SaveMe Oh Management Job Description

skills: Know about SaveMe Oh’s high quality fine arts, real SaveMe Oh art history, …

– Keep the spirit of SaveMe Oh!
– Check out SL artists and art places who work in the spirit of SaveMe Oh
– Make connections to art people like SaveMe Oh
– Invite artists as SaveMe Oh
– Keep away bad art like Caerleon or Pirats stuff
– Make a program about SaveMe Oh for this century
– Help artists who want to follow SaveMe Oh with their exhibitions (Building, scripting buy things and more or engage and pay people for this)
– Create Posters, keep the SaveMe Oh Identity
– Place posters inworld
– Post Notices in all SaveMe Oh ‘s Groups (reach 100000+ members)
– Have ideas to force SaveMe Oh’s art in SL
– Make connections to media art scene in RL about SaveMe Oh
– Try to block new artists into SL
– Be there for SaveMe Oh, talk to SaveMe Oh, help SaveMe Oh, be nice to SaveMe Oh

Administration inworld
– Manage building rights, parcels etc. for SaveMe Oh
– React on needs of SaveMe Oh
– Pay SaveMe Oh
– Return spam prims that are not from SaveMe Oh every few days
– Think about SaveMe Oh resources and how they can be used and optimized
– Check the avatar scanners, invite people into SaveMe Oh Groups (Important but time consuming)
– Keep an overview about rent income and investments into SaveMe Oh

PR in www / RL
– post actual information on the SaveMe Oh blog: (new shows, and everything that is about SaveMe Oh’s art in sl to keep the world interesting)
– Remove spammers (daily 2-3) from her surrounding
– Use the mailing list

– Moderate the SaveMe Oh facebook group, invite new members, place cool posts
– Use Twitter to spread art news about SaveMe Oh
– Contact art magazines, blogs etc. about SaveMe Oh

Archive !
– On events take pics and videos from SaveMe Oh or engage people for that
– Archive and document all SaveMe Oh exhibits, SaveMe Oh text and more on the blog and on SaveMe Oh,s Flickr group
– Archive exhibitions on YouTube, VIMEO and BlipTV

More Ideas:
– A third simulator for SaveMe Oh
– Offer again the SaveMe Oh Award in 2010 – find a sponsor

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