How To Get The French Creative

Some weeks ago the French people in secondlife where almost dead avatars who forget to drop down. They spent their days with coucouing each other all day. So I decide it was time to wake them up and get them back on the creative track. Exercise for tonight was: Make new words with my family name OH. Here is the result of that workshop. I suggest people vote in group chat for the winner of this exercise

 Albatroz Hird: ou VienKeJeTeTienneOsh Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: Ilfèpash Oh

Albatroz Hird: ou TaMalOd Oh

Albatroz Hird: GébonD Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: vasàl’echaf Oh

Albatroz Hird: GéMalOpl Oh !

Albatroz Hird: peau de Oh ?

Albatroz Hird: ou en p’Oh ?

MathieuL Bravin: desgantsenp Oh

Loup Erin: mank de p’Oh

Albatroz Hird: efferalgant en ph Oh

Albatroz Hird: efferalgantenp Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: jeudem’ Oh

MathieuL Bravin: cestfinicesjeuxdem Oh

Albatroz Hird: ça va p’oh !

Loup Erin: on garde le tempOh

MathieuL Bravin: chap oh loup pour tonjeudem oh

Albatroz Hird: n’Oh’thing

Albatroz Hird: BasDeTonD Oh ?

Merlina Rokocoko: situvasàri Oh

MathieuL Bravin: sauvéladel oh

Albatroz Hird: MonBosombrer  Oh

SaveMe Oh: bravOh bravOH

Albatroz Hird: sur SL, il y a plein de NoNn Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: moncaféètroch’Oh

SaveMe Oh: robOH

Albatroz Hird: c’est jamais trop sh oH un café

Albatroz Hird: ‘N Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: onvaàlaplagemètonmaill Oh

Isabella Alphaville: OH no not yet

Loup Erin: En tout cas c’est pas bOh

Albatroz Hird: mais c’est Rigol Oh

Merlina Rokocoko: eg Oh isa

Merlina Rokocoko: Haï Pepit’oh

Isabella Alphaville: OH I Love ME

Isabella Alphaville: Oh lets talk about me

MathieuL Bravin: talecerv Oh plus baquel Oh merli?

Albatroz Hird: ce soir, je porte un ‘B Oh Chap Oh

Chrome Underwood: we dont need you to trigger it tho, oh

Merlina Rokocoko: tatayoy’Oh

SaveMe Oh: We can also talk about you Isabella

Isabella Alphaville: Oh who are THEY

Loup Erin: je mange des gatOh coupé au coutOh par un sumOh, c’est ça ma journée de métrOh boulOh dOhdOh

SaveMe Oh: Oh No

Isabella Alphaville: AH OH YES

MathieuL Bravin: Oh n’ Oh

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