Kouinup Means Shutup

As I already predicted the censors also are in the ranks of the kouinup team. Again we find there some person with a pot of white paint to wipe out the comments he thinks (and who is he to have that power?) are not ok. They get especially itchy when comments start to be personal. Funny thing now is that most comments are from avatars, pixelate actionhero’s, dramaqueens, activists and virtual artists who never walk around secondlife with their rl pictured glued to their avatar. Inside they are allowed to play, in my case untill a certain level, but outside they have to be serious, well educated, sensibele people who want to rescue the world.
To read the comments, also the ones wiped out by the moderator, read the comments under my blogpost https://savemeoh.wordpress.com/2009/12/12/soror-nishi-will-be-an-outcast-soon/

I hearby declare that my remarks about the virtual exposure of the genitalia of the virtual avatar Isabella Alphaville has no connection with the rl genitalia of the person behind Isabella Alphaville nor is the person behind my rl avatar in whatever way interested to know more about the rl genitalia of the rl person behind Isabella Alphaville.

Art in virual worlds will only be taken serious when an avatar learns to smile.

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