique continuum of reference; a rearrangement of pixels to illuminate alternate worlds of form, shape, color and space. The term Hyperfreakanism is derived from the combination of the words Hyper and Freakanism (as described by WikiPedia) and is being used here to describe ultimate freaking self expression without anthropomorphic, or representative context. This separates Hyperfreakanism from digital collage, aesthetic photo manipulation and other forms.

Some already famous hyperfreakanist works: The flexidildoing car salesman and the Dutch Salvation Church http://slurl.com/secondlife/Benvolio/135/162/3302

You want more examples of the hyperfreakanists?



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