Cuckoo, Or Fuck The Swiss


Here is the movie, but also read what was send to us after Einfachfilm publiced the pic on his Flickr account:

Dear Save Me and Eifachfilm,

I wanted to congratulate both of you for your courageous exhibit, entitled “Fuck the Swiss,” which was recently advertised via a Group Notice in the Art and Artists Group, and publicized to various individuals by Eifachfilm.

The Swiss are a monstruous nation that has committed a barbarous act (forbidding the construction of future minarets) against a suffering minority (Muslim residents). I will immediately begin a personal protest in solidarity: I will boycott all Swiss products, because the entire country of Switzerland should be punished for this new law.

The idea behind this clever exhibit is so exciting, you should not stop with “Fuck the Swiss.” In fact, now that you have taken the powerful step of presenting this ground-breaking exhibit, I feel the “taboo has been broken” and now you should be free to do an entire series of “Fuck” exhibits!!! You are both very fair and impartial artists and gallerists, so I am sure you will accept the burden of presenting exhibits in SL to expose to the world *all* similar terrible violations and persecutions in different countries against a religious minority.

For example, after the “Fuck the Swiss” exhibit is finished, why not do a “Fuck the Egyptians” exhibit to protest officially sanctioned vicious, murderous persecutions of the original Christian population of Egypt for the past 1,300 years through to the present: (Note the prohibition on building churches or even to make repairs) (scroll down to the discussion entitled: “The Arabic and Turkic Eras”
(There is much more, if you wish to do a bit more research)

Clearly, the way Egyptian Christians have been treated by their Islamic conquerors for 13 centuries (even in the present) doesn’t compare with the behavior of the fucking Swiss! The Swiss are much worse, to be sure! Nevertheless, maybe it’s still enough to deserve to be explored in a “Fuck the Egyptians” exhibit?

Another promising exhibition, will probably be “Fuck the Iranians.” I am certain you will agree that the Holocaust perpetrated by Muslims against the original Zoroastrian population of Iran is almost as bad as the unspeakable Swiss prohibition against minarets. Well . . . perhaps nowhere near as bad as a prohibition against minarets, so maybe you wouldn’t want to consider the following links:

When you are done with the “Fuck the Egyptians” and “Fuck the Iranians” exhibits, perhaps you can do a “Fuck the Sudanese” for the atrocities in Darfur perpetrated by the government there, and for the government’s prior systematic persecution of Christians in the South, where they are still, for the moment, the majority? Of course, this is a less compelling subject than the Swiss prohibition of future minaret construction, so perhaps it may not deserve insclusion in your “Fuck” series.

Then again, if you take the trouble (I am sure you are too busy to research this, even though I am also sure you are fair people), you may find extensive evidence of institutional, systematic persecutions and discriminations against non-Muslims in countries where Islam has become the majority — even moderate countries like Malaysia and Turkey.

I’m hope you agree that being fair is important. Now that you have successfully and justly excoriated the entire Swiss nation for their atrocity against Muslims, do you think you also have the courage to stand up to immorality everywhere else? Or do you only defend Muslims from unspeakable Christian persecution?

Thanks again for your excellent exhibit, and i look forward to more of the same!

Inovart Tedeschi

5 thoughts on “Cuckoo, Or Fuck The Swiss

  1. Well, I hate the fanatic Islam and that ancient Koran, a book that needs to be updated immediately. But, as you know SaveMe Oh, I love Switserland and the Swiss people for years and years now. So, i am sad. So sad that you don’t understand these nice Swiss people when they don’t like these ugly and nasty missile-like aggressive
    (non) shout-poles in there backyards.

    Btw. Did you know that there are lots of Islam country’s where it’s forbitten to be a good Katholic, because there are no Churches at all build in these countries,.. That is forbitten by law overthere! Even you Cheesus (read: SaveMe Oh) and your Cheesus Church are forbittin on Islam grounds,…..

    To be honest,… This movie is realy (one of) your best ! I can allready see all the prices you will win with this formidable (short) movie.

  2. We can talk hours about how bad religions are, bottomline is how we act in our own surrounding where we still have some influence. And when I was able to put my Cheesus church everywhere the world would be saved.

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