Red Tomato Has Bald Ass

As I am still banned at the Caerleon Sims (cowards disguised as artists) I had to send my sister SaveMe Ohare in to meet once more with the politburo leader Georg Janick, today dressed up as an tomato.


SaveMe OHare: he georg, when are you going to unban me here?

Georg Janick: you are unbanned – how else would you be here?

SaveMe OHare: im with my alt, clever guy

SaveMe OHare: I always have to change avi because you are so lazy

Georg Janick: so how you been SM?

SaveMe OHare: I survived

Georg Janick: I heard you were being banned

SaveMe OHare: my sister was

SaveMe OHare: not me

Georg Janick: oh I see

Georg Janick: I mean ejected from sl

SaveMe OHare: no, that was a rumour my sister spread herself

SaveMe OHare: you know her, always searching for attention

Georg Janick: I want you to know that I was approached to help with that

Georg Janick: But I refused

Georg Janick: so I want a reward

SaveMe OHare: will a kiss do?

Georg Janick: for a start

SaveMe OHare: did you shave?

Georg Janick: where?

SaveMe OHare: where you want the kiss?

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: I will think about that one

SaveMe OHare: dont say your ass please

Georg Janick: never

Georg Janick: besides my ass is bald

Sabrinaa Nightfire: interesting conversation

Georg Janick: haha

Georg Janick: very intelligent interchange

SaveMe OHare: maybe you can make a colourful artwork about it.


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