Victim Of Love


Yesterday night Jumpman Lane became a victim of our love. The SlutMag CEO and poodle collector saw his friends banned and their properties miraculously returned. Today there is the confession. It was an act of love.


Dear Jump,


Just to say I’m sorry I made you so mad by returning that stuff. I really had not realized this was so important for you. You know I have been seeing SaveMe for a while in rl and I’m struggling to keep this relationship under control.

SaveMe can be quite out there, quite earthy,  as you will certainly have gathered by now, but I can assure you that she doesn’t mean any harm – or at least not too much of it.

I get nervous that if I will not do certain things she asks me to do she will stop seeing me.

I know that will have to happen at some point but I’m not ready for it yet.

She can be very resolute. The last time we were together in rl, two weeks ago in her garden, she threw a rolling pin at a squirrel – killed it flat dead.

And she was only explaining why she doesn’t like people who wear moccasins.

You can imagine how fiery she can be in a relationship, for this is what relationships are: cages of fire that surrounds us from inside our minds. Cages that we want to leave but we can not as we need to feel that fire burn our flesh to the bone, until the end.

I dont think I need to explain any of this to you as you are a merchant of passion.

You know what passion is, Jumpie. You buy it, you sell it, you shrink wrap it, you microwave it. This is all about passion, the way it grabs our hearts and doesnt let it go until it cracks. Like the skull of that poor unfortunate squirel. When I saw that rodent convulse and die, Jumpman, I realized I am a victim of love – like him. We all are.

This is a grave of gravity and here we are , stuck to the ground, loving, microwaving, answering the phone in the nude. Please look for a little glimmer inside you and let it exale like a vapour of forgiveness from the pot of tolerance.  Will you find the strengh to forgive me?



Bruco Satre.

11 thoughts on “Victim Of Love

  1. Just what I needed…

    Some jealous bitch (read her name above this blog) decided to go onto my sim with a friend of hers and return all my shit. Along with some other girls that live on the sim with me.

    To give a little background info; my friend Jumpman Lane created a porn magazine that I work for called Slut Mag. It’s become enough of a success that we have our own Slut Mag HQ. Jumpman who has been called many things including, obnoxious, rude, etc is a great friend and allows us girls to stay on his sim for free, even setting up skyboxes for us. Jumpman since he works in the sex industry on SL has created many enemies and one of those enemies who happen to be very jealous of us girlies decided to act out some revenge on us…by returning all of our shit and BANNING us from the sim.

    Now I ask myself HOW THE FUCK DID HER FRIEND HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BAN PEOPLE AND RETURN SHIT??? But whatever it happened and even though it is a pain in the ass, compared to this dumb chick I actually have TRUE FRIENDS because I’m a good person and therefore received the help I needed to get my place set back up right!

    SO THERE BITCH!! *flips the bird!!*

    People ask me both in RL and in SL why I’m such a bitch and why I can’t stand people…well this would be why.

  2. Hey poodle, I don’t give our the rights to ban people or return stuff there, most of the time im even banned there. So better let that little leftover braincells work under that blond wig and ask yourself who can give that rights. Did he maybe played a practical joke on you all??? Or was he bored from you all? So don’t JUMP (I like that one) to conclusion to quick.

  3. Who is giving me the 43000 back to replace my house?
    what ever apology for this is not accepted
    the only thing i want is my 3k back..
    Saveme is a griefer, shes a griefer who hates my dad
    yeah jump’s my sl dad
    saveme oh calls me a child avie all the time even thought im not even fucking close to a child avie
    I hate her

  4. u rotten stink ass bitch! I have abuse reported u to LL and submitted a work in progress support tickect and gettin every fool i know to ar you.keep playing dumb. we r gonna make ur whole lives sl and rl a world of hurt u turd! ur gonna slip up and that will be the end of you

  5. Guess I will have to do the same then, point is, I still love you the same. But how the world turned. The king griefer of SL, Jumpman Lane,proud of being banned all the time, calling the LINDEN the fuckers of the world is now in bed with them and crying his heart out at their door. Do they like you to lick their heels? And are they happy the pornking is now their biggest friend? And are you also gonna report them too that you all the time called me to make fools of them when they had public meetings? And that you now try to use me to make a fool of Stoker Serpentine??
    And you forgot the biggest thing..I have and had not any rights on your land so all this is not done by me. But yes, I applauded loudly, hope thats not a crime too.
    You start to be pathetic, hope your poodles will not notice that weaknes. But maybe not, as they are in general to stupid, and only care about your money.

  6. Let me step in with one thing sorry my English
    JUMPAN LANE and SAVE ME OH is big big TURD for what you have doing to me to sell me a cheap whore whose was really tranny with big penis. I will take my revenge by bitch slapping on your testicolis BITCH!!!!

  7. [14:08] annie Juran: do u have my 3k yet?
    [14:08] Bruco Sartre: no so far I made $ 3.55
    [14:09] annie Juran: k…
    [14:09] Bruco Sartre: Saveme takes a big cut
    [14:09] Bruco Sartre: 70%
    [14:09] annie Juran: for what 0.0
    [14:09] Bruco Sartre: from the clients
    [14:10] annie Juran: k >.<
    [14:12] Bruco Sartre: I'm working as an animal escort
    [14:13] annie Juran: …

  8. lil anneh these turdballs are turdballs , flush em
    I’ll tell u candy flo, SAVEME OH the turd is divin g in Bruco Sarte’s muff. Bruco is what you’d call a harmless griefer who imd me all sad one day becaws after years of turdin around sl with her tardy pals, they refused to let her have land powers on their lagged out dump sim. I OUT OF INFINITE KINDESS LET THE FOOL HAVE THAT POWER at slut mag isle and her hatin ass rl muffdivin partner cajoled her into returning yours, and aniies, Lushe’s,verponica’s and dj’s shit. i’m still pissed. and i aint resting till one of my linden pals puts a foot in her ass

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