7 thoughts on “SaveMe In Panama

    • girllll… christmas finished .. you know it???… you are still singing jingles??.. return at home or you just will stay in Panama for ever???.. kizesssss. and happy new year sweetness

      • Yes Sole, maybe some anonimus person klilled her, somewhere in that terrible shout Amarican Panama. All without knowing that she was our SaveMe? Can’t sleep of this, normally she go’s 14 day’s, now it’s allmost 4 weeks 😦

    • wellcome back girl…. that was a longgggggggg christmas travel. i am glad you feel good. hope you had enjoy that travel

  1. SL is taking so much of my energy that I need all the time longer holidays to recover from that. But…I am back, and to quote an American I met in Panama: TROUBLE HAS ARRIVED.

    • Fine! I allway had this strange idear that in rl you are a nice and friendly little girly. Bud now you’re telling me that you are trouble there to? Well, I’m glad we can go on with lots of trouble!

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