Am I Rafaella?

After severe detective work the French Pirats succeed to track me down

Merlina Rokocoko: could you ask to Rafaella to calm down
SaveMe Oh: who is rafaella?
Merlina Rokocoko: you know who is she
SaveMe Oh: you won’t believe me, but no
Merlina Rokocoko: hahahaha, Wang power
SaveMe Oh: you are speaking in riddles, I don’t see a Rafaella here
Merlina Rokocoko: here ?? no just her avatar
SaveMe Oh: which is the avatar from that Rafaellla I really don’t know?
SaveMe Oh: who is Rafaella????? And what is she doing?
Merlina Rokocoko: Drawings corkscrew, calculator, theater posters
Merlina Rokocoko: “le plat du jour”
SaveMe Oh: I saw the corkscrew discussion somewhere, but I don’t understand it, I must have missed something
SaveMe Oh: this is really a language thing, I have honestly no idea what you are talking about
SaveMe Oh: when I would I would misuse it immediately
Merlina Rokocoko: I’m talking about a girl … who think in sl she could be the devil hahahahahahah she s just a human
SaveMe Oh: Are you talking about me? Do you call me Rafaella?
Merlina Rokocoko: So sorry for her, cause her rl work is not great , but she have a desire….maybe we could be promote her,….. but she think that only provocation is the good way ( like me at 17 years old)
SaveMe Oh: So you are calling me Rafaella?
SaveMe Oh: And think im 17?
Merlina Rokocoko: no
Merlina Rokocoko: 24 for you
Merlina Rokocoko: but rafaella brain yes
SaveMe Oh: you have to send me info about your Rafaella, otherwise I can’t discuss with you.
Merlina Rokocoko: oh yes 🙂 sure
Merlina Rokocoko: i will
SaveMe Oh: Is she for French something known?
SaveMe Oh: must I google her?
Merlina Rokocoko: no she’s not french
SaveMe Oh: so why that name?
SaveMe Oh: Am I missing something?
SaveMe Oh: im not blond I think
Merlina Rokocoko: hahaha like me
Merlina Rokocoko: the name of your friend is rafaella wang
SaveMe Oh: and why she is my friend?
Merlina Rokocoko: cause she’s use your pc :-))
SaveMe Oh: Is she?
SaveMe Oh: I just googled her and find her blog
SaveMe Oh: and saw the plat du jour
SaveMe Oh: Ok, You think I’m her?
SaveMe Oh: This is very funny
Merlina Rokocoko: no we don’t think
Merlina Rokocoko: you are
SaveMe Oh: I think your computer wizz has to redo his work
SaveMe Oh: but i find it very curious
SaveMe Oh: I would not mind to be her
SaveMe Oh: her work looks nice

3 thoughts on “Am I Rafaella?

  1. This I send to poor Rafaella,

    Hoi Rafaella,

    Je kent mij waarschijnlijk totaal niet maar ik ben een virtueel personage uit Secondlife. Op de een of ander rare manier zijn er een aantal mensen van overtuigd dat jij achter mijn karakter zit. Ze denken zeker te weten dat ik word aangestuurd vanaf jouw pc. Omdat ik hier geen enkele invloed op heb wilde ik je dit even laten weten mocht je rare vragen krijgen over mij, SaveMe Oh. Sorry voor de eventuele overlast.

    SaveMe Oh

    • Well well, somebody hacked or cracked the pc from SaveMe Oh? That is not so nice. And now SaveMe say’s she is not, who the hacker thinks she is? Interesting development,….

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