Fundamental Environmentalism

Before I head off to Panama to spent my Christmas holidays there I want to announce that I created a complete new art form in Secondlife in which I am no longer the slave of galleries, sim owners or art collectives. This time I will rub my art under your nose wherever I appear. That the final consequences of this news breaking, art world shaking developments will be that I am banned everywhere will be the jewel in my crown. More than ever before I decided I care a bullshit what you conformist, conservatism loving, being an artist faking housewives and being the king playing sad salesman kind of type of attention loving horrible looking fake avatar moron thinks!
Soon I will confront you with my twisted vision on time and eternal second life, the danger of minefields and my immortal qualities on this issue, the advantage of swimming in a desert, noise for hippies or the resurrection from the SaveMe cubist flashmob. Also you will be the witness of the final way out in case tracked down by the Pope, Berlusconi or Hugo Chaves as will I teach you why it is not strange to walk in squares, why the environment can also help with the fight against carbon monoxide or why a corkscrew can be helpful in case you are trapped in the ass of a blow up doll. Fundamental Environmentalism will be the new sensation after the boring hyperformalism and the big advantage this time is that it is brought to you by the most beautiful avatar from the grid. James Camerons actors are pale nitwits compared with me.
Always accused of being egocentric everybody is right this time, all Fundament Enviromental items will be circling around me as I am the sun.

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