Respect? My ass!

Zeno Ochs: Hello Saveme

Zeno Ochs: Someone said that you were not being polite . . .

Zeno Ochs: If this is so, perhaps they misunderstand you

SaveMe Oh: Is politeness an advantage?

Zeno Ochs: I am sure you would not be impolite.

SaveMe Oh: When it’s necessary I can be impolite

Zeno Ochs: Politeness is an elementary form of respect.

Zeno Ochs: No one is required to be polite or respect anyone or even do good things, but it is a sign of growth if one can do those things.

Zeno Ochs: But often we misunderstand people who are not being impolite, I am sure this is the case.

SaveMe Oh: I hate the word respect more then every other word

Zeno Ochs: There will come a time in your life, perhaps in old age, when you will value it.

SaveMe Oh: Did you already reach that old age to come with these analyses?

Zeno Ochs: Mark my words, you will remember this someday and you will say, oh, now i understand. Hopefully you won’t have to wait that long; that would be a shame to wait that long.


Then this “polite” and “respectfull” man banned me.


SaveMe Oh: Do you know yourself the word?

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