SaveMe Oh Permabanned?

Can’t people read anymore? I send around my latest movie She Has Long Gone (see the post under this one) with the remark: Only watch in case of a permaban of SaveMe Oh. I did this because you never know when you will be permabanned and then it’s too late to make a farewell movie. But hundreds of people couldn’t wait to see me permabanned and watched already my farewell movie. What a sick minded people. Look what they wrote:

Gwenette Writer: Hypnotic voice . . . Please stay with us and keep creating:)) You make my world;-

Clairwil Oh: Why is this artist not fully appreciated by Linden Labs? Note to LL: stop banning SaveMe Oh, one of the most original artists in Second Life!

Mr. Bones(Ole Etzel) : i watched yar movie even without you being banned yet. slap me! or are you banned already? whatever, i like it

Sas Offcourse: “Removed… damn now I’m curious :P”

Petgirl Bergman: ”Only watch in case of a permaban of SaveMe Oh” – Vilket jag så klart verkligen inte skall hända! Jag tycker ni skall läsa hennes blogg med (LÄNK): – ”Save Me Oh på” – för hon har en syn på våromgivning som rör om. Inte alla orkar stå för sina åsikter som hon. Vilket inte är detsamma som jag alltid håller med. Men jag kan respektera en som öppet för fram sina åsikter. Gärna sanna då.

So stop crying, I am not permabanned. Actually I am sort of Linden myself so it also will not happen because they can’t do without me. I already made this statement on february 7th 2008. Philip only asked me not to use the familyname after he kissed my boob. Pics to prove this are in the SaveMe Oh Foundation:

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